Best Vertical Jump Program for Beginners

Evaluating off the ground using body muscles is called a vertical jump. This act is useful in different games i.e. volleyball, basketball and some other jumping games. That is a technique of raising the centre of gravity of the body. Every athlete wants to do perfect vertical jumps as it is the primary measurement of the physical performance. Moreover, best vertical jump program is considered an important part of physical exams. There are many ways to improve one’s vertical jump.

Vertical Jump Training is used worldwide. When it comes to jumping games, vertical jumps help to get the desired results. In basketball, perfect vertical jumps can help the players to win the match. Rebounds, blocks and steals are directly related to vertical jumps. So, one should have a best vertical jump program to improve the muscles’ power. If someone wants to improve the strength of vertical jumps, he can easily do it by having a program. Such program contains different moves and acts. Some of them are given below.

To Create the Best Vertical Jump Program, You Should Put the Following 4 Exercises Into It

1. Standing Vertical Jumps

Standing vertical jumps are more commonly used to increase the muscles’ vertical power. In this move, you have to stand first. Now just push your muscles vertically and jump off the ground. Repeating this task will undoubtedly improve the capabilities of vertical jumps.

Performing this exercises with proper form is the must because you don’t want to injure yourself on training. You can see a video below on how to do a standing vertical jump correctly.

2. Box Jumps

Another great exercise to improve vertical jumps is box jumps. The only thing required for this is a box of knee height. Standing in front of the box and jumping on the box will set a great combination between muscles and bones. Now, one can have more power while jumping vertically.

When you master this move, you can quickly jump on higher boxes, as it will boost your jumping power through the roof. Below is the perfect example how to do that.

3. Jumping Rope

best vertical jump program includes jumping rope.
Jumping rope can drastically improve your vertical jump power and simultaneously burn extra body weight.

The simplest exercise to improve vertical jumps is jumping rope. All you need is a rope for this act. Jumping rope is one of the great calorie burners. It also increases the consumption of oxygen in the body. As a result, you can apply more power while doing vertical jumps.

Jumping rope isn’t just good for improving vertical jump power, it is also good exercise for losing weight fast. Our advice is to do at least 10 minutes of jumping rope during the day. The more, the better. This way, you will lose body weight which will improve your jumping power. A person who has a lower body weight tend to jump higher than people who have an excessive body weight.

4. Squats

High rep squats are also considered the best moves to increase the rate of vertical jumps. It gives the minimum crouch position as well as the standing position. So, it will enhance the jumping power and boost your jumps. Squats are good for building a solid muscle on your legs. Your legs will become stronger and bigger, while your jumping power increases gradually. When your leg muscles become stronger, you’ll build a sound basis for vertical jumping, but don’t stop there and go further. Start doing other squat progressions.

We advise you to start with Sumo squats and close legs squat. These two will build every muscle in your legs which is used in the vertical jumping. Also, squats aren’t only good for jumping, they increase your overall balance.

what do you think which exercises form the best vertical jump program?
What do you think which exercises form the best vertical jump program?

The best squat exercise for increasing your jumping power is jumping squat. How to perform that kind of squat? Stand in a squat position. Your legs should be positioned in a shoulder’s length. Go down in a squat and with the whole body raise you up. The only difference between a jumping squat and regular squat is the finishing position. In the regular squat, the starting and ending position are the same while in jumping squat the primary goal is to jump as high as you can. That way you don’t only build your leg muscles, but preparing yourself for a better vertical jump. Jumping squats are perfect for increasing muscle mass and power.

5. Stretching

Stretching is the great way to improve your vertical jumping power. That’s not the only benefit. People who stretch regularly prone to be more flexible which means their muscles can do the longer movements. Also, if you’re flexible, there is a lower chance of injuring yourself. If you’re focusing on increasing your jumps, start doing a regular leg stretching routine. That way your leg muscles will become longer and stronger which directly improves your jumps. If you find a stretching enjoying, we advise you to start with Yoga. Yoga isn’t only good for person’s flexibility, but it’s beneficial for mind development as it’s a form of meditation.

best vertical jumping program - start with a regular stretching routine.

These are some exercises that can help in improving the vertical jumps. The sets of such exercises do not matter. The main thing is the regularity. Regular moves can surely help you to maintain better vertical jumps. There are a thousand different programs for improving vertical jump, but it is important to choose the efficient one. After hours and hours of research, we stumbled upon one important program you can follow. The program is called Vertical Jump Traning, and it has been used by professional athletes like NBA players.

Running vertical jumps are easier and have more effect on the muscles of the legs. You can maintain it by joining a best vertical jump program. They simply teach how to have a better maintenance in your muscles. After vertical jump training, you can easily do high vertical jumps which are necessary for some sports as well as in physical exams. So, to improve your vertical jumps, take care of your moves and get the best results.