10 Best Flannel Sheets Reviews in 2017

Other than heating up your bedroom, what else can be done to enjoy warmer nights when it is cold? Replacing your current sheets with flannel sheets is the ideal solution for anyone who does not want to freeze to death during winter or fall. These are incredibly soft sheets that suit different bed sizes ranging from cribs to king size beds.

The options are almost endless for a person looking for the ideal flannel sheets. They are available in various weights, colors, patterns and price ranges. The sheets are primarily made of cotton material, making them the best option for protection against the cold weather. The flannel bedding utilizes a design that prevents cold from sneaking into your bed while trapping body heat between the sheets.

Most of the sheets are also manufactured to last for years in great looking condition. The durability sees to it that they do not fade out, suffer from peeling or becomes coarse with a few washes. They are also known to provide a high degree of comfort as they know how to maintain the ideal balance between hot and cold temperatures

To get in-depth knowledge of the flannel sheets, we present to you a list of the top ten flannel sheets on the market today.

10 Best Flannel Sheets Reviews

1. Pinzon 190 Gram Heavy Weight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set- Queen

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Noticeably soft to touch, the Pinzon 190 gram flannel sheets offer supple softness and durability. They are the perfect product for colder months. Their suitability for cold weather lies in their napped on both sides design, which also enhances their velvety softness.

Features and Specifications:

Tailoring – The time-consuming combing process gets rid of uneven short fibers as well as debris which can make the yarn weak. The product gets its optimal strength from the fact that is it only made of 100% combed cotton. The combed yarn goes through a vigorous combing process to line the fibers to run parallel producing a more compact and stronger yarn.

100% Cotton Velvet– This ensures that the flannel sheets are super soft and last long. They come with a double- napped finish for enhanced softness.

Full Set – the queen set includes 60 by 80 inches fitted sheet, 90 by 102″ flat sheet and two standard pillowcases measuring 20 by 30 inches. The imported sheets come from Portugal.

4-inch Hem – this applies to the flat sheets and the pillow cases. Fitted sheet comes with elastic that can fit an 18-inch mattress.


They are machine washable and dryable
They do not pill or wrinkle even after numerous washes
They are soft, thick and incredibly comfortable without any electrostatic charge


The Queen sheets come with standard pillowcases that some may consider tiny
They can be too warm for summer


2. Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Queen Sheet

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The heavyweight sheet set made of a single ply construction and 100% cotton enhances its durability. It weighs 170 grams and is available in different size and color options that can match your beddings. It can conveniently be machine washed making it ideal for everyday use.

Features and Specifications:

Three-in-one Set – Buying the set gets you an oversized and elasticized flat sheet, pillowcase and fitted sheet.

Classic Plaid Pattern– this blend in well with multiple color schemes. Reversing the sheets to a side without the pattern can give you a different look without having to change or replace them.

Heavy Weight Flannel– note that it is designed to fit mattresses that are 16 inches thick.

Brushed On All Sides– this is done to deliver smoothness and comfort to the user.


They are thick sheets perfect for cold weather
The sheets fit the mattress perfectly and are incredibly soft
Wash and dry well


Some shoppers complain that the sheets are not heavy weight as advertised, but they are thick and warm enough


3. Thermee Micro Flannel Shavel Home Products King Sheet Set

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Be a heavy sleeper with this flannel sheet set. This bedding provides an amazingly luxurious and soft feel. The sheets provide the much- need heat without the weight of the heavy flannel sheet set.

Features and Specifications:

Incredibly Luxurious and Soft- They are made to feel great against the skin.

Thermal design– The bedding comes with a thermal design. The thermal nature will keep you cozy and warm.

Fast Drying Design– it ensures easy care and saves energy.

Material–  The bedding features a 100% polyester construction. Micro flannel sheets combine energy saving qualities of cloth with the comfort conditions of the cotton flannel material.


The Thermee sheet fits the bed like a glove
Wrinkle resistant and does not shrink nor peel
Keeps the body at a consistent temperature by enveloping you in a cozy and soft comfort
Easy care with a quick wash and dry, which can save you energy bills


Given that they feature 100% polyester construction the sheets may not offer the right level of warmth compared to the ones made from 100% cotton flannel
They are not heavy weight


4. Mellani 100% Cotton 4 Piece Printed Flannel Sheet Set

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No one will want to get out of bed once you have the Mellanni printed flannel sheets. They are designed to be snuggly warm and super soft. These sheets can be used in any room regardless of whether it is for kids or adults. You can also take them along when camping to enjoy that home away from home feeling.

Features and Specifications:

Made of Top Notch Fabric– material used to make the sheets is not blended in any way as it is only made using 100% cotton flannel. The sheets feature a 100% cotton flannel construction and boast of superior quality. Their durability is unquestionable. The 170-gram flannel sheets also provide an extra velvety feel thanks to its double napped design on all sides.

Luxurious, Soft and Comfortable– the sheets get softer after every wash and always offer a comfortable, gentle and warm feeling.

Deep Pockets- you will enjoy an excellent fit thanks to the deep pockets the product features. These pockets have elastic all around, and they can fit a 16-inch mattress perfectly.

Lifetime Guarantee– Mellanni sets itself apart from other manufacturers by offering a lifetime guarantee. It implies that you can return the sheets and get your money back no questions asked.


Easy care- stain, fade, wrinkle and shed resistant
Offer enough warmth without overheating
Are super comfortable and soft


Some customers have experienced lint and pilling after a couple of washes something that can be disappointing


5. Laura Ashley Flannel Twin Sheet Set

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Weighing 160 gsm, cuddle up with the comfy Laura Ashley Flannel Twin Sheet set to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The sheets come in pure cotton and come already preshrunk. They can fit a 15-inch mattress without any complications.

Features and Specifications:

Soft prints and florals for your Bedroom– these make the sheets look attractive, and they can also fit into various types of interior décor.

Flannel is preshrunk and brushed– this implies that the sheets do not shrink and they are also crazy soft.

Composition– The set is made from 100% cotton and come in a paisley pattern. The set features two pillowcases, one with a fitted sheet and flat sheet.


Wash beautifully without losing their original shape or softness
Sturdy stitch that will not unravel after a few days
They do not pill or shrink because of they of the top- notch quality material
Can be used all year long


Some clients complain that the manufacturers should offer a better selection of the hues and not the neutral colors currently available


6. Clara Clark 100% Egyptian Cotton Flannel 4- Piece Bed Sheet

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Sleep like royalty with Clara Clark’s cotton Flannel bed sheets. The brand is known all over the world for offering high-quality products for people with exceptional taste. The sheets’ construction places the user’s comfort in mind. Beauty comes across with these sheets with their intricate tailoring designed to deliver a classic finish that pops out style. 

Features and Specifications:

Deep Pockets– these ensure that the sheets fit perfectly on your mattress.

Multiple High Fashion Colors– it allows you to pick the ones you feel work out well for the décor in your bedroom.

Fade Resistant And Wrinkle Free– the products remain in the original excellent looking condition even after washing numerous times.

Material– the set is made from microfiber with a solid color pattern. A set has fitted sheets, flat sheets, and two pillowcases.


No need to iron
They are appropriately warm, soft, and have strong fabric
Snug fit on queen size beds
Beautiful design


If you do not follow the cleaning/care instructions to the latter, you may have to deal with a little shrinkage and discoloration


7. Brielle Cotton Twin Flannel Sheet Set

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The sheets feature top-notch cotton material tailoring, and the are brushed sheets feature a raised design to mimic the breathable and insulating capabilities of wool. It offers a warm, soft, and cozy sleeping environment.

Features and Specifications:

A Packed Set– the twin set comes with a pillowcase, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. The set is crafted with pure cotton flannel to enhance comfort.

Weight- the products are not very thick, weighing 4.5 Oz.

Fully Elasticized– this makes sure that it fits your mattress flawlessly. The construction of the bedding takes on a classic woven style.

4-inch hem– this is on the pillowcases and flat sheet.

Winter Sheets – Although you can enjoy their benefits anytime, most people prefer to use the sheets on the bed during the winter season as they symbolize a feeling of safety and snugness.


Thick well made sheet set that is soft and homely
The sheets do not wrinkle
No stretching out
Vibrant color and amazing quality


You are not supposed to let the sheets dry out completely because it causes them to wrinkle
Some pillowcases come slightly ripped. Although the tears can get quickly fixed, consumers should not have to deal with such issues


8. Stratton Collection Extra Soft Printed Cotton Flannel Sheet Set 

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Home Fashion Designs have gone out of their way to introduce a comfortable and warm sheet set crafted with a flannel cotton material.  Available in multiple whimsical printed designs from polar bears to snowflakes that will light your room even on the coldest night.

Features and Specifications:

Contemporary style– the set made of cotton flannel material boasts of a modern style that is admired by many.

ECO-friendly and hypoallergenic– ideal for people who have nasal issues.

The full Set- buying the package gives you two pillowcases a flat sheet and fitted sheet.

Multicolored and machine washable– with patterned, modern and contemporary styles, you can choose from multiple colors to get the color set that pleases you the most. It can easily be machine washed.


Premium quality sheets at an affordable cost
Versatile, gentle, warm, breathable, and lightweight
Printed patterns, and perfect fit at all times


A few users complained of the set producing lint in their dryers
Easy to rip if it doesn’t get proper maintenance

9. Fitted Queen Flannel Sheet

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Weighing 160 grams, this is an excellent fitted sheet that is ideal for winter and fall but can also help out during the other weather seasons.

Features and Specifications:

Fitted Sheet– The bedding does not come as a set, and you only get the fitted sheet.

Deep Pockets– it is made in such a way that it can fit a 15-inch mattress without any problem. No alterations required to fit it to your bed.

Material– the set boasts of pure cotton material.

Brushed Thrice– this is one of the features that make it so comfortable to use. The specially dyed flannel fabrication helps the colors to remain brighter for longer periods.


Velvety soft and delicate material
The stitching at the ends is impeccable
Good elasticity
Do not bleed when washed


You cannot purchase the sheets and use them straight from the box as you are supposed to clean them first. Do not bleach the sheets and remember to remove them from the dryer immediately
They do not come with a flat sheet nor pillow cases, creating an additional cost of buying them on the side


10. Delanna Queen 100% Brushed Cotton Flannel Fitted Sheet

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Your search for the ideal flannel fitted sheets stops at the sheet by Delanna. It is a queen sized sheet that is available in navy blue color.

For enhanced softness, the sheet comes brushed on all sides. It can make you not want to get out of bed in the morning because of the snuggly feel.

Features and Specifications:

All Round Elastic– the primary characteristics of the sheets that make certain you enjoy a snug fit to your mattress. It does come in a full set, and you will only get a fitted sheet that measures 60×80 inches.

Generous Corner Pockets– these ensure the bedding does not get loose as they provide a tight fit on mattresses that measure up to 15inches. The bedding comes specially dyed helping the sheet to retain its original color even after numerous washes.


Cleaning the sheet with a machine makes it softer
It is highly durable with proper maintenance
It does not shrink
Simple care for years of great relaxation and sleep


It comes highly recommended to line dry the sheet something that may not amuse many users


What is the Flannel Fabric

What is a flannel fabric you may ask? Here's the answer.

Flannel is a piece of fabric that is woven softly with a high level of fineness. Originally, it was made from worsted yarn and carded wool. Today, the fabric is a blend of cotton and wool or a synthetic fiber and wool. Take note that the fabric is typically napped or fluffy.

Vegetable flannel is also available and comes constructed from Scots pine fiber. The best quality flannel sheets feature tightly woven 100% cotton fibers. When held to the light, it is not possible to see through them.

The flannel can either be brushed so that it remains extra soft or it may not be brushed. Because of its warmth and texture, this fabric is mainly used to make bed sheets, blankets, and baby clothing.

Why Purchase Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are the best option for cold seasons because they provide the ultimate warmth needed during the coldest of days. There are numerous perks you get from these sheets such including:

Flannel Sheets are Soft, Cozy, Breathable and Warm

Flannel sheets feature a brushed nap on all sides that gives the fabric a comfortable and soft feel against the skin. The brushed surface of the bedding helps them to trap body heat and air. It goes on while still permitting the user’s skin to breathe.

When compared to flannel and other artificial fibers, the flannel sheets will help keep you warm, but you will not wake up in a pool of sweat or feeling overly hot. Bear in mind that flannel is an absorbent material; thus, can wick moisture away from your body

Flannel has a Significant History

The flannel cloth has been used for years on end since the 1600s to protect farmers from various harsh elements. As the years went by, they became quite popular and adapted for multiple functions.

Thick wool was originally used to make the fabric, but in the 20th century, they went through some redesigns and reinventions. At the time, bedding manufacturers began producing lightweight sheets by combining cotton with flannel.

Today, the flannel sheets offer more warmth than the cotton option. They are also thin enough to provide comfort as you sleep.

Available in Different Colors and Prints

When people hear the word flannel, images of dull colors and prints come to mind. That is far from the case because flannel sheets are available in an extensive range of designs and hues.

You can opt for solid-colored flannel sheets if you are looking for something that will blend in well with your interior décor. Plaid flannel sheets are ideal if you are more interested in a traditional look.

Flannel Sheets are Cost Effective

You will not spend a fortune replacing your cotton sheets with the flannel ones. Getting these sheets can also help to reduce heating bills.

A flannel duvet cover can be used to cover the down duvet. Pair this with a couple of flannel sheets to enjoy the ultimate warmth. You can cool it down in your bedroom when using these sheets.

You will notice that you will start paying less in regards to your electricity bill.

Flannel Sheets Offer More Warmth Than a Comforter – You may not be getting the protection needed from the elements by using a down comforter alone. Adding flannel sheets help to include an insulation layer between the duvet and yourself. They are an ideal option in the winter if you live in warmer climates.

Flannel sheets are an excellent substitute for lightweight blankets as they offer the much-needed warmth without additional bulk.

How to Care for Flannel Sheets

Use a mild detergent and lukewarm or cold water to clean your flannel sheets. It helps to prevent colors from fading, and it also keeps the fibers soft. You should not use hot water when washing this type of sheets.Additionally, you should also avoid the use of fabric softener with the sheets because it can stiffen the bed sheets making them pile more.

Most people agree to the fact that vinegar can be used to wash the sheets after you have bought them. Vinegar is considered a natural fabric softener that does not have harsh chemicals.

Remember to wash the flannel sheets separately and do not mix them with other types of laundry, especially towels as it can cause pilling.  Use low heat to dry the bedding thoroughly to lessen piling. Unfold and shake out the sheets when they are in storage for extended periods. It helps to ensure that the fuzzy fibers of the bedding are not flattened.

To reduce wear on the sheets, have at least 2-3 pairs that you can interchange so that they remain in good looking condition for a long time.

What to Look Out for When Purchasing Flannel Sheets

Shopping for the ideal flannel sheets is not a complicated process. Here are a few pointers that can help you get the best sheets on the market:

Consider Weight Instead Of Thread Count- in contrast to cotton sheets, thread count is usually not an indicator of top- notch flannel sheets. For the flannel sheets, the weight determines the quality and softness of the sheets. Weight either gets indicated in grams or ounces.

Go for flannel sheets with a rating of 170 GSM or more or 5 ounces as they are warm and durable. Avoid flannel sheets that do not mention weight as it is usually an indication that they are of poor quality.

Do Not Buy Flame Retardants –  only purchase flannel sheets that do not use any chemicals, specifically flame retardants. You do not want to be in close contacts with bedding that are chemically laden all night.

Take Note Of Cotton/ Polyester Blends– although they promise durability and warmth, the polyester makes the fibers very hard. It implies that the sheets will last for a long time, but they will also have numerous pills that will remain stuck to the flannel sheets.

In the past, the plaid sheets were the most popular type. Currently, printed or solid colored sheets are the best sellers.

Everyone can integrate them into different bedroom designs.


Now you know how to choose the best flannel sheets for you home.

Nobody wants to sleep on icy cold sheets when it is cold outside. One of the ways to make certain you are warm and snuggled up during the cold nights is to get high-quality flannel sheets. These sheets are heaven sent making you feel as though they are sleeping on the white and soft clouds. You will get spared from tossing and turning all night because you are feeling cold since they provide the necessary warmth.

The review above will set you on the right path to pick the best flannel sheets to make your cold nights warmer and more comfortable.