15 Best Sleeping Bags For Sale In 2017

The best time of the day is when you are exploring the world with the people you love—your friends. Your time together could be spent on road trips, beach parties or island escapades. A day and a night out in a forest are best if you need the time and place to relax. Nature’s beautiful diversity will help you and your friends release stress that is known to trigger certain types of diseases and health problems. As the night progresses, however, finding a place to sleep in the middle of the forest can be very hard. Sure, you have brought tents, but all of these could suffice for the 12 hours of cold? A night out can be totally freezing, not to mention the blood-thirsty mosquitoes. At times like this, a camper would need one of the finest quality sleeping bags. 

It is easy and convenient because you can immediately let slid yourself in and doze off.

You will never have to worry about the frigid temperature because some sleeping bags are equipped with thick material specifically designed to insulate an average body.

Listed below are the 15 best sleeping bags of 2017 and why you should purchase them.

Best Sleeping Bags Reviews In 2017

1. Suisse Sports Adventurer Bag

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Enjoy your outdoor activity with this affordable adventurer bag by Suisse Sports.

It is an adult sleeping bag durably crafted for size and weight-conscious adventurers. It features a double-layer offset quilt construction, 30 degrees rated.

The simple blue, black, and yellow design of this product makes it more elegant and comfortable to use.

The drawstring hood and draft tube are added for additional comfort when sleeping. This has to be one of the cheapest sleeping bags for backpacking.

2. Teton Sports Celsius XXL

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This sleeping includes a free compression sack for easy storage. If you are looking for a cozy and warm sleeping bag, Teton Sports Celsius is the best for you.

This product features an adjustable shoulder and full-length zippers to ensure you that no amount of warmth will escape when you are inside.

It is made of sturdy taffeta shell that is durable and easy to pack. Designed by Teton, this product has an available add-on gears for further comfort. Another notable feature is its suitability for super cold temperatures. Teton strives for the best camp experience.

This certified Teton product has a “limited lifetime warranty” which means that the Teton team is ready to give you the best service for camping gears and equipment.

3. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

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This brown and gold, Egyptian-inspired sleeping bag brought to you by Coleman is best used during extreme weathers.

With its 100% polyester material, 60 oz of Coletherm insulation that will surely keep you comfortable down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit; and diamond rip stop polyester for the inner lining, it ensures a relaxing night out.

The mummy bag measures 32 by 82 inches and does an excellent job fitting people up to 6 ft, 2 inches tall.

4. Coleman Trinidad Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

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Upgrade your camping experience with this all new sleeping bag made by Coleman.

Purchase one and enjoy all the overflowing features of this product. It is suitable for individuals with tall heights (up to five feet, 11 inches) with a dimension of 33 by 75 inches.

The cool blue color contributes to the comfort it gives you when you are inside this sleeping bag. Truly, you will get enough of relaxing sleep during warm nights since it is suitable for temperatures 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

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With almost a thousand reviews online, this product is definitely a must-have for a wise shopper like yourself.

This midnight blue, imported sleeping bag is made of 100% polyester and has a temperature rating of 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best feature of this product, the Fiberlock construction, hinders the insulation from shifting to ensure you the warmth during your sleeping hours.

Another notable feature is the no-snag patented zipper plows fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags.

6. Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

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If you are planning to camp any time of the year, better to choose a day when the weather is nice. Summer and autumn are usually the best seasons for camping because the weather is cool.

Bring your Coleman Palmetto Sleeping bag, and you are good to go. This three-season sleeping bag is absolutely ideal for cool weather camping.

Made up of polyester cover with soft tricot liner, it has a three-pounds of ColeTherm insulation to keep you comfortable while sleeping. The feeling when inside the bag is neither hot nor cold, just the right temperature. This product is washable so you never have to worry if it gets dirty. It measures 33 x 75 inches and has roll control design that makes it quick and easy to fold.

Truly, this product is brimming with features which are why it has over 800 reviews online.

7. NatureHike Envelope Outdoor Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag is ideal to use during spring, summer, and autumn.

Made of 320D Nylon and cotton lining, NatureHike envelope-style sleeping bag is truly a must-have for a camper like you. It is ultralight, waterproof, and foldable which makes very easy to transport.

If you no longer have room to spare in your luggage, just throw it in your duffel bag, and you are good to go.

8. OuterEQ Camping Sleeping Bags

[amazon box=”B00S7M5Z1W” template=”bigbox”]

This army green-colored sleeping bag with overflowing features is fit for a smart camper like yourself. The compact backpack design makes it easy for you to carry it wherever you go and is very suitable for all seasons.

Campers who are five feet, 11 inches (and least) can fit inside. Another notable term for this sleeping bag is “youth sleeping bags” because any small person can fit easily inside.

Thus, this product is indeed a perfect gift for your adventurous friends who enjoy staying the night out. OuterEQ sleeping bag is durably crafted with a polyester cover and a soft cotton liner. Stuffed with imported cotton for insulation, sleeping inside this one is a different experience.

I think the best feature of this product is that it can be machine washed at 30 by 75 inches.

9. High Peak USA Alpinizmo Mt. Ranier

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Any avid camper will surely love the features of this sleeping bag from High Peak USA Alpinizmo. It is made up of double layer, rip stop nylon shell, and invista tactile nylon lining.

It ensures you of a -20F temperature rating, sew-in draft tube and chest collar, and a hood with drawstring closure for maximum comfort. This 34 x 86 x 22 inches dimension sleeping bag is extremely breathable, windproof and waterproof.

Another remarkable feature of this product is the anti-snag zipper band and a thermal collar. A sound and relaxing sleep are definitely not out of reach with this one!

10. Magicshow Lightweight Portable Sleeping Bag

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If you are an adventurous individual who loves to go to various outdoor activities, a Magicshow sleeping bag is just the best for you.

This sleeping bag is highly recommended for wet places because of its waterproof feature. It has a compression sock which makes it suitable for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

It is also made up of a high-class 320 D Nylon outer and an imitation silk cotton for the inner portion of the bag, that is why it is warm and soft, comfortable, and lightweight.

This sleeping bag aslo features a double zipper that can be used inside out for practicality and convenience. The sleeping bag comes in two different colors: blue and orange. Another notable feature of this product is the breathable fabrics used for more windproof and warmth.

Last 5 Best Sleeping Bags For Camping

11. King Camp Oasis 250

[amazon box=”B01D2RMTK6″ template=”bigbox”]

The 87 by 30 inches sleeping bag is known for its many features.

For a superior camping experience, its outer fabric is made up of 190T polyester and a waterproof lining material while the inner component is made of comfort loft 250.

This envelope design allows you to stretch your legs comfortably thus, preventing muscle strain. Two straps are available at the bottom which makes it convenient to hang; and inside pockets for flashlights, mobile phones, and other items.

A carry bag is included when you purchase this product, so you will never have to worry about its storage and transportation.

12. Buddybag’z Super Fun and Unique Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B01GQI3Y3O” template=”bigbox”]

Yes, you have heard it right!

The name itself fits perfectly with the features of this product. Super Fun and a Unique sleeping bag are the best travel essential for your little one!

It comes in six adorable animal designs perfect for your imaginative child. For your kid’s night out away from home, this product is ready to go because it already includes a fuzzy stuffed animal, a pillow, a sleeping bag, one night light, toiletry bag, and an overnight bag, all in one.

This product is specifically designed to be folded into an easy and compact backpack so that your child can easily carry it over.

The soft lining of this product allows your child to achieve that relaxing sleep. Thus, you will never have to worry from home.

13. Archer Outdoor Gear Sleeping Bag

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This lightweight, an orange-colored sleeping bag is made of nylon.

It is specially designed like a large mummy sack with a 85 x 30 x 22 inches dimension, leaving more room and comfort for both adults and kids. The shell is super lightweight and waterproof and has a rip stop nylon for superior protection from other elements.

The inner liners are made of synthetic silk which is soft to touch and polyester fiber that provides more freedom of movement.

Archer Outdoor Gear Sleeping bag comes with a handy sack compression for easy storage.

14. Terra Hiker Four Season Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B01N7JTJGB” template=”bigbox”]

This ocean blue sleeping bag from Terra Hiker is specifically designed to keep you warm on all seasons. The 6.4 ft. length of this product allows the camper to sleep with ease and comfort.

It opens flatly where you can use it as a thick blanket on cold weather condition; you can also zip the two together to transform it into a double sleeping bag!

The convenient style of this product is made with silk-like cotton that provides warmth on the inside while the outer fabric is water resistant.

This sleeping bag weighs only 4.67 pounds and has a dimension of 11 x 4.7 inches which saves you from the usual hassles of bulky sleeping bags. This product is highly essential for an adventurer like your because it has an impressive temperature rating at 46.7 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

It includes a storage compression straps for easy backpacking, peak bagging, and bike touring. Another notable feature is anti-snag system; and the dual zipper style which you can adjust at both sides easily.

15. Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Available in gray and red, this unique double mummy sleeping bag is the best gift for adventurous couples.

The best feature of this product is that you can share it with someone, be it your friend, a family-member or a lover. It is rated for + 20 degrees Fahrenheit and is great for all weather conditions!

The 81 x 53 inches dimension and the 8.2 pounds weight makes it more compact and durable to use. Another feature of this product includes water resistance, diamond rip stop shell made with micro polyester lining, and two double pockets where you can keep your personal belongings while dozing off.

Enjoy sleeping with warmth with Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag!

Most of these sleeping bags are lightweight and portable
Most of these sleeping bags are lightweight and portable