6 Best G9 LED Bulb Reviews 2017

G9 LED Bulb has added a new dimension to the field of lighting and home decoration.

These days, the G9 LED Bulb has become an energy efficient alternative to G9 halogen bulbs. Compared to a traditional light bulb, a G9 Led Bulb is 80 to 90 percent more energy efficient.

Moreover, G9 LED Bulbs are not only energy efficient but also cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination.

Made of 100 percent recyclable, non-toxic materials, G9 LED Bulbs are regarded considerably more eco-friendlier than conventional light bulbs.

They produce almost no UV rays to disturb the environment. There are some other benefits that you can have by replacing the current lights in our home and office with G9 Light Bulbs.

Generally, they can provide 22 years of 50% operation or 11 years of continuous operation. Next, they are perfectly operational in extremely hot or cold temperature.

Frequent switching off or on does not affect the performance or lifetime of G9 LED Bulbs. And the last but not the least is G9 LED bulb can run on very low voltage power supply.

If you are ready to take advantages of benefits mentioned above, consider buying and to install one or more of the following list of best G9 led bulbs.

Kakanuo G9 LED Bulb Reviews 2017

Kakanuo G9 LED Dimmable Warm White 3000K, 4 Watt Bulb

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When it comes to G9 Led Bulbs, Kakanuo is the most popular brand in the market with a great selection to choose for the customers.

And this 4 Watt Kakanuo G9 Led Dimmable Warm White 3000k bulb is by far the most attractive option.

Use of this Led bulb can save you up to 90 percent electricity. Next, its higher brightness and lower power consumption serve your lighting and decoration purpose so very well. It has a typical service life of over 30,000 hours.

Again, this Kakanuo G9 LED Bulb comes with AC 110V, stable dimming performance, and 3000K color temperature. You can expect to use this bulb in so many different applications including, in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Generally, you can use this for interior lighting, signal lights, and lamps.

Kakanuo G9 LED Dimmable Cool White 6000K, 5 Watt Bulb

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Available in three different color temperatures, this Kakanuo cool white linear dimmable light can be used within AC range of 110-130V.

Just like the previous one, you can save 90 percent energy using this 5 watts bulb. Its brightness is equivalent to a 45W halogen bulb.

Listed with CE and RoHS, it has over 30,000 hours of service life.

85 percent live five-star reviews on Amazon tell a lot about the quality of this G9 LED Bulb. So, you can be completely confident of great lighting and perfect of this Kakanuo bulb.

Kakanuo G9 LED Non-Dimmable, Bulb 4Watt Warm White 3000K

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This one too is a good option as the previous two with the only main difference being non-dimmable. One distinct advantage you can have with this Kakanuo bulb is you can buy the two pieces pack if you need.

And choosing to buy larger packs, you can cut per bulb cost by $2. If you pick the six pieces set, you get up to 360 lumens of brightness with is equivalent to a 40w halogen bulb.

Thus, this is a durable and robust bulb that comes with ceramic heat dissipation structure, high color rendering index (>80), and 90 percent energy saving capacity. But this Kakaanuo bulb is slightly larger than old halogen G9 light. So, you need to ensure the size is appropriate to your requirements.

Other Popular G9 LED Bulb Reviews 2017

J&C G9 LED Light 5W Bulb

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If you are looking for non-dimmable G9 Led Bulbs, this is one of the best and affordable options in the market. This J&C G9 Bulb produces 400 lumens of brightness which is equivalent to a 40W Incandescent bulb.

This easy to install bulb comes with Instant-on feature, 360 Degree Beam Angle, and Standard G9 base.

Just like most other bulbs in this list, this J&C G9 LED Bulb lasts 30000 hours. Overall, it provides refreshing light and saves you energy cost.

Bonlux 2-packs 5 Watts Silicone Coated G9 LED Light Bulb
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With the length of 63mm/ 2.48 inches, this Bonlux 5W silicon coated bulb is a newly-designed alternative to ordinary halogen bulbs. Its silicon coating protects it from breakage.

One advantage you can get with this one is perfect fitting even into the more tricky light fittings where there is not much space.

Thus, its up to 30000 hours of service life and 360-degree lighting angles make it an ideal bulb to be used in all and every lighting purposes.

Bulbeats 2pcs G9 E14 4W LED Bulb

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If you are searching for highly durable G9 LED Bulb, you can check out this Bulbeats bulb. It has a life span of 50000 which is the most among all the quality G9 Led Bulbs in the market right now.

You can easily replace any 20-40w halogen bulb by this G9 4W. Its working voltage is 100-120V. This 85 percent more energy efficient RoHS compliant bulb has 6000~6500K color temperature and 360-degree angle lighting features.

Above all, its one year warranty makes it a little better than other options mentioned in this list so far.

It is quite difficult to decide which one among these six options is the best as the features as more or less the same. So, choose the features you require before making a final decision.

In conclusion, I must say, you can be confident of performance as long as you pick one of the above-mentioned G9 LED bulbs in this list.