10 Best Diaper Pail Reviews in 2017

Becoming a parent is a fantastic experience and it changes a person from the inside. Every little thing that the child does looks adorable and cute. But while becoming a mother or father changes a person’s emotional chemistry, their noses don’t get the same memo. Their noses still think that their child’s poop stinks.

Let’s face it: the worst part of taking care of a kid is changing diapers round the clock. And since you’ll be changing a lot of diapers everyday (there is also diarrhea to deal with at one point or another), the least you could do is make the process easier on yourself. You really don’t need to keep smelling the stinky diapers all day and you can’t take out the diaper every time the baby poops.

This is where diaper pails come into the mix. Whether you are an expecting mom who’s looking to add necessary items to the baby’s nursery or you are a parent who is tired of smelling nasty smelling diapers all day, diaper pails are definitely something you should invest in.

Diaper pails are basically specialized trash cans that deal with the stench of soiled diapers and keep the odor from spreading to the whole room. There are even diaper pails which make the air around them fresher. So, needless to say, some diaper pails are better than the others. To make it easy for you to decide, here is a complete guide on some of the best diaper pails in the market. Everything is in your hands and you can see for yourself which one will suit you better.

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

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You can’t talk about the best diaper pails and not mention Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. It’s the best in the market and has won 6 prestigious awards for its high-quality design and the most desired features that parents look for in a diaper pail. Plus it comes in 17 different colors including 3 limited edition patterns.

Features & Specifications:

Here are the most notable features of Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail that make it the best in the market:

Made of Steel –  It’s made of powder coated steel which helps keep the odor inside. Also, since it’s made of steel instead of plastic, there are no pores that let the odor slip outside the body of the diaper pail. Plus, it looks great and you can use it long after you are done with your kid’s diaper days as it’s not just for diapers.

No Special Pail Liner Needed –  No need to buy expensive diaper pail liners that are sometimes even harder to find. You can use your regular trash bags or cloth linings to line this diaper pail. It’s very easy to use. Just attack the liner and close the lid. You don’t have to open the whole lid again unless you need to change the liner.

Rubber Seals – There are rubber seals around the rim of the diaper pail so that the lid closes firmly and no stink of poopy diapers escape.

Sliding Lid – There is a small sliding lid on top of the actual lid so that you don’t have to open the full lid each time you want to dispose of soiled diapers. The smaller opening minimizes the air disruption.

Child-Safety Lock and Slow-Closing Lid –  Parents can rest easy as the child-safety lock and slow-closing lid prevent the kids from potential injuries.

Size and Capacity –  Its size and oval-shaped design are great for fitting into tight spaces, but it also can hold 50 newborn diapers.


Great odor control
Modern design that comes in various colors
Specialized bags for this diaper pail


Don’t leave bag if it’s almost full because it’s a high possibility of breaking the bag
On a pricey side

2. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

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It’s designed to make the dreaded chore of changing the diapers 6000-9000 times per child easier for you while also keeping it easy on your budget. Imagine all the times bending over to open the lid to dispose of each diaper several times a day. It’s bound to give you a back ache. Not to mention the very likely possibility of having your baby in your arms right after the diaper change. This hands-free diaper pail is good on so many levels.

Features & Specifications:

Hands-Free –  This is the distinguishing feature of this diaper pail. No need for bending over as it’s completely hands-free. You just need to step on the paddle, drop the diaper in the pail and then step off. Say goodbye to a backache because you won’t need to bend over.

Child-Lock Technology –  Its child lock technology will prevent the curious kids to meddle around in dirty diapers and making a mess.

Powder-Scented, Continuous Refill Saves Money –  The powder scented liners keep the room odorless and they are also continuous. That means you only need to cut off the part of the liner that’s used. No need to throw out a half empty pail liner just because it’s a day old. It will be good for your budget.

Triple Odor Control –  It has got triple odor control technology that keeps the odor inside. This also includes rubber seals around the rim that firmly close the lid preventing any odor from escaping.

ABS Closed-Cell Material –  This means that the plastic is of high quality and will not let odor pass through the body of the pail into the room. This can’t be said for cheaper plastic pails.

Lifetime Warranty –  It has a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship. It’s guaranteed to last all through diapering years and beyond.


Completely hands-free
Continuous liners for extra money saving
Can hold up to 60 diapers


Odor control could be better


3. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor-Lock Technology

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Playtex Diaper Genie is probably one of the most talked about diaper pails right now. Its design is now more improved than every with its front tilt for easier diaper bag disposal when changing the pail liner. It comes with strong odor-lock technology plus 7-layer liners that help keep the odor inside the pail while keeping the nursery smelling fresh.

Features & Specifications:

Odor-Lock Technology – It has a built-in odor controlling antimicrobial. It’s also got double air-tight clamps that help keep the odor where it belongs: Inside the pail.

Carbon Filter –  If the odor does try to get away with the lid, there are carbon filters in place which capture that smell and help you avoid a foul-smelling nursery.

It’s Hands-Free –  There is a foot pedal that makes for a hands-free diaper disposing experience, especially when you’ve got a baby in one hand and a stinky diaper in the other one.

Front Tilt and Built-In Cutter –  This new design is better than the previous one because of its front tilt diaper bag disposal technology. There is even a built-in bag cutter which helps you cut the continuous liner and then you can tie the knot to seal the end.

Colors and Capacity – Its great height enables this pail to hold up to 270 diapers. It comes in 5 different colors.


Hands-free so you don’t need to worry about backache
Continuous liners
Great feature list for the price you’re paying


Not the best odor control
Lid isn’t working like it should be working


4. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

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It’s a cheap solution to diaper stench problems. Its size allows for easy carrying if you want to place it in a different room by day or night. Also, you can use your regular variety 13-gallon kitchen bags as refills. It serves its money’s worth of functions and more.

Features & Specifications:

Here are the most notable features of Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail:

One-Step Solution –  It’s a one-step solution to your diaper disposal chore. Just drop the diaper in and you’re good to go.

Functional Design –  It’s a standard functional pail which has a larger lid for changing liners and then a smaller lid on top of the big lid for diaper disposal.

Small Size –  It’s great for people who don’t have much space to fit a diaper pail in the room. Its tiny size allows for placing it even in your bathroom.

Space for Air Freshener –  There is even a space in the lid for an air freshener and you can put whichever scent you want in it. It will save you from having a whiff of stench every time you open the lid.

Large Capacity –  Despite its tiny size, it can hold a lot of diapers. You can even go a full week without changing the liner. It depends on how much diaper your aby uses per day, of course.


Great odor isolation
Superior design and size
Doesn’t need the specialized diaper pail liners


Dimensions are kind of small


5. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer

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Here is your chance to help save the world. For every diaper pail sold, Munchkin promises to plant a tree so that the gassy emissions, both inside and outside the nursery, can be reduced. With its sleek and effective design, it makes diaper disposal look classy.

Features & Specifications:

Great Starter Kit –  This diaper pail comes with a lavender-scented baking soda Puck (to absorb odor), a started refill cartridge and a snap, seal & toss refill bag to get you started.

Dual Refill Compatibility –  It is compatible with both the ring refill and the snap, seal and tosses refill.

Step Pedal –  It has got a step pedal which allows for a backache-free diaper disposal experience. It’s especially convenient if your other hand is busy or you’ve got your baby in your other arm.

Self-Sealing System –  It twists the refill tightly each time you close the lid. This helps keep the odor keep inside the pail where it belongs and doesn’t let it disrupt the air.

Child-Lock System –  It has an out-of-reach child lock button which keeps the curious kids from exploring inside the pail and making a mess.


Great and innovative design
Good dimensions even if you have twins
Internal cutter included


Sometimes the lid doesn’t close


6. Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe, Grey/white

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This is one of the best diaper pails in the market with its simple and effective design. Its colors are neutral so it can fit into any nursery. It will make the unpleasant chore of changing the diapers easier to handle.

Features & Specifications:

These are the most notable features of Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe, Grey/White:

Odorless –  It contains odor fairly well and it will keep the smell from leaking away outside the diaper pail and disrupting the air, keeping the nursery fresh.

No Assembly Required –  You just need to place it where you want it and you are good to go. No need to read boring manuals just to setup a simple diaper pail.

Large Capacity –  It can hold up to 30 diapers. So, you can go a couple of days without changing the pail liner. A great feature to have in a diaper pail.

No Specialized Liners Needed –  No need to buy expensive diaper pail liners because you can use your regular 13 gallon kitchen trash bags for lining this pail.


No need to buy specialized diaper pail bags
You can go days without changing the liner
Internal cutter included


Not very sleek design
Not child proof


7. Whisper® Diaper Pail

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Whisper® Diaper Pail is a revolutionary patented diaper pail which is known for its odor eliminating spray. It’s designed to keep the nastiest smell inside the pail. Plus, it looks great which is always a good thing.

Features & Specifications:

The most notable features of Whisper® Diaper Pail are:

Three Levels of Odor Protection –  There is a top lid and then an inside lid with a trap door. Plus, there is an odor eliminated spray inside that is triggered by the button on top of the outer lid. This spray is claimed to get rid of the nastiest of the diaper smells. Just press the button after you discard a dirty diaper and the ODOGard® spray technology goes to work. You can even press the button before opening the lid so that the odor doesn’t come out.

Foot Pedal –  The outer lid is completely hands-free and is opened by pushing on the foot pedal. Just step on the pedal, drop the diaper and you are good to go.

Works with Kitchen Trash Bags –  You don’t need specialized diaper pail bags to line Whisper® Diaper Pail. Just use 7-gallon kitchen trash bag and that’s all you need.


ODOGard® spray is really great for getting rid of odors
It comes assembled and you just need to attach the liner and spray can
It looks really cute


The capacity is not very good


8. Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail by Busch Systems

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This diaper pail is designed for cloth diapers. You need to line it with cloth diaper liners and then store th dirty diapers until you need to wash them. It’s environment-friendly and is designed to be really durable.

Features & Specifications:

Here are the most notable features of Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail by Busch Systems:

Made From Recycled Plastic –  It’s made of recycled plastic and is the best-wet diaper pail in the market. It’s eco-friendly which makes it chemically safe for your children so they can stay healthy.

Secure Lid –  It’s known for its ability to hold cloth diapers in without leaking any smell. There are even carbon filters in place which trap odor inside and don’t let it foul the air around the pail. That’s a plus in any diaper pail.

Durable Handles –  There are strong handles that are made from recycled plastic and are great for sustaining heavyweight caused by water.


Carbon filters are great for odor control
The tight clamps are great for keeping in the smell as well as child-proofing the pail
It’s really sturdy


Closing the clamps each time you throw in a dirty diaper can be frustrating
It may feel of cheap quality


9. Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail Starter Set with 4 Refills

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It’s designed to deal with the mess that your innocent baby makes. It will save you the trouble of going to the outside trash can each time your baby poops. It can also hold cotton, wipes and other diaper trash.

Features & Specifications:

Here are the most notable features of Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail:

Odor Blocking – Multi-layer film and the smart lid stops the odor from leaking away into the room so you don’t have to constantly smell dirty diapers.

Germ Protection –  The multilayer film gets rid of 99% of germs because of its antibacterial ingredients. As a result, your baby will always have a germ and odor free environment in the nursery.

Easy to Empty –  Its built-in cutter makes for convenient liner changing experience. Since it works with continuous liners, it is good for your budget in the long run.

Convenient & Compact –  Its size allows for placing it in discreet places like nursery’s bathroom or a cupboard. Despite its compact size, it can still hold up to 18 diapers.


It’s compact and can fit into any corner, even the bathroom and in some cabinet in the nursery
It’s cheaper compared to other options in the market


No special odor controlling system
Smaller capacity can be a problem for some parents


10. Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail-Xl

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This is a multipurpose pail that is designed for holding in the odor of dirty items like briefs, pads and other stinky items. This makes it suitable for disposing of dirty diapers as well. You can’t say that it’s specifically a diaper pail buy whatever fits the shoes, right?

Features & Specifications:

Here are the best features of Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail- Xl:

Discreet Disposal –  You really can’t tell what’s in it just by looking at it. So, you can put it wherever you want in the house instead of accurately placing it in the nursery.

Hands-Free –  There is a foot pedal that makes for a truly hands-free experience so you can avoid the grossness as much as you can.

Odor Control –  There is a double sealing lid in place which keeps the odor inside. Also, there are powder-scented liners available for this pail that mask the nasty odor.

Compatible With Continuous Refills –  Continuous liners make it budget friendly for you because you don’t need to change a whole liner just because it’s a day old and has some diapers in it.

Extra-Large Opening –  Large opening makes diaper disposal easy and it has a capacity for holding up to 15 diapers which mean you can go at least a day without changing the liner.


Looks classy and doesn’t scream ‘diaper pail’ just by looking at it
You can use continuous pail liners with it which will save you a lot of money in the long run


The small capacity may be an issue for some parents


Do You Need A Diaper Pail?

This is the first question that crosses parents mind when equipping their baby’s nursery with necessary items. Here is the answer: You don’t need a specialized diaper pail unless your baby is on formula or solid foods.

The babies who are on mother’s feed, don’t make stinky poop. You can use your regular trash can for disposing of their diapers. But if your baby is on formula milk or old enough to have solid diet, that’s when things get real. Their poop stinks so bad that sometimes, it’s hard to keep yourself from vomiting. That’s when you need specialized diaper pails. Because let’s face it, you can’t run outside every time your kid poops. But if you keep the stinky diapers inside in the regular trash cans, soon you will have no visitors.

How Should You Decide?

If you don’t know much about diaper pails, here is a quick run-down on different types and features of diaper pails.

The type of diaper pail to use depends on the kind of diaper you use. There are three different types:

  • Wet Diaper Pail: This is the pail that is used for storing cloth diapers until laundry day. You can soak the diapers in the water and even add baking soda or vinegar if you want less smell. But there is disadvantage that it weighs a lot. It’s hard to carry because of water weight.
  • Dry Diaper Pail: This is almost similar to regular trash cans and you can use it store both disposable or cloth diapers. It also has couple of disadvantages like the cloth diapers may stain and you need a liner while also cleaning it frequently. One way to get rid of the staining disadvantage is to rinse the cloth diaper so that poop or urine washes away and then you can store it in the dry diaper pail. You may need to use wet bags for this purpose though.

Why a Specialized Diaper Pail?

Check out the facts why you should consider in buying a specialized diaper pail.

Some of the parents who have never used diaper pails think that they are just for appearance; that it’s a luxury thing to match the décor of the nursery. It’s not the case.

The main issue with diapers is that they stink a lot and if they are lying in the house without any way to control the odor, soon your house will be full of stench that will make living in it really difficult. While you may think that regular trash can with a lid can do the same job, here are the three important features that makes a specialized diaper pail different from a simple trash can:

  • Tight-fitting lid to help prevent the odor from leaking away
  • Easy to handle diaper disposal system so that the lid doesn’t stay open long enough to leak the smell into the air and disrupting it
  • Changing the bag is easier and fast so that the open diaper bag doesn’t spread the stench around the room.

Things to Check When Buying a Diaper Pail

You need to consider some things when buying a diaper pail so that you get your money’s worth. Here they are:

1. Odor Control

Yes, we keep talking about odor control but that’s the main issue that diaper pails are supposed to deal with. If it doesn’t get rid of the stink, you should stay away from it.

There are different techniques that diaper pails use to contain the odor and some of them work better than the others. The better diaper pails usually use a combination of these methods:

  • Aromatic diaper pail liners that mask the diaper smell
  • Air filters like Puck and Carbon filters
  • A Manual Air Freshener Holder so that you can choose the scent of your choice
  • High quality plastic or steel so that the smell doesn’t pass through the porous material into the room

2. The Diaper Liners

There are different kinds of liners. Some diaper pails use a special type of liners and the others may work with the regular variety trash bags.

  • There are some brands who only go with their own diaper pail liner range and don’t work with any other liners. They prove to be really expensive in the long run. Also, these specialized diaper pail liners are sometimes hard to find.
  • Some diaper pails can work with any pail liner, even with the regular variety kitchen trash bag. They are cost effective and you can get them easily from anywhere.
  • If you want to store cloth diapers, there are special liners that you need to use so that the moister doesn’t pass through the bag material and makes the pail messy.

3. Lid Security

The third ting you need to consider is the security of the lid. The tighter it closes, the better the smell will stay inside. There are even rubber seals around the rim on some diaper pails and they contain the smell really well. Also, be sure that the diaper pail has a child-lock system in place because as your baby becomes a toddler, that will definitely come in handy.

4. Size and Capacity

If you have more than one baby in the diapering stage, you need to make sure that the diaper pail is of adequate size and will stay good even if you go a couple of days without changing the pail liner.

5. Foot Pedal

There are some pails that come with a foot pedal and that is a really good feature to have. That’s because there will be a lot of times when you have the baby in one arm and the soiled diaper in the other hand. At those times, bending over to open the lid so that you can dispose of the diaper can become a really painful experience. You might even pull your back muscle.

6. Budget

So, you might be better off if you spend your money on a diaper pail that doesn’t look like a diaper pail. This way, you can use it as a trash can well beyond the diapering years.


Now you're knowledgeable about diaper pails and you know that this thing is very crucial part of your home if you have a baby.

Diaper pails are a really great investment if you want to make your house smell fresh even if your child is in diapering age. Some diaper pails are better than the other in features and functionality. Be sure to always spend some time thinking about which features you want the most and which diaper pail has your required specifications while also being easy on your budget.