Best Online Yoga Shop And Website List

Do you need some Yoga gear or classes? Need to buy a present for a yoga lover? Here you can find 10 of the best online Yoga shop and websites reviews so that you can find whatever yoga related products you may want to buy. This article is not meant to be an extended review of yoga shops. It is more like a quick list so you can find the best online Yoga shops to buy from without wasting a lot of time seeing the several websites that sell all kinds of yoga products.

Best online Yoga Shop And Websites

#1 Shop – Grokker

This site has a wide variety of Yoga classes with various styles and difficulty levels, other work-outs, and all kind of different food recipes. Besides yoga classes, it offers many types of Yoga Gears. The only inconvenient this site has is that it has so many classes to do that you can get a bit lost.

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#2 Shop – Gaia

Gaia is a complete online yoga shop and website. You can expect to find all kinds of yoga gifts and gears from here at quite affordable prices. It mostly offers streaming yoga classes. But you can find some quality yoga gears as well. I don’t recommend Grokker or Gaia for yoga classes, but I must say they have a broad range of Yoga gears.


#3 Shop –YogaDownload

This streaming site has Yoga classes with several styles, difficulty levels, and lengths. The great advantage of this site is that you can download the Yoga classes and view them offline.

#4 Shop –HerYogaSecrets

Unlike the other sites mentioned, Her Yoga Secrets sells the Yoga For Fat Burn program specifically for women. More specifically women who want to lose extra pounds or stay fit while doing Yoga. There you can acquire the digital and physical collection of the Yoga Burn program created by the yoga instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton. The great advantage is that you don`t feel overwhelmed by the innumerous choices. You will have great Yoga classes to do yourself or to offer someone. So, if you are a woman looking for a quality place to learn and enjoy yoga, I highly recommend Her Yoga Secrets.

#5 Shop –Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon is a very well known Yoga shop that sells yoga apparel and other types of workout products. Their clothes have excellent quality, but the downside is that they are very expensive.

#6 Shop – is another yoga gear retailer that sells products from yoga gear, clothing, and many other items.

#7 Shop –The Y Catalog

This Yoga Shop is also a retailer like but has less shipping charges and chooses their products conscientiously.

#8 Shop –Barefoot Yoga Co.

Barefoot Yoga Co. is a complete online Yoga shop that sells products of all popular brands that sell yoga related products.

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#9 Shop – Shakti Active Wear

It is a Brazilian company that sells clothes for Yoga. Here you can find different designs than the usual that flatters your body.

#10 Shop –

It is an online Yoga retailer with several yoga brands of various Yoga products at affordable prices. So, you can consider this site to find something of your choice.

This is just a simple list of yoga shops and websites just to help you find whatever yoga related items you may be searching for. We will love to cover each of these stores and websites more in future. Happy Shopping!