Christmas Gift Boxes Reviews: 10 Best Choices

You have all your Christmas gifts ready. Now, it is time to have them all boxed up with Christmas Gift Boxes. You can choose one specific color palette or perhaps one particular theme like snowmen and snowflakes or maybe nativity themed packages. You can go trendy or tradition with your boxes.

Take a look at these Christmas Gift Boxes:

1. 3D Christmas Gift Boxes with Bow

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If you need a unique way to package your holiday gift ideas, then the 3D Christmas Gift Boxes with Bow is perfect. Made of cardboard and with a variety of pretty and attractive prints and styles, these gift boxes will make sure you give the perfect gift to everyone.

The 3D Christmas boxes are 6 x 6 x 6 inches and they easily assemble in seconds. These cardboard boxes are reusable, and they come with equally pretty bows to match the boxes.

2. Dozen Santa’s Workshop Cardboard Treat Boxes

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Homemade treats are always a delight to give for Christmas. Package them in cute boxes, and they will become one of the top Christmas presents. The Dozen Santa’s Workshop Cardboard Treat Boxes are 6 ½ inch containers perfect for the holiday treats you are giving away this Christmas. Fill up these Santa designed boxes with cookies, candies, and other Holiday treats.

The Dozen Santa’s Workshop Cardboard multi-colored Treat Boxes come in sets of 12. They are sold flat and require only a simple assembly. Overall, this has to be one of the unique Christmas Gift Boxes you can buy for anybody.

3. Borsetta Christmas Gift Boxes

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Package your Christmas presents in style with elegant and stylish Borsetta Christmas Gift Boxes. These pillow-type Italian Design Premium and Stylish Red Borsetta gift boxes fold easily and quickly so you save on time. They are stable gift boxes, too. Available in red and gold, these 3.34×3.34×1.18 inch boxes are perfect for your small but special gifts. These boxes come in sets of 12.

Toss in some Christmas goodies such as sweets, chocolates and even cookies and truffles in these Italian Design Premium and Stylish Red Borsetta gift boxes and you are ready to give your friends and family a Christmas treat in style. Books, ties, scarfs and jewelry also box up perfectly in these Borsetta boxes. These boxes come with a red Christmas ball, green ferns and a red bow for accent.

4. Pack of 12 Cardboard Jewelry Bangle Gift Boxes

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These 3.5″ X 3.5″ X 1″ Pack of 12 Cardboard Jewelry Bangle Gift boxes are made of high-quality chipboard. They are covered with decorative and colored textured paper making it appear as though they were gift wrapped. These boxes are accentuated with matching satin Rosebug bows.

Each 12-piece package of the Novel Box Cardboard Jewelry Bangle Gift Boxes with Rosebug Bows comes in 10 different colors: Teal, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Peach, Yellow, Lime Green and Cream Yellow. Colors in each pack cannot be colored specified. These stylish gift boxes are ideal for jewelry, neckties and scarves and other gifts. Each box includes a removable white velvet cushion or satin material to pre-wrap your gifts, especially bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Boxes also come in a Novel Box drawstring pouch for added elegance and style.

5. Creative Converting Cookie Box with Carry Handle

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The Creative Converting Cookie Box with Carry Handle in snowman design can accommodate about 5-6 modest size brownies and 12 pieces cookies. These boxes are made of medium weight board stock and have see-thru oval windows. The box comes with a powder blue background with sporadic ornaments and a snowmen design. A matching gift tag comes with the boxes too. All these features make it one of the cool Christmas Gift Boxes you can buy for your loved ones.

These 6.5 x 3 x 6-inch boxes come with a handle and are easily assembled. They are ideal for small gifts, party favors and a few servings of Christmas goodies.

6. 3 Piece Holiday Nesting Boxes

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The snowman is the most popular symbol of Christmas. These 3 Piece Holiday Nesting Boxes comes in a joyful Snowman design perfect for the Holiday Season. This box set comes in 3 sizes. Small: 4.6 x 4.6 x 3.95; Medium: 6.18 x 6.18 x 5.51; and Large: 6.18 x 6.18 x 5.51.

The boxes come with a blue background with sporadic ornaments and a joyfully waving snowman. The snowman design is on all four sides of the box. Candy cane stripes line the bottom part of the box. The cover carries candy cane stripe design too with ornaments on the background. A big “Merry Christmas” print is in the center of the box cover. These boxes are sturdy enough to hold cookies, candies, and even slightly heavy gifts. Stack up these adorable gift boxes, and they will look adorable under the Christmas tree. These boxes are perfect for hard to wrap gifts. Just simply toss the gift inside the box, and it is good to go.

7. Red Swirl Nesting Elegant Christmas Gift Box

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This Red Swirl Nesting Elegant Christmas Gift Box is a  superb packaging for your stylish and elegant Christmas gift ideas. They come in three sizes, so there is one that will fit in your goodies and gifts: Small box measures 4.5 x 4.5″ x 2.5″; the medium box measures 5.5 x 5.5″ x 3″ and the large box measures 6.25 x 6.25″ x 3.5″.

These elegant boxes come in a damask patterned red swirl design and include a red satin bow beautifully tapped on the magnetic flap. The design of these boxes will add so much class to your gifts.

8. Mypresentforyou Set of 10 Colored Gift Boxes

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The Mypresentforyou Set of 10 Colored Gift Boxes is a shoebox type one-piece Christmas gift box. This ten piece gift box set consists of 4 red, three natural kraft and three black boxes. The set also includes ten white smooth poly pull bows and ten sheets of tissue paper.

These boxes are bought flat but are easy to fold and sturdy. The white bows come as flat strips and are easy to form into bows by simply pulling both ends of the bow. These 9.4” x 5 x 4.5-inch boxes are best packages for your special goody gifts or modest size gifts. No worries wrapping gifts. Simply toss your gift inside the Mypresentforyou colored gift boxes and top with the pull bows and your gifts are ready to be distributed.

9. Candy Cane Christmas Nesting Gift Boxes

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There is so much to do during the holidays and wrapping your gifts just takes so much time. Besides, not everyone has the talent and the patience to fold and cut Christmas wrappers neatly. These Candy Cane Christmas Nesting Gift Boxes takes care of wrapping your gifts to perfection. With these gift boxes, you will have neatly wrapped present ideas with beautiful and clean cut corners.

The boxes come in 4 sizes: Smallest Size measures: 4.6” x 4.6” x 3.95”; Medium Size measures: 5.4” x 5.4” x 4.75”; Large Size measures: 5.95″ x 5.95″ x 5.4″ and the Largest Size measures: 6.18” x 6.18” x 5.51”. These boxes are sturdy enough to hold any gift that would fit in it. The boxes are tower style so you can stack them up under your Christmas tree or anywhere in your home and they will make adorable holiday decorations. The Candy Cane Christmas Nesting Gift Boxes come with an equally beautiful red satin bow.

10. 3-piece set Lighted Gift Box Décor

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The 3-piece set Lighted Gift Box Décor brings out a truly Christmas look all throughout the season when you place them under your Christmas tree. The three identically looking gift boxes come in three different sizes. Small, 6″ sq. x 8″H, with a 38″ cord; Medium, 8″ sq. x 10″H, with a 55″ cord and Large, 10″ sq. x 12″H, with a 55″ cord. Lights are arranged inside each box and when lit produces a warm and charming effect. These boxes are UL-Listed, so safety is guaranteed.

The 3-piece Lighted Gift Box Décor is made of burlap and metal and comes in the colors red and green. Each box is tied with a wide bow.

christmas gift boxes
Amazing Christmas Gift Boxes

Conceal your gifts in beautiful Christmas Gift Boxes. There is a great range of designs, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Some come with pretty bows and gift tags, too.  There are gift boxes for all your Christmas Gifts. May they be Christmas goodies, jewelry, clothes or toys there is a gift box that will fit each of them. Gift boxes are perfect too for hard to wrap gifts.  No need to wrap your gifts and go through the stressful task of wrapping them. Just have them all boxed up. It is the most convenient way of packaging your Christmas gifts. You’ve got the gift. Now you need the bag!