15 Best Cat Carrier Reviews In 2017

They are elegant, graceful, usually sweet and gentle, but can be arrogant and fierce if they seem to feel like it at the moment. One minute you are snuggling, petting and purring, filled with this warm and wonderful feeling, while the next minute you’re trying to stop the bleeding from the scratch, you received for no apparent reason. Welcome everybody, to the world of cats! In this article, we are going to present you with some of best cat carrier reviews. But first, a small peek into the history of the most elegant mammal.

As I’m sure you already know, cats were held up high and revered in ancient Egypt. So it comes naturally to assume that they were first domesticated there, somewhere along the river Nile. But, genetic studies have shown that the first cats were domesticated in West Asia. There are over 70 recognized cat breeds today, though this number can vary, according to different associations’ criteria. They were primarily domesticated for companionship, but thanks to their incredible senses and skills, they were used to get rid of vermin as well.

What to look for in a cat carrier?

Of course, first of all, you must consider the feline’s size and weight. When in the carrier, the cat must feel safe and secure, and not endangered or immobile.

The average weight of an adult cat is usually somewhere between 9 and 12 pounds, with the males leaning toward the heavier side.

Depending on the predominant usage, you can go for a soft-sided or a hard-sided cat carrier. The soft-sided ones resemble a duffel bag like we use when we go to the gym. It gets the job done for short time travels. But, if you travel a lot with a car, then you should choose the optimal hard-sided cat carrier. And this is where we jump in to help out.

15 Best Cat Carriers For Sale In 2017

1. Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

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This one is the mother of all cat carriers! It is brilliantly thought through, versatile, well built, but still sold at an exceptional price. It is lightweight and portable so that it can be used for traveling by plane or car, or maybe just a trip to the vet.

Thanks to the patented spring wire frame, the rear end of the carrier can be pushed down a couple of inches so that the carrier would fit nicely under the seat in the plane. The Sherpa Deluxe is all about pet comfort and superb functionality – it has mesh windows for ventilation, top and side entry with locking zippers, no-slip carrying strap, seat belt strap, side pocket for storage, etc.

It comes in three sizes and five colors. Perhaps the most significant feature is the “Guaranteed On Board” label. “Guaranteed On Board” is the only program that guarantees a Sherpa carrier meets an airline’s specific rules and regulations and will be allowed on board.

Even if by any chance you are not allowed on the plane because of the carrier, you will get your money back.

The price for this cat carrier is more than reasonable and affordable, especially if we take into consideration what we get for our money.

2. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

[amazon box=”B00QHC0050″ template=”bigbox”]

We often find products from AmazonBasics on our lists, and in this case, it is no exception. AmazonBasics offers a soft-sided cat carrier, which looks a lot like the Sherpa Deluxe we saw earlier.

Unlike the Sherpa carrier, this one does not offer that many functionalities that improve pet comfort or usability. It has a fleece bed which can be easily removed and washed.

It comes in three different sizes, but only in black color. The recommended maximum load is 16 lbs (7.3 kg).

Although it is in the reasonable and affordable price range, it does look a bit cheap.

3. i’Pet® Hands-free Reversible Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier Bag

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More of a stylish satchel than a conventional carrier, this sling bag will make a fashion accessory out of your cat. It is built from machine washable soft cotton fabric and polyester. The sling-style will bring your pet closer to you and will keep your hands free.

There is an external security hasp to prevent the pet from jumping out. You are given a choice between three different colors.

It is a bit cheaper than the previous items on the list, but despite that, I would say it is a bit overpriced. The functionality features are scarce, and to be honest, no pet would feel comfortable in a bag for a longer period.

4. Necoichi Portable Cat Cage

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Welcome to the lightweight, portable, collapsible and comfortable “Fortress of Solitude” for cats! This cat carrier can be used for: traveling, as an emergency escape and as a private room for a cat (or two). It can be set up or collapsed in a matter of seconds, so it scores high on the usability scale.

When folded, it takes up a ridiculously low amount of storage space.

There is large roll up mesh panels, for optimized air flow and ventilation, and also, zipper locks so that the cat stays safe within the carrier. Inside we find the comfy water proof fleece mat, which can be easily removed for maintenance.

All of this goodness comes packed up in a storage bag, which is included in the price. The price is a bit higher, but it is justified by the ease of use of this product.

5. Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

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Well now, if you want to express your exquisite taste in style and fashion, this is the cat carrier to go for! It looks beautiful in every available color combination, and plus, it got some neat features, so it’s a worthy contender.

It is an airline approved pet carrier, for pets up to 14 lbs. Mind you; this is not the same as the “Guaranteed On Board” feature of the Sherpa Deluxe carrier. The roof of the carrier is collapsible and ventilated, so when you’re using air travel, it will easily go under the seat in front of you.

Outside we witness the awesome looks, the padded shoulder strap, storage compartments for treats or meds and the ID tag. Inside we find the soft fleece travel bed, surrounded by breathable mesh for improved ventilation.

This fashion statement in the shape of a pet carrier comes at a slightly steep price, but good looks are always charged a bit extra.

6. OxGord Airline Approved Cat Carriers

[amazon box=”B00EW2WG90″ template=”bigbox”]

Another stylish carrier is coming right up! Look at all those pretty colors! With a choice of ten color options and two sizes, this cat carrier is perhaps the most diverse on our list. Don’t let the vivid colors blind you, though…

This carrier has also been very well thought of and engineered. It has mesh windows on all sides and roof on the top, so overheating will not be a problem. Inside we find the removable fleece travel bed, while on the outside we can see the padded shoulder strap and the pockets for storage. All materials are easy to clean and 100% washable.

Perhaps the best feature of this cat carrier are the safety straps. You can use them to lock the zips so that your pet doesn’t escape and cause chaos, or you can put the safety belt through and lock the carrier into place, when traveling by a car.

This cat carrier is also airline approved and is the number on the price tag will not make you nauseous or poor.

7. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

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This is the first hard-sided carrier on our list. It is built from steel and plastic construction, so strength and safety will not be an issue. Thanks to the many holes in the upper shell and the two-door design, the airflow is optimized.

This type of carrier, or kennel as it’s called, can be used not only for traveling but also for house training. The two entry points provide easy access for your pet. There is a choice between two sizes and four color themes. The carrier is approved by most airlines, but it wouldn’t hurt to check before booking that flight.

The price is just right for a kennel, but have in mind that you should get an extra bed to fit in the carrier.

8. Suncast 23 in. Deluxe Cat Carrier

[amazon box=”B000QJD7RI” template=”bigbox”]

Whoever came up with the design for this cat carrier, seems to have been quite confused… Started with something genuinely nice and interesting, but then decided to put very ugly jail bars. No vivid color or interesting shape can mend the impression made by them.

It will house a pet with a weight up to 30 lbs, and the included bowl for food and water is a nice touch. This pet carrier comes in two sizes, and a tad questionable color combination.

It is priced in the gap between the common prices for the soft-sided and the hard-sided carriers, so it’s neither here, nor there. Despite all that, and judging by the reviews, it actually has a lot of satisfied customers.

9. Soft Sided Pet Travel Portable Bag

[amazon box=”B00O09O3E6″ template=”bigbox”]

It looks fancy, as if is sporting tennis equipment, but it is actually a rather good pet carrier that looks like a duffel bag. It has a sturdy padded floor and a strong construction, so your cat will be satisfied with the level of comfort and safety.

There is a short leash on the inside that you can clip on a collar so that your pet doesn’t make a “run for the border” when you open the door. It is very lightweight and nearly folds flat, so storing it away won’t be an issue. There are mesh windows on the door and side panels, and the used materials are waterproof. This one is also airline approved, so it complies with most airline regulations.

It comes with a choice of two colors and an affordable price tag. The two-year warranty and 100% money back guarantee are also definitely worth mentioning.

10. Petmate Soft-Sided Kennel Cab Pet Carrier

[amazon box=”B002RT8Z8Q” template=”bigbox”]

It is a bit hard to see why this cat carrier got so many good reviews. It does not look that good, because it radiates some cheapness, even though it is composed of quality materials.

Apparently, it was designed in the USA with high standards… Maybe from the Kardashian sisters, who knows? The other aspects seem just fine.

There are mesh windows, zippered front door, and top loading door. There is also a rear pocket for toys or treats.

It is more expensive than the Sherpa Deluxe, and to be honest; it is very difficult to see why. Perhaps a not-so-subtle hint to the manufacturer is the fact that the Sherpa cat carrier is a best seller, and this one isn’t.

Last 5 Best Cat Carrier Reviews in 2017

11. Aspen Pet Porter Plastic Kennel

[amazon box=”B0002VAZSY” template=”bigbox”]

This may very well be the most diverse pet carrier available at the moment. You can choose between eight sizes and ten color combinations. We are talking about a hard-sided carrier built from heavy-duty eco-friendly plastic shells.

The top and bottom shells are locked together using latches. That improves both safety and usability, because due to the latches, the carrier is strong and rigid, and if need be, can be opened in a matter of seconds.

There are many holes on the upper shell to benefit the airflow and avoid temperature-related problems.

The prices vary from the size of the carrier, but if we take only the cat carriers into consideration, they are more than affordable.

12. CAT1st Portable Ultra Light and Sturdy Cat Carrier

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Here we have one of the most affordable and convenient cat carriers out there. It looks like a very small tent, or perhaps a shopping bag.

The sturdy fabric makes it strong and easy to clean, while the side mesh windows work closely with the curtain style mesh door, for optimal ventilation.

By no means is this a valid choice for longer travels, it simply does not have what it takes. But it is awesome for what it is – a cheap, convenient, and stylish way to move around without leaving your cat at home.

13. Petsfit Expandable Foldable Washable Travel Carrier

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One could easily make the mistake of stuffing their clothes in this bag because, at first glance, it doesn’t show its true purpose and looks like a conventional travel bag. But when we look more closely, it starts to show its character.

The mesh windows, the lockable zippers, the sturdy metal hooks, the leash inside the carrier… Everything you need for your pet is here!

And if your cat would prefer a bit more space, a side compartment opens up to a balcony with a mesh cover and provides more room for the inhabitant. When not in use, just flatten it out and store it away. There is the choice of four color themes and four sizes.

This is a rather good product, but perhaps the lower price would improve its sales rate.

14. Premium Pet Travel Carrier

[amazon box=”B01HQZND1O” template=”bigbox”]

Welcome to first class! This cat carrier successfully manages to combine very elegant and stylish looks (especially of the inside compartment), with functionality. It is airplane approved by many airlines so that it will fit nicely under the seat.

The high quality and extremely durable mesh will stand its ground against teeth and claws. It has openings back and front, but also on small on the side so that you can slip some treat to your pet. There is a choice of two color themes – Charcoal Gray and Tan, and they’re both beautiful.

The price is a bit “up there”, considering the other soft-sided cat carriers, but we have no problem with it. It dishes out huge amounts of great design and functionality. Therefore the price is just right.

15. Pet Magasin Collapsable Hard Cover Pet Carrier

[amazon box=”B01KAWUHQY” template=”bigbox”]

This washing machine looking soft-sided and hard-sided hybrid is probably the most unorthodox item on our list. The hard and sturdy top and bottom parts will ensure safety and durability, while the perforated soft sides will take care of proper ventilation and easy storage when folded. The padded mat inside just further increases the comfort.

When collapsed, it takes up almost no space at all. Just like the other products from Pet Magasin, this one also comes with two-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

The price is reasonable, for this awesome and unconventional cat carrier.


And there you have it! The list of the best cat carriers available on the market today. Now, naturally, these products are not exclusively meant for cats only, but for small dogs as well.

Most of them comply with the airline and FAA rules and regulations for small animal transport, but only the Sherpa Deluxe has the “Guaranteed On Board” label.

By all means, you are advised to ensure that your cat carrier is fully compatible and completely complies with the regulations of the desired or chosen airline, before making the booking. If you are a fan of car travel, then go for the cat carriers with the straps for the safety belt.