Best Cheap Bunk Beds In 2017 Reviews

One of the most important time of the day is the night. The night is the perfect time to relax and harbor ourselves from the exhausting pull of work we do every single day of our lives. As a hardworking part of this ever-revolving society, i.e. whether go to work or study at school during the day, it is highly anticipated that you deserve an excellent night’s sleep. We all do.

But then again, obtaining that complete eight-hour (or more) sleep is as easy as one, two, and three. Even you can do it. First stop is to fix or improve everything that has something to do with your sleep–you bedroom for example.

In achieving our goal, however, you must initially determine what it currently needs.

Your bedroom is your personal space where you will be taking refuge– a resting asylum it is, thus, it is important to gather all the necessary stuff you need to improve it.

Is your bedroom crowded?

You cannot sleep very well with an asphyxiating bedroom. Is your bed comfortable?

It better be.

Best Cheap Bunk Beds Reviews In 2017

Choosing a bed is not much of a thing to do, there are just some important points to reconsider.

If you are in the constant struggle of trying to find a bed that can

1) save as much space to fit inside your cramped bedroom,

and 2) is affordable, try getting a bunk bed.

Listed below are our top 15 cheap bunk beds of 2017!

1. Home Life Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed- Black

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The first spot of this review is taken none other than by a black-colored twin over cheap bunk bed crafted by Home Life.

Truth be told, this is the cheapest bunk bed one could ever have.

With just more than 40 dollars (and a shipping fee), you can now have one of their high-quality items.

The dimension of this bunk bed is 41.5 x 78 x 61.5 inches and can accommodate two twin mattresses but are sold separately.

2. Dorel Home Products Twin Over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed

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This DHP product is guaranteed one of the best-selling, quality yet cheap bunk beds in Amazon.

This black-colored bed made by DHP is a standard bunk bed that is ideal for bedrooms with little space. As you can see, it has a top and bottom bunk which can carry the weight of 200 pounds for the former and 225 pounds for the latter.

It accommodates to two twin mattresses and has built-in guardrails placed at the top bunk.

One notable feature of this bunk bed is its sleek black finish which is suitable for classic or black themed bedrooms.

3. Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

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With more than 650 reviews, one can immediately conclude that this product is popular. Therefore it truly must be of high quality!

Dorel Home Products make this as one of the cheap bunk beds available in the market.

It is designed to maximize bedroom space in your home.

Purchasing this bed prompts you to purchase as well one standard twin and one standard full mattresses (sold separately).

Your safety is ensured with this one because the top bunk has full guardrails, so no matter how hard or far you stretch while sleeping in the upper bunk, you will never fall.

The black finish of this bed is perfect for those individuals who crave for a magnificent-looking, themed bedroom. Assembly required.

4. DHP Junior Loft with Side

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Are you searching for the product that merges fun and comfort all in one?

DHP Junior Loft with Side can accommodate only one mattress. It notable features rail pockets beside the bed which are ideal for storing child’s personal stuff, video games, books, etc.

Another cool feature of this product is the built-in kiddie slides where your little child can play with it for non-stop fun!

The bunk bed can carry stuff up to 200 pounds and is not suitable for children four years of age and below.

5. Stork Craft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed-Espresso

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If you are struggling to find that one bed that can save space and is environment-friendly, worry no more because Stork Craft has brought us one of the best bunk beds in town!

This espresso-colored, cheap bunk bed is made with environment-friendly, high-quality rubberwood.

Surely, you will make Mother Earth happy and proud if your purchase one! It features a four-step ladder ideal for youngsters and full guardrails to ensure your safety when sleeping. This bed is one of the safest beds because it meets the safety standards from ASTM and CPSC.

Also, another notable feature of this bed is that it can be configured and converted into two separate twin beds.

6. Your Zone Premium Twin Bunk Bed

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This contemporary-inspired cheap bunk bed is of a solid and sturdy metal construction. It features a slanted four-step ladder for an accessible stay at the upper bunk.

This product is both great in boy’s and girl’s bedroom because of its unisex style.

Only easy assembly is required!

7. DHP Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed- Black

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The classy shade of black goes well and perfectly in beds!

This utterly cheap bunk bed made by DHP is superb and stylish in design. If you are into the contemporary style to decorate your bedroom, settle with this one immediately.

The maximum recommended a thickness of mattress is approximately six inches.

It features two side ladders for an immediate climb down, upper bunk guardrails, and a childproof mechanism for added safety. The futon can be easily and quickly converted into a full-size sleeper.

As expected, this DHP product strictly follows the safety standards.

8. Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed-White

[amazon box=”B003BVJ7VI” template=”bigbox”]

Nothing beats the elegance brought by the color white!

Now, who would have thought this color would go extremely well in bed? If you are looking for the cutest, cheap bunk bed for your little prince or princess, this one is just absolutely perfect for you!

This Canwood product is ideal for both sexes because the shade is neutral.

It comes, however, in three other colors: brown, black, and beige. This item is made of high-quality and solid pine wood and constructed into sturdy perfection.

It has wide mattress slats and metal fasteners for added stability. This item meets the United States and Canada safety standards and is an ASTM certified. It is available in a multiple durable, and non-toxic finish with a one year warranty and requires assembly.

9. DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed

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Prepare to be amazed at this unique yet cheap bunk bed arrival in town!

This item crafted by DHP is definitely perfect for you if you are easily captivated with classic-themed bedrooms while saving space all at the same time!

The black-finished bunk bed has a four-step, front ladder and guardrails located on the top bunk for added protection.

As expected, this bed accommodates two, twin mattresses. Its innovative design is a perfect and well-thought-of, spacing saving concept.

It includes a full desk where you can use as a study corner. You can also put your books, laptop, and other stuff in it.

Last Five Cheap Bunk Beds

10. Stork Craft Long Horn Solid Hardwood, Twin Bunk Bed-White

[amazon box=”B003BYR2MG” template=”bigbox”]

Are you a fond of decorating your (or your child’s) bedroom with various themes?

Winter is truly coming with this one! Upgrade your bedroom aesthetics while maximizing space as much as you can with this popular Stork Craft product.

This cheap bunk bed made of environment-friendly, high-quality rubberwood can be converted into two separate twin beds, depending on your preference. It features a four-step ladder and an upper bunk guardrails for added safety. This Stork Craft item is available in multiple, non-toxic finishes and has a limited one year warranty.

11. Disco-O Bed Youth-Kid O Bunk with Organizers

[amazon box=”B0124SYT6Q” template=”bigbox”]

This blue-colored, cheap bunk bed is made of high-grade polyester that provides comfort and style. The frame is created with an anti-rust power.

It is suitable for your little boys who love to sleep together. If you are worried about the safety, especially on the top bunk, worry not because the guardrails are surely here to keep you, child, safe!

No matter how far he stretches or moves from the bed, he will never fall! This item requires no assembly; all new parts are packed and stored in two polyester bags for easy transportation.

12. Sturdy Kids Sturdy Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Beds with Stairs

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We all love that one strong item (or someone) we can hold on to, especially at rough times like this!

If you are searching for a super sturdy cheap bunk bed that will surely fit and save space in your bedroom, this is what you are looking for! This Sturdy Kids product with a 56.82 x 78.3 x 61.1 inches dimension is made of a sturdy metal construction.

As you can see, the top bank capacity is 200 pounds while the bottom bunk capacity is 450 pounds. It notably features a durable steel with full-length guardrails to ensure your kid’s safety!

13. Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 Bunk Bed

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If you are searching for the quirkiest bed you can have in your bedroom, choose this!

This contemporary-inspired, cheap bunk bed crafted by Coaster Home Furnishings is surely a must-have for a smart shopper like you.

It merges comfort and style, all in one!

This bed is indeed a stylish, gunmetal-colored bunk bed with a design that kids and parents will surely love.

It features a metal curve design known to support the bed, a convenient ladder, and guardrails built in the upper bank for superior safety, especially for kids.

14. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin Over Twin Bed

[amazon box=”B00KI39WQM” template=”bigbox”]

Is sleep for the weak?

Who cares. We all need sleep anyways!

This may not really be the cheapest bunk bed you can find in town, but this one can be the best!

For its price, you can now get the epitome of comfort, elegance, and quality in one picture!

This bed by Bedz King is a cappuccino-colored bunk bed with built-in stairway for easy access to the upper bunk.

It features three drawers built along the stairway which are ideal compartments for your clothes and other items. This product is made of solid Brazilian pine so expect that it is long-lasting, and requires assembly with the right set of tools.

The maximum thickness needed for the mattress is 9 inches (which is not inclusive with the bed itself).

This one can’t be called one of the cheap bunk beds but, include you are interested more of quality and less of affordability, we have included this one and the previous one in this list.