12 Best Smove Stabilizer and Smartphone Gimbal Reviews 2017

Taking good quality pictures holding your smartphone is easy because your subject is stationary. Making good quality videos holding your smartphone is a different thing especially if you or your subject is mobile. A high-quality video is one that has good sound, good lighting, and most importantly one that is steady – not shaky. A shaky video will make your viewers feel dizzy watching it.

To make quality videos, just like the professionals do, you will need a stabilizer or gimbal. These devices will keep your smartphone stable while you are shooting your videos. Stabilizers and gimbals connect to your smartphone to produce smooth videos without the shaky parts when you are taking action shots.

Smove stabilizers and smartphone gimbals come with motors with three axes to take care of all your subject’s movements so you can create a steady video. All you need to do is connect your smartphone to the stabilizer, and you are all set to shoot professional looking videos.

12 Best Smove Stabilizer and Smartphone Gimbals 2017

1. Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C-3 Axis Handheld Brushless Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

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The Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C-3 Axis attaches tightly to your smartphone (smaller than 7 inches) with a plastic clamp with springs keeping it steady while you shoot your videos. It comes with a weight mount which you can screw in to fit larger smartphones.

Features and Specifications:

4-button Device. One button turns the power On/Off, and another button triggers the stabilization system. Two buttons control the angle of your smartphone allowing you to tilt it up or down.

3-mode Operation The shooting modes include Heading Following mode (indicator light blinks slowly), Locking Mode (indicator light is on) and Heading and Pitch Following Mode (quick blinking of indicator light).

 Joystick with four controls – Adjust the tilting and rolling in all three operating modes using the joystick. It tilts from between a 450 angle when rolling up to a maximum of 1800 depending on the setting; it is operating on.  The speed of the tilt-angle is at 10 to 500 per second, and the rate of the Heading is at 10 to 800 per second. The software updates and offers easy calibrations.

Battery Life – This stabilizer comes with a durable metal frame. Battery life of the lithium-ion type is 5 hours (when fully charged; charger included) long enough to allow you to shoot longer videos. It can also be charged through a power outlet (AC adapter included) or through your computer (USB cable included).

Design  – It is lightweight at a little over 13 pounds. Batteries are on the handle. This device works with iPhones and Samsung smartphones smaller than 7 inches including the YotaPhone Xiaomi Smartphone.


One button controls power on and Bluetooth pairing
Features 3 operation modes
The stabilizer comes with a joystick offering four controls
Features a lightweight design and has a long battery life


Sometimes firmware updates might affect how it works
The stabilizer’s horizon line needs better leveling for better stability


2. Zhiyun Z1-Smooth-C Multi-function 3 Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal PTZ Camera Mount

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This stabilizer is for smartphones with a maximum screen size of 7 inches. If your screen size is over 7 inches, you will need to use a weight mount (included), so it will tightly attach to the gimbal.

Features and Specifications:

3-Mode Operation with 4 Controls – This device comes with a 3-mode operation system – Heading Follow, Heading and Pitch Follow and the Lock modes. The rolling, panning and tilting angles, however, can be adjusted by the built-in joystick with four controls (in all three modes).

Separate IMU module Included is a separate IMU module to make sure you will produce only stable footages without any shaking.

Battery Life  – This device remains stable no matter what the shooting conditions are. Two Li-ion 18350 batteries power it. The power consumption of this gimbal is relatively on the lower side to allow you longer hours (4 hours) of video taking.

Design – It is portable at 12.9” x 6” x 2.3” and 13 + pounds minus the weight of the batteries. The set includes two batteries, a pressure mount, battery charger and USB cable (micro).

Compatibility – The stabilizer works with most iPhones and Android models.


The Gimbal offers the perfect balance
Provides smooth motions while staying completely silent


The unit in its complete setup, including counter and phone, tends to go on the bulkier side
It isn’t the easiest of devices to set up and calibrate, and you have to go to their website for the instructions


3. KumbaCam 3 Axis Smartphone Smove Stabilizer / Gimbal

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This 3rd gen gimbal/stabilizer from KumbaCam is lightweight and portable at 1.9 pounds and 12.5” x 6” x 2” size. It has a high resistance to dropping because of the same Aluminum Alloy materials construct like aircraft feature and Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) machines for precision cutting.

Features and Specifications:

Adjustable Clamp – The smartphone fastens tightly on the clamp (adjustable). If the smartphone is larger than 7 inches, a weight mount (included) can be attached to the gimbal so it can hold the smartphone.

3-Mode System –  It features a 3-mode system: Heading Following allows stabilized panning (yaw rotation), Heading and Pitch for stabilized panning and tilting (yaw and pitch rotation) and Locking which supports the yaw, pitch, and roll.

Powered Axels – motors power each of the three axes that attach to the smartphone. When motion gets detected by the sensors of the axes, the motors cancel it. Thus shakes and bumps do not get recorded and saved.

4 Positions Joystick –  It also comes with a 4-position (up, down, right and left) joystick to control the movement of the gimbal. All controls are on the stick of the gimbal.

Tripod Compatible – This item can also be used together with a tripod and other equipment as it comes with a hole for screw thread (1/4 inches) at the bottom of the stick. Shooting with your smartphone in a vertical position is possible.

Battery Life  – This device uses one battery (186550) which charges up the gimbal onboard through a USB port connected or to any portable charger such as a power bank. In effect, you can use and charge the gimbal simultaneously.

KumbaCam App – Download the Kumba SmartPhone Camera app, and you can directly connect to the gimbal through Bluetooth. The stabilizer works with most smartphones up to 7” in the diagonal position.


Eliminates shaking and smoothens out shots
Easy to set-up and works ‘right off the box”


It doesn’t lock when collapsed and this would be a useful improvement
Bluetooth shutter connection doesn’t always work


4. Zhiyun Smooth-II 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Mount

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The Zhiyun Smooth-II 3 Axis Gimbal is a gimbal that allows a 360 degree on its pan axis. For a fast and safe start-up, this item comes with advanced safety measures to guard against short-circuit or over-discharge. This unit will not malfunction even when over-used.

Features and Specifications:

3600 rotation –  At the pan axis, this device is capable of a full 3600 rotation allowing you to shift filming angles as you desire. With a ¼ inch screw thread at the tip of the stick, this device can easily attach to a tripod and most camera accessories.

Quality Stable and Smooth Video  – The gimbal offers stable and smooth footages combined with a high-quality sound with surrounding sound reduced to allow you to produce professional quality videos.

Remote Control – Download the Zhiyun Camera app, and you will be able to use this gimbal with the ZW-BO1 remote control. With the remote control (wireless) you can quickly shift angles, change modes, switch from front to rear cameras, focus, shutter and shoot videos and photos. With the remote control, the device can also be set to Lock mode.

6-Position Joystick – It comes with a 6-position joystick to control the movements of the gimbal.

Design –  The Smooth-II comes with a similar construct using durable aluminum alloy as seen on aircraft, and it features precision cutting using the CNC cutting system. It is light and comfortable to hold around. You can use this gimbal with your smartphone in the vertical position for more convenience.

Battery Life  – The gimbal supports the simultaneous use and charging. It can continuously shoot for up to 7 hours with 18650 battery (3400mAh) full charge

Compatibility – This Zhiyun model can be utilized with most iPhones and Android phones with screens up to a 7-inch maximum. It comes with a 1-year warranty.


It is a reliable and one of the superior gimbals in the market
Ergonomic and stable design


Firmware updates may affect how it works
The Gimbal might drift when in lock mode and reset it may be required


5. DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO MOBILE

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To use this gimbal, you need to download the DJI Go App. This App comes with live streaming capabilities on YouTube Live for instant uploading of shot footages.

Features and Specifications:

ActiveTrack Technology – This device comes equipped with the ActiveTrack Technology which allows the gimbal to make your smartphone face you as you shoot in motion.

4-Mode System  – It has a 4-mode shooting system: Standard, Portrait, Flashlight and Underslung setting. The differents modes allow you to personalize it in line with the footage that you need.

Time Lapses – Its stabilization allows you to shoot time-lapses and panoramic views while you are in motion.

Unparalleled Stability – You can also take photos in landscape mode and produce a single picture out of 9 individual photos. Long exposures are also possible allowing you to create light trails with blurred surroundings even without using a tripod. That is how steady this gimbal can make your smartphone.

Hand-held or Mounted Operation – This gimbal can be used hand-held or with a wide variety of mounts. It comes with three axes for roll, pitch and yaw stabilization. This model allows your smartphone to be used either in the upright or horizontal position. You can control the position of your gimbal with the push button on the joystick.

Bluetooth Support – The gimbal comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. Connect your phone to it using the wireless technology.

Battery LifeCharging the device (comes with a USB port for used with a mobile charging device) while shooting in motion is possible. When fully charged, the battery can withstand up to 4.5 hours of steady, and non-shaky shooting.

Clamp With Dial – Your smartphone easily clamps to the gimbal. A dial facilitates secure and fast attachment, and a rubber pad securely tightens your phone to the gimbal.


It functions as expected as a video gimbal for phones
The DJI features great hardware and advanced tech features


The gimbal software could use improvement to store photos and videos directly on your phone
The motor needs a redesign to work better with all phone types and provide a better hold


6. Feiyu Tech FY-G4P+ 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

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This Feiyu model is an upgraded version of the earlier released GM-G4-P. This latest model can now work with smartphones with bigger screens such as the iPhone 6+ and the Samsung Note5. It also comes with upgraded features.

Features and Specifications:

5-Mode Operating System – This single hand-operated device will make you produce steady, smooth and flawless videos. It comes with a 5-operating mode system so you can be as creative with your footages as you can get.

Stability – This device stabilizes all three axes while in motion. You can quickly shift from tilt, pan, and roll or you can opt to set it locked in a particular mode.

Shooting Modes – This device only has a 1 LED type push-button to indicate shooting mode. The setting includes Pan Following mode that pans along with the handle direction. The Tilt and Pan Following Mode that tilts and pans along with the handle direction with roll and tilt axes locked and the Axis Lock mode operates on either turn, tilt or pan depending on the set mode when the device starts working. Lastly, the Inverted Mode places the gimbal in an upside –down position and Standby Mode where the gimbal is on, but the motor is off.

320 Degrees Tilt  –  In pan mode, this gimbal rotates to a maximum of 320 degrees, 320 degrees for tilting and 100 degrees for rolling. Axes can be used with the GoPro Hero 4 and similar Feiyu models.

Mount Support – Threaded screw holes are at the tip of the stick for easy attachment to an extended pole (not included) for more shooting versatility. It also allows mounting the gimbal on bikes, motorcycles, helmets and the like.

Battery Life  – This gimbal runs on four rechargeable batteries (batteries and charger included).

Accessories – A Gimbal remote control is an optional accessory.


Lightweight gimbal and it performs exceptionally well
When balanced correctly the gimbal allows you to take cinematic quality videos using your phone


Support and repairs require shipment to China
The gimbal doesn’t offer horizontal stability as expected


7. Glide Gear Leios 3-Axis Gimbal/ Smove Stabilizer

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This gimbal stabilizer works perfectly with your smartphone and also with your GoPro Camera. It stabilizes movements with its three axes: roll, pitch, and yaw. It comes with three operational modes each with a function button to allow you to shift between modes. The tilt angle can be manually adjusted.

Features and Specifications:

Design  – This product comes made of durable and sturdy aluminum alloy material to guarantee long years of use.

Stability – Smartphone with under 7 inches of screen size will safely clamp tight into this stabilizer. If your smartphone is of a bigger size, attach the weight mount to the roll motor and fit in your phone.

Battery Life – It operates with two pieces of LIPO batteries (18350) and can continuously shoot flawless non-shaking videos for between 3-5 hours.

Packaging – In the box with this gimbal stabilizer is the battery charger, GoPro adapter, USB cable and owner’s manual. This one comes with a lifetime limited warranty.


The Glide Gear Leios smoothens out shots
It’s easy to use and provides excellent value at its price point


It tends to drain out the batteries, but this is avoidable by switching it off when not in use
It can get a bit challenging trying to balance a phone on the gimbal


8. Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

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This gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone and GoPro comes with an easy set-up and equally user-friendly operations.  It is capable of allowing your smartphone to shoot stable and smooth footages as though it was done by a professional- without the shakings and jerks.

Features and Specifications:

Motorized Axes  – It comes with three motorized axes packed with specialized software, so your smartphone and GoPro are kept stabilized when panning, tilting and rolling. To start filming load your smartphone on the cradle, level and turn power On (power button is on the tip of the stick). If you’re using your GoPro (Go Pro Hero 3 and 4), load it on the provided mount and attach to the cradle of the gimbal.

Three Cradles  – The set comes with three cradles: 1 for standard sizes smartphones, 1 for larger smartphones with weight mount attach and another for the GoPro. It comes equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU; computer chip) with six axes compliment with sensors to detect movements so it can keep the stabilizer steady at all times.

Gesture Control System – The gimbal uses a Gesture Control System allowing you to take longer videos.

Stability – For every pan and tilt, you make with the handle, the smartphone or camera will smoothly and steadily act with the movements. At 1 pound this gimbal is lightweight and portable.

Package – The set comes with a charger and a carry on case. It is compatible with Smartphones weighing 200 grams and less.


The gimbal provides stable cell phone videos
The quality of the gimbal is fantastic


It doesn’t perform well in windy conditions
Balancing it with the L-shaped attachment proves difficult


9. LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Gimbal Active Stabilizer

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This gimbal works with all Smartphones (Apple and Android) with sizes similar to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 6 and all models in between (with a maximum width of 3.6 inches); and the GoPro Hero 3 and four models.

Features and Specifications:

Three Axes – With this device, you will be able to shoot while you are in motion. It comes equipped with three axes (pan, roll, tilt) and 6 IMU axes and a motor that is brushless, working together to make your phone steady minus the jerking and shaking while shooting footages.

Gesture Control System  – As you move your wrist to pan and tilt so does the gimbal (Gesture Control System at work) to produce top quality videos. Its motor is of the brushless type for more efficiency.

Design  – This gimbal comes constructed from a combination of aluminum alloy and plastic (ABS engineered). The handle is made of the comfortable to hold silica gel which provides an excellent grip.

Three Gimbal Clamps – The set comes with the gimbal three clamps: (1 regular; 1 for bigger smartphones and 1 for the GoPro), one weight mount (for use with the big smartphones) a Lithium-Ion battery pack, charger, power adapters and a carry on case.  


The three clamps provided enhances compatibility of the device
It features Lanparte’s pistol grip which is very comfortable in your hand


It works better with lighter devices such as iPods and doesn’t offer the best results with heavier devices with 5″ screens and above
The G4 firmware can only be accessed via Windows computers and doesn’t work on Macs


10. Uoplay 3 Axis Universal smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

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This gimbal shifts from the Pitch Axis, Roll Axis, and Pan Axis with smoothness and ease to produce stable, high-quality videos. It perfectly fits Smartphones (Apple and Android) within 6 inches and the latest GoPro Hero models.

Features and Specifications:

Compatibility – Sports Action Cameras will also attach with no struggle if they are the same size as the GoPro. At the tip of the gimbal’s stick are holes which fit ¼ threaded screws so you can connect a tripod or any camera accessory.

Shooting Modes  – Indicator lights will tell you what mode the gimbal is currently on whether on Semi-Flowing Mode best when filming almost close to the ground; Fully Flowing Mode best when shooting while in motion or Locked Mode best when filming in sliding motion.

Buffering System – This device comes with the Buffering Turn Off System which goes down slowly, so your smartphone will never hit the scene while panning or tilting.

Three Axes – Brushless motor with three axes packed with the gyroscope technology to allow you to shoot steady, smooth and professional looking footages. The joystick with the right, left, up and down directions are manually controlled.

Design – This device is made of aluminum alloy to the same standard and quality as that used in aircraft making sure this is a durable product.

Battery Life –  Two batteries power the stabilizer which can continues supply power to the gimbal for up to 5 continuous hours.


It functions just as described
The gimbal offers quality, and it is easy to use


It doesn’t work well with larger, heavier phones
It might have pairing issues with some phones


11. DJI OSMO M Mobile Handheld Stabilized Gimbal

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This handheld gimbal is as easy to set up as it is to use. Its operation is dependent on the DJI Go App to manipulate all of the settings, so it is best option to download the app before getting started. This device features three operational modes: panorama, time-lapse and long exposure.

Features and Specifications:

Photography – In scene mode, you can shoot photos of a large landscape in portions (up to 9 individual pictures), and the gimbal will put the photos together to produce a single complete picture.

Active Track System – This device comes with the ActiveTrack system where you can set your smartphone to follow a particular subject as he is in motion and the gimbal will keep him right within the frame. Every video you create with this gimbal is of professional quality – stable and without any trace of shakes and jerks.

DJI Go App – You can also upload every video as you shoot them as the DJI GO app is capable of YouTube Live streaming. This gimbal will allow you to have full control of your phone camera as though it is a professional camera.

Joystick – The trigger on the stick is where you will activate all the features of this device. It also comes with a joystick which does what you exactly want it to do.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Bluetooth connectivity has been included so the gimbal can in an instant communicate with your smartphone for fast filming.

Packaging  – This gimbal set includes the gimbal itself, a wrist strap, 2 DJI Osmo batteries battery charger, power cable, a carry-on pouch and a cleaning cloth (microfiber).

Battery Life – Charging time is 3 hours for up to 4.5 hours of use for every full charge.


Works well for taking stable photos and videos


It may not work with some phones


12. MATOP® Handheld Smart Phone 2 Axis Stabilizer

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This gimbal has a brushless motor. It connects to almost (96%) all Smartphones both Apple and Android. It comes with an amazing coverage of up to 3300 angles. This 1.69 pounder comes with a two axis of stabilization.

Features and Specifications:

Three Modes – There are three various modes including the auto mode, locking mode and follow me mode to create your professional looking videos. It comes with its unique technologies allowing the axis and motor to have full control and balance, so video comes out smooth, steady and stable despite large movements of both subject and gimbal user.

Stability – The clamp holds the smartphone tightly and keeps it steady. It features one push button controls for Pitch Adjustments (up and down), Follow Mode and Locking Mode. Status indicator light tells which setting used.

Mounting – The range of roll angle is up to 3000 and range of pitch angle is up to 330 0. At the tip of the stick is a port for a 14-inch screw so tripods, extension poles, and other photography paraphernalia can be attached to the gimbal.

With this stabilizer, you will be shooting like a pro- high quality, clear, steady and stable video footages.

Design – This product is quite compact and easy bring around at 6.30 inches height x 2.76 inches width by 10.63 inches length.

Three Rechargeable Batteries – The set comes with the gimbal, three rechargeable batteries, charger, micro USB cable, owner’s manual and the 1-year limited warranty guard.


Great gimbal works perfectly for beginners


The footage might still be a bit shaky


What is a Smartphone Gimbal?

Smove Stabilizer, Smartphone Gimbal, Phone Gimbal

Put simply; a gimbal is that device that will keep your camera or recording device steady to take those cinematic shots. Now cell phones have been transformed into world class recording devices by almost everyone. However, the one thing that separates the best from the rest when it comes to phone videography is steadiness.

Every cell phone user doesn’t like the shakiness and those unwanted vibrations that accompany the videos. These issues can be sorted out with a simple device, which is the gimbal smartphone stabilizer.

Cell phone photography and videography has become more important these days because most people now have YouTube channels. Also, who wouldn’t want to impress their social media friends and followers with professional-class photos and videos taken using a cell phone?

Regardless of the reason, the best investment you will ever make to enhance the quality of your smartphone videos and photos is a smartphone Smoove stabilizer.

How to Shop for the Best Smartphone Gimbal

The first step towards taking amazing videos with your phone is simple – get a cell phone gimbal. The main aspect to look out for when shopping for one of these smartphone stabilizers would be to make a note of its working mechanism. The mechanism we are referring to means that you should check on whether it is motorized or non-motorized.

Like with all other tech devices, each of the options come with their set of merits and demerits.

Motorized Smartphone Stabilizers

The motorized stabilizers make it easier by literally doing everything for you. They can be used, more or less, right from the box and all you need to know is how to balance them. Balancing falls to your camera’s weight, and it makes sense to research more about this before opting for one.

If you do decide to choose a motorized smartphone stabilizer, select one that allows you to set the camera tilt. The ability to adjust the tilt enables you to film at either high or low angle. Motorized stabilizers also come with auto-correcting capabilities, which in turn limit the amount of hand-holding that is often needed when shooting.

Lastly, go for a motorized stabilizer that is light in weight. Lightweight stabilizers come in handy if you will be filming for long hours because it can get tiring using a heavy stabilizer.

Non-Motorized Smartphone Stabilizers

Now, non-motorized stabilizers give you more control over your shots. The main aim of non-motorized gimbals, just like all gimbals in general, is to give you more stabilized shots. However, with a non-motorized option, you can control your camera’s input more dynamically.

Non-motorized stabilizers require you to learn how to handle them properly. However, once you can find out how to use it to its fullest capabilities, you will achieve cinematic shots using your cell phone.

The other helpful aspect about non-motorized stabilizers is that they weigh less compared to their motorized counterparts. Non-motorized models also cost markedly less compared to the motorized models.

Motorized stabilizers can be used on carts for those shots that typically need rails. Using carts when filming enables you to get those engaging cinematic quality moving shots.

Smoove Stabilizer Features and Benefits

Choose the best smoove stabilizer for your smartphone and shoot the amazin pictures wherever you are.

The other important aspect that should determine the choice of smartphone gimbal you choose should be its features and benefits.

In summary, some of the important features to look out for include:

Compatibility – Make sure that the smartphone gimbal can work with the type of phone or camera you have.

Shooting Modes – Go for a mobile stabilizer that will allow you to film in different to film in various angles. The ability to use diverse types of shots and angles in your videos enhances their overall intrigue.

Design – Go for a durable gimbal that is also light in weight.

Mount Support – You want a gimbal that allows you to mount your camera or smartphone on and off with ease. You also want one that potentially allows you to use it with tripods for  versatility when shooting.

Batttery Life – You want a cell phone stabilizer with a higher than average battery life. Also, make a note of battery charging time to make sure that there are few down times in between charging and use.

Extras – Thought not very important, some of the other useful feature to have ould be gesture control. Gesture control enables the gimbal to more or less mimic your wrist movements for better quality shots. Remote control is yet another helpful feature that you would want from a smartphone stabilizer.


Now you have the list of the best gimbal stabilizers for the smartphones. Pick yourself one and improve the image and video quality drastically.

The bottomline is that everyone could use good smartphones Smoove stabilizer in their life. It shouldn’t be difficult to get your hands on the best because our list has done the work for you.

Thanks to gimbals and stabilizers your videos will be worth watching. No more shaking of the hands and smartphone when taking videos. No more dizziness when watching unstable and shaky videos. It is now incredibly easy for you to shoot cinematic videos for keepsakes and for your family and friends to enjoy watching.


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