Christmas Stockings Reviews: 10 Best Picks

Christmas stockings are empty sock-shaped bags that are hanged on Christmas Eve for Santa to secretly fill with presents during the night and for the recipients to open the next morning. Little boys and girls believe that Santa would fill their Christmas stockings with presents if they were good the entire year. Tradition dictates that Christmas stockings are hung near a fireplace. Some people though placed them at the foot of their beds or under the Christmas tree.

Traditionally also, owners of the stockings have their names printed on them so that Santa would know which present would go to which stocking. Christmas stockings used to be just plain socks but soon people started making specially designed and personalized stockings.

Have a Merry Christmas with these Top 10 Christmas Stockings:

1. Plush 3D Style Holiday Christmas Stockings

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The Plush 3D Style Holiday Christmas Stockings is a set of 3 stockings featuring Santa holding a baby reindeer, a reindeer holding a Christmas tree and a Snowman holding a baby snowman. These Christmas stockings are made of wool and wool blend materials and come with a 3D design.

Each of the stockings measures 20 inches diagonally and its widest point is 10 inches. The top of the stockings is 8 inches wide. The stockings are wide enough to fit quite a number of Christmas presents.  As kids do their Christmas countdown, they will love to continuously look at these Christmas stockings because of their unique 3D design.

2. Classic Christmas Stockings Cute Santa’s Toys Stockings

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The Classic Christmas Stockings Cute Santa’s Toys Stockings comes in a 3 piece set. The first is a red stocking with green flap and toes featuring a reindeer with Christmas tree applique embroidered-design. The second is a blue stocking with red flap and toes featuring two Snowmen with Christmas tree applique embroidered-design. The third is a green stocking with red flap and toes featuring a Santa with Christmas tree and presents applique embroidered design.

These elegant and jolly Christmas stockings with a vintage charm are all ready to be filled with Christmas goodies. Each of the Classic Christmas Stockings 18″ Cute Santa’s Toys Stockings by Imperial Home is 18 inches tall.

3. Kurt Adler Heavy Yarn Stocking Set

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The Kurt Adler Heavy Yarn Stocking Set consists of 2 red /green stockings in 2 different designs. These stockings are made of acrylic heavy yarn and are about 30” tall. Each of the stockings represents authentic Vintage type Christmas stockings.

Each of the stockings of the Kurt Adler Heavy Yarn Stocking Set has intricate details. These stockings will pack in a lot of memories for years to come and will hold the best Christmas gifts kids will be receiving for Christmas.

4. BambooMN Christmas Stockings

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The BambooMN Christmas Stockings come in hand-embroidered and sequined animal designs. Each set comes with 3 animal designed Christmas stockings in Assortment 96. Each stocking has an opening of 7 inches wide. The widest point of the stocking is 10 inches wide and the total length of the stocking is 18 inches. The animal designs are hand-embroidered on the stockings. The stockings are pretty large with plenty of space for all of Santa’s presents. The flap of the stockings is wide enough to have the kid’s name embroidered on it.

The BambooMN Christmas Stockings are thick, are made of good quality material and of good quality workmanship. The stockings are in gray, white and black. The stockings have attached loops for easy hanging.

5. Dimensions Crafts Snow Bears Counted Cross Stitch Stocking Kit

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The Dimensions Crafts Snow Bears Counted Cross Stitch Stocking Kit is a creative project that provides a fun and vibrant design that will look very charming in your home once you have completed it. This Counted Cross Stitch Kit includes presorted thread, 14 counts natural Aida polyester felt, needle, 100% wool yarn for the hanger and an easy to follow instruction sheet. Also included is an alphabet to personalize the stocking.

The Dimensions Crafts Snow Bears Counted Cross Stitch Stocking is 16 inches long and features two playful polar bears in a winter scene. This stocking is perfect for the kids to tuck their Christmas wishes and wait for whatever surprises that may await them on Christmas morning.

6. Ho Ho Ho’s High Heel Shoe Christmas Stocking Holiday Decoration

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The Ho Ho Ho’s High Heel Shoe Christmas Stocking Holiday Decoration is a sexy stocking where you can stuff Christmas gifts for her. This elegant stocking will add so much style and glamor to your home’s Christmas decorations.

This Ho Ho Ho’s High Heel Shoe Christmas Stocking Holiday Decoration comes with a red soft plush and white feminine lace accentuated with red ribbons. This stocking measures 6.5 inches in width, 0.5 inches in diameter and 17.5 inches in height and is 3.2 ounces. This stocking is available in three styles.

7. Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear

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The Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) is a perfect Christmas stocking for your family and friends who are in the military, tactical enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys having tactical products. This cool Christmas stocking will provide the twist to the otherwise customary stocking you hang every year. This is a great stocking to stuff Christmas presents for guys who find it corny to have traditional looking stockings.

The Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear is made of heavy duty nylon construction to guarantee years of use and enjoyment. This stocking has a large interior and exterior space for all those Christmas presents. It features exterior MOLE straps, a swivel carabiner on stocking’s opening and on the ankle, two quick-release clips on the toe area, a hook and loop panel on the top, a bi-directional side zipper, and a top handle. It also has a pouch, buckles, PALS webbing and D strings to stuff additional goodies. The stocking has an overall length of 17 ½ inches and an overall width of 11 inches and is available in black.  To further customize the stocking there is a 3.25 inch x 3-inch loop patch for cool tactical patches and a Velcro nameplate provision.

8. LimBridge 18” Large 3D Burlap Christmas Stockings

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The cute and attractive LimBridge 18” Large 3D Burlap Christmas Stockings is perfect to stuff kids’ presents for Christmas. It is made of burlap (woven fabric made from the skin of the jute plant), fluff (soft fibers from fabrics such as wool or cotton and fleece (woolen coat of a domestic sheep or long-haired goat) fabric. These fabrics make the stockings durable and strong enough to hold a lot of stuffers.

This LimBridge 18” Large 3D Burlap Christmas Stockings includes two stockings to a pack which features a Santa design on one stocking and a Snowman on the other. Each stocking is 18 inches tall. The 3D details of these stockings are spectacularly crafted with no loose threads and mis-sewn seams. Kids will surely be awed and excited to see what Santa will stuff in these cute and awesome stockings.

9. Bucilla 18-Inch Christmas Stockings Felt Applique Kit

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The Bucilla 18-Inch Christmas Stockings Felt Applique Kit is a Best Seller which comes with quality materials and generous embellishments to be able to create a superb Christmas Stockings. Everything you will need to come up with an awesome stocking is included in the kit: stamped felt, embroidery cotton floss, color separated sequins and beads, metallic threads, needles and Trilingual instructions.

The Bucilla 18-Inch Christmas Stocking features a jolly Santa reading the Christmas list of good boys and girls. The detailed design and embellishments of this Christmas stocking make it a must have for every kid who wants an attractive and intricate Christmas stocking. This Christmas stocking will blend with any holiday decorating theme you have and will surely add to the festive mood of your home.

10. Jumbo – 45″ Large Christmas Stockings

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Little boys and girls who feel they have been good the entire year are expecting Santa to give them everything they have written on their Christmas List. If such is the case they will need this Jumbo – 45″ Large Christmas Stockings. This red and white felt stocking with gold trims comes in a set of four stockings. It measures 45 inches tall by 16 inches wide (big enough for a child to fit inside) and will surely fit in loads of Christmas presents.

christmas stockings
Bring the element of surprise on Christmas with the help of Christmas Stockings

The hanging of Christmas stockings by the fireplace has been a long time Christmas custom. For homes without a fireplace, Christmas stockings are often hanged in bedposts, windowsills, doorknobs, staircases and in other areas that are easy for Santa to locate. Kids and grown-ups alike make it a point to hang Christmas stockings to get the pleasure and excitement of seeing what is stuffed inside on Christmas morning.