10 Best Drones For Kids Reviews In 2017

Parents, who really care about their children, want to choose the most suitable toys for their kids. When your kid grows up, the toys become more complex and more interesting. If you don’t know what to choose for your beloved child, this article is exactly for you. There are amazing drones for kids that can be great as gifts for your young kids. Believe you or not, but this intricate toy came to our toys’ stores from reconnaissance for the military purpose.

There are various types of drones – flying, crawling, floating, etc. They could record and transport data the most efficient way. No wonder, this gift could be a real gem for adventurous kids.

If you think now it is the high time for your child to be familiar with the technology world, think about getting a flying drone for him or her. We have done the research to find some of the best options around.

10 Best Drones For Kids For Sale In 2017

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1. Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

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If your kid has grown up to his teenage, who is a big fan of helicopters, you should pay attention to Holy Stone F180C mini quadcopter drone.

Parents recognized this drone to be one of the best choices for boys-teenagers, who are 14 years old or more.

Don’t be confused – even though it is a drone for kids, it is not a toy anymore. On the contrary, it is a smart device, which can play a major role in developing the mind of your teenager.

Are you ready to know more about it?

This drone comes with the camera, so your teenager will definitely improve his or her skills in photography if you give it as a gift. Getting such flying drone for kids like this is considered to be a productive investment to the future of your child.

Everything is so easy – just charge your device for 30-50 minutes, and enjoy its flying performance for 6-8 minutes.

However, it has an additional battery, which you can use to prolong the time of usage up to 15 minutes. It is especially for those, who forgot to take the final picture at the end of the event. You can control the drone from the distance of 30-50 meters. Believe me; it is more than enough for taking amazing photos with an aerial view.

When it comes to the look, the drone decorated with four screws looks truly magnificent and professional.  

2. AKASO X5C Quadcopter 2.4GHz Gyro RC Drone

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Are you planning to buy a gift for the whole family?

The AKASO X5C Quadcopter is a perfect toy for children, but it is also in use by professional photographers.

This drone for kids and adults comes with a high-quality action camera. It can take shots of high resolution from a good height. When it comes to videography or photography, this drone can become the best choice for you and your family.

Consider this flying drone as a gift for your children, if they are at least three years old and have a dream to become a professional photographer or a filmmaker when they grow up.

How does this drone stand out from the other choices?

It can show you its beautiful performance in the sky. Using the buttons of the panel, you can make it rotate to 360-degrees and make even more complicated movements, such as a barrel roll.

This flying drone comes in a simple white color with red additions, and it is easy to use. Charge it for an hour, and enjoy its flying from a distance of 50-100 meters. You will have an excellent aerial overview from such a distance.

It will be an exciting activity for the whole family when you are watching photos and videos of yourselves from above. It is so cool, isn’t it?

3. UDI U818A WiFi FPV Drone

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Think about getting this flying drone for your future photographer or a video-maker. Getting this device, you will get not only a toy but also a two-megapixels HD camera and power bank also. You will be able to have images with a resolution of 1280 x 720 p.

You can take this drone with you anywhere you go to have unbelievable memories of any event from the sky. It does not matter, where you go – to a picnic or a competition; the implemented camera can take the best quality of your memories.

This drone is perfect for teenagers of 14 years and more. Your child must be inspired to have a stunning video observation of the surroundings. The drone can go to the distance of 20-40 meters during 7-9 minutes of flying depending on your usage. Charge the battery by power bank in two hours, and enjoy the fantastic scenery from the colorful screen of your drone again.

Use radio control of the drone for kids to see incredible performances, such as rolling, trimming and rotating for 360-degreesMost of the boys like the blue color of the drone, and it is unusual design, created in four wheels, connected to one another.

In short, getting this aerial drone for kids, you will get 818A HD camera and a power bank with additional energy as a bonus.

4. TEC.BEAN X902 Black Spider Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

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If your kid likes to play with spiders or even want to be similar to Spider-man, you should think about this drone. This drone looks so great, it has features of a Black Widow, and most of the kids like it. This drone is completed in professional design. Black color with red attributes emphasizes professionalism of its creators. No wonder, it is one the most nice-looking drones according to kids’ opinion.

Keep in mind, this drone for kids is quite complicated for small kids. However, it would be one of the best choices for teenagers. If your child is 14 or more years of old, he must be happy to have such unordinary gift.

In case, if you choose this flying drone, your teenager will be able to play with it for 5-7 minutes until the battery is outHe can control its flight for the distance of 30 meters. Moreover, it is easy to change the speed depending on the skills of your child. It has 2-speed mechanism, which would be perfect for newbies.

The drone is equipped with red lights, so it is, even more, fun to play with this drone at nighttime.  

Overall, it has to be one of the coolest drones for kids available online.

5. RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter w/ 360 Flip: Crash Proof, 2.4GHz

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Looking for a drone for kids of the age of 10 years and more? Pay attention to this remote controlled Stunt Drone Quadcopter.

Admit it, this drone looks amazing, created in black color with orange additions. Its design is performed in four discs, connected to one another in the middle. Each wheel has orange and white propellers inside for high-quality aerial performances and reliable flying.

If you decide to use your drone at a dark time, you still can see it thanks to illumination; the drone is equipped with.

The only drawback of the flying drone is that you will be able to control it from the distance of 12-15 meters. However, it must be enough for your teenager.

Nevertheless, you will have an extra bonus, such as a battery for extended flight. After charging the drone for one hour only, you will be able to use it for 10-12 minutes. This feature makes this drone be one of the top drones for kids in the market today.

Last 5 Drones For Kids In 2017

6. Quadpro Nc5 Nano Quadcopter 360 Degree Flip Mini Drone

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If you are looking for a simple flying drone for kids, consider Quadpro Nc5 Nano Quadcopter as a good choice for you. This drone is suitable for kids since the age of 8 years or older, who are just beginners in this topic.

After 45-minute charging, you can use the drone for 5-7 minutes.

It is amazing to watch the drone when it can rotate in four different ways for 360 degrees.

We are sure that you kid will be amazed by the performance of the drone.

7. Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quadcopter – UFO

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Syma X1 Channel Quadcopter looks similar to a UFO object. It is decorated with two white and two black propellers, connected at one spot with the red button.

All four rotors are made of durable materials, so it is more reliable than you could imagine.

This drone for kids is more suitable for teenagers because it is dedicated to photography and videography. Like the other flying drones of this kind, it is best for children of 14 years old and more.

It takes only 40 minutes to charge the drone, but it can not fly for a long time. Enjoy the flight in 5 or 6 minutes and charge the drone again. It is good for short walks or usage in your garden when electricity is nearby.

Anyway, it can make unbelievable maneuvers in the air, such as rolls and flips. It is as amazing as watching dancing in the sky.

8. Epoch Air Kids Toy RC Flying Ball, Infrared Induction Drone Helicopter Ball

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It might make you sad if you see that most of the drones are suitable for teenagers, not small kids. However, we found the right solution of a drone of kids.
Did you want to have a magic ball in your childhood? I guess, yes. Now, imagine, how your child will be happy to have a “magic ball,” which can make flying performances. Consider Epoch Air Toy as a great gift for kids, who are at least eight years old.

Show a piece of magic to your child. Charge it in 15-20 minutes and enjoy the amazing performance. Small tip: if you want to see wonders and game of color, show this drone to your child at a dark period.
Are you wondering, how to play with the ball? Hide fragile things from your room and try the best of your family to catch the flying ball. It is almost impossible, but it doesn’t really matter – it is such a fun activity for the whole family!

This happens, because of the smart sensors, which make the drone fly away from any solid object, such as your body or a wall or a cupboard. It is a smart solution, which prevents the drone from its destroying.

This flying ball is considered to be the best gift for 8-10 years old boys for Christmas or New Year holidays.

9. BH Tech X-DRONE NANO 2.0 Nano Mini Drone

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If you are sick and tired of looking for a high-quality drone for small children, look at BH Tech X-DRONE NANO 2.0 Nano Mini Drone. You can easily buy it for your kid if he is four years old only.

This is the easiest drone you can find in the market today, no wonder it is counted for preschoolers.

Despite the fact, it was made for children, this drone for kids can fly for 50 or even 80 meters. And your child will be able to control it from that far distance.

It takes half an hour to charge the drone, and you can watch it in the sky for 5-6 minutes.

Get this drone for your small kid!

10. Helizone Sparrow Mini Drone for Beginners

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Answer two questions, please.
Do you want to choose a drone for beginners?

Do you want to reach the farthest distance with a drone for kids?

If you answered “yes” for both of them, consider Helizone Sparrow Mini Drone as a good choice for your or your teenager.

This model of a flying drone is suitable for teenagers of 14 years old and more.

The case of the drone is durable because the creators did not compromise with its quality.

It is very easy to use, and you can reach far distances with it. Your drone can go up to 100 meters, and you can reach it by remote control of your panel.


You have seen so many models of the flying drones for kids. Are you ready to make a choice?
All these top drones are so beautiful, but different at the same time. Think carefully. Remember, it is up to you to make a decision depending on the needs of your child.
Enjoy the flight with your new drone!

amazing drones for kids in 2017

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