3 Best Vocal Exercises for Singers

For those who want to have a good voice, powerful, and beautiful, they need to learn some techniques of vocal exercises for singers well. By using your vocal, then as the time goes on you can finally manage your voice and your voice will be better compared to when you do not follow vocal exercises. When you are singing, you have to know the level of fundamental tone so that it will produce harmony between voice and music. To have a vocal exercise, you have to form the vocal character first and master the breathing techniques. Besides, by having vocal exercises for singers, you will be familiar with low tone and high tone along with musical instruments. If you want to learn to sing alone, you can follow some of the tips below.

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List of the Best Vocal Exercises for Singers

1. Vocal Learning using Breathing Techniques

vocal exercises for singers - breathing is very important!Breathing technique is the most important part for those who just learn how to sing. To practice your breathing, then you can start with taking a deep breath, and hold for 3-10 seconds, and then exhale slowly. The point is that you must take a very deep breath as much as possible and as fast as you can then exhale it after you hold it for a few seconds.

2. Improving the Articulation

The second way to do vocal exercises for singers is by improving your articulation so that you can say words correctly. That also becomes an important part when dealing with vocal practising because your voice will be great if you can say the phrase well. To do this exercise, you can tell some easy words first, and then you can continue to pronounce some difficult words. You can say it fast and slowly so you can get used to saying the phrase and you will feel comfortable when singing.

3. Practising the Voice Loudness

Practising the voice loudness also has relation to breathing technique. The point is when you have a proper breathing; then your voice loudness will be maximal, and you can do it easily. You must remember, the loud voice is not coming from a load scream but a clear voice. To practice the loudness of the voice, you can do it only but quite useful in which you can blow a candle from 1,5 meters distance until the fire goes out. You can do these vocal exercises for singers at least 20 up to 30 times a day to get a powerful vocal.

vocal exercises for singers - improve your vocal loudness.

Those are three tips on how to do vocal exercises for singers effectively if you want to be a great singer someday. If you need a reference to learn more about the best technique of singing, then you can rely on Superior Singing Method, and you will know how to sing well until finally, you will have a chance to be a professional singer in the future.