9 Best Car Radio Reviews in 2017

Everybody wants to hear good music while driving. There are quite a few factors to take into consideration when it comes to putting together a car audio system, one of such is the car audio installation process amongst others. That is to ensure that it works perfectly. Car stereos are the main deal when it comes to car audio technology.

With the current trends in technology, car stereos have seen a gradual shift in the sort of features that they come with. There is a ton of high quality and affordable car stereos in the market.

The following reviews are meant to help you find the top ten best car stereo in 2017:

10 Best Car Radio Reviews


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The Pioneer is in the league of the best car stereos because of its super high features. The inbuilt Bluetooth allows you to stream your favorite music and podcast from your phone wirelessly. You can also connect to your phone using the USB option.

In fact, you can even connect two phones simultaneously, and you can use both to handle calls and stream music.

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily use Siri Eyes Free Function to access the relevant messages, reminders or calendar information. Thanks to the external microphone you can use your voice to transmit orders to the receiver when your iPhone is connected.

If you don’t have an interest in mp3 songs on your list, then you can simply tune to the FM or AM. It supports MP3, WAV and M4A formats. The Pioneer comes with an Anti-Glaring feature; this allows you view the illumination clearly on the Display.

You can have your little disco right in your car with the MIXTRAX technology which comes with the Pioneer. The MIXTRAX can automatically remix your music quick and easily.

It also features a burst of colorful lights, with over 210, 000 colors. This colors can be changed to sync with the music in the car. The Pioneer has a power output of 50 watts per channel, this allows for a maximum of 4 channels.

It also has the best car speakers among other car stereos of its range.


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The front USB and AUX port that comes with this Bluetooth car stereo allow the connection of many devices. Also, the USB port is easy to handle while driving. The Kenwood DPX501BT is quite easy to use, you won’t have any hassle operating it.

Users can manually change or customize the illumination and display colors to their heart desire.

One of the pluses of this device is that you can use Bluetooth to connect to mobile phones. When connected you can quickly answer calls or stream music from it.

The Pandora app can also make this sort of connection possible. The Kenwood DPX501BT can explore several online music stores to give you access to your favorite music.

It features a Rotary Encoder and Direct critical operation which makes sorting through music files easy and quick. The display screen has a Digital 12-hour clock which allows you to have access to time while driving.

This car stereo has not forgotten the CD player option that usually comes with car stereos. This CD player goes a bit further by supporting different file systems and also allows the user to play any music of his/her choice.

The Kenwood DPX501BT has a superior sound reconstruction.


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That is one of the best car stereo in the market that comes with a Bluetooth functionality. The Bluetooth feature can connect with your mobile phone, and allows you stream your favorite music with ease.

It also allows for hands-free calling capability. Still, on the issue of connectivity, you need to check out the front USB with 3.5 mm input.

Well, if you are not in the mode of using the USB or Bluetooth options, there is an auxiliary input function that is just as effective in connecting to portable media players.

There is an optional remote control that can be used to control and customize this car stereo. If you are tired of car stereos with a single-Din, you will be glad to know this one has a double-DIN.

It has a CD player functionality which can support multiple file formats including MP3 and WMA files. The ALPINE CDE-W265BT comes with a 2-line LCD with an adjustable color illumination button.

There is a Pandora control option that works well with both iPhone and Android phones.

The ALPINE CDE-W265BT has an inbuilt MOSFET amplifier and 18 watts of output.

The manufacturer of this product is so confident of the quality that they provide a 60-day money guarantee. Besides, there is a 1-year warranty attached to it.


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BOSS Audio 612UA is an inexpensive car stereo that offers super specs that surpass its price tag. It supports USB flash drives and SD cards. The SD card port can support up to 32 GB. USB flash drive and SD card option allows for multiple file formats including MP3 and WMA files.

If you connect the monitor to the unit, you can even have access to pictures and video files.

It has an incredible output of 4×50 watts that can give you incredible efficiency with robust performance. If you’d like to listen to your favorite radio program, then you will be glad to know it has an inbuilt FM/AM radio.

It also allows its users to switch to radio broadcasts in Europe and USA.

The large LCD screen allows you to navigate through several options that the BOSS 612UA features easily. Speaking of navigation, the BOSS Audio allows you to navigate through tracks and folders easily.

You can even skip through ten songs or nested folders at one go for quick navigation. The sound quality is just beyond superb; you won’t experience any distortions or humming noises.

The 3-year warranty which comes with this car stereo is a source of attraction to potential users, as well as the price. There is an ID3 tag that lets users store the audio files along.

That also allows users to get access to information regarding the artists, title track, track number and lots more.


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This marvelous car stereo comes with a Bluetooth pairing functionality. It can wirelessly connect to your mobile phone, and this allows you to stream audio and handle calls.

There is an option of using a USB cable to charge your devices (especially your smartphones). This car stereo can link to two phones at the same time.

The JVC KD-R970BTS has support for CD-RW discs, CD-Rs and CDs. This car stereo can accept FLAC, AAC, WMA, MP3 and WAV music files.

It gives you the opportunity to choose from different radio options, which includes AM/FM, satellite and internet radio. This JVC model has different color settings which allow the user choose the look he wants on the detachable faceplate.

The JVC KD-R970BTS has an adjustable dimmer with different brightness settings. That allows you to control the amount of light either during the day or night.

It features what it calls K2 technology. This technology is capable of giving the sound some nice digital quality. The receiver can tweak sound and music to just the way you like it.

The JVC KD-R970BTS has an inbuilt MOSFET amplifier with an incredible output of 50 watts x 4 channels.


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The Pioneer AVH-4200NEX will only blow your mind out of this world with its superior sound quality. This car stereo will give you more than you bargained for.

It also has an inbuilt Bluetooth functionality that allows you connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, especially your cell phone. There is even a safer and smarter way to use your iPhone, and that is through the built-in Apple CarPlay technology.

The extra built-in touchscreen with that supports this technology helps iPhone users make calls listen to music and access to messages. This way, you tamper with your device less often and helps you concentrate on driving.

The Pioneer AVH-4200NEX includes an incredibly beautiful touchscreen 7-inch display. The screen can dimmed to the brightness level of your choice. You can also customize the display using the 5 display colors, splash screen, 3 backgrounds and 112 key colors.

The display is also detachable.

You rest assured that your stereo is safe because once the display is removed, the stereo is locked and cannot be used.

The Pioneer AVH-4200NEX comes packed with a 13-band graphic equalizer, an Auto EQ and a Time Alignment which enables you to customize the sound you are listening to your liking.

This awesome car stereo also features a DVD player in its system.


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This car stereo might not support a DVD or CD player, but for the price, it can incredibly expand your music options. The BOSS AUDIO 625UAB gives you the option to either use the SC card or the USB ports.

There is also an AUX input option. The Bluetooth option on this car stereo is compatible with most mobile devices. You can enjoy the hands-free calling and audio streaming capabilities on the BOSS AUDIO 625UAB.

With this, you will never take your eyes off the road.

Whenever you feel like listening to your favorite radio channel, the in-built FM/AM radio will make you wish come true. It allows you to pick both European and US frequencies.

It has a wireless remote which gives you the ability to control the car stereo from where you are seating efficiently. The display on this car stereo is nothing spectacular, but it will give the basics of what you need.

You can also remove the display face for additional security.

The BOSS AUDIO 625UAB has an output of 50 watts with four channels that can be connected up to four speakers throughout the car.


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This great car stereo comes with enough power to battle the more popular single-DINs that are lower in price. The 4×100 watts of output makes this possible.  The SONY MEX-XB100BT has a well-lit and easy to read LCD.

It has an illumination button that works independently to give you the ability to set any color of your choice.

There is also a Sound and Color Synchronization feature which can sense the beat of your music and change the LED display to a color that matches the beat.

SONY MEX-XB100BT has an extra feature called SongPal; it is an app that could be downloaded to your smartphone. SongPal gives you the capability to control your smartphone apps and music from either the unit or your smartphone.

There is a voice control option that allows you to control SongPal with just your voice. SONY MEX-XB100BT comes fully equipped with NFC, Bluetooth, Pandora and Sony’s Mega Bass sound.

This car stereo has an amplifier that is designed to great sound quality.

9. JENSEN VX4012

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The Jensen VX4012 is one of the top-quality car stereos in the market which provides Bluetooth functionality to its users. The Bluetooth allows you to pair easily with your smartphone so you can have access to your phone book and stream music.

This car stereo features a 7-inch, high-resolution, touch screen display. The Jensen VX4012 features a USB, HDMI/MHL connectivity that enables connect your smartphone and mirror its screen on the 7-inch display.

This car stereo comes with a Micro SD Card slot which can take up to 32GB SD card reader.

The manufacturer of this product provides a 1-year warranty to its customers.

It also provides CD/DVD player, ID3 Tag, and an AM/FM tuner.


Here, you can find the best car radio for your car even if you're on a strict budget.

Now you have the list of 9 car radios that can drastically improve your overall driving experience with the highest-quality sound you could ever find. As you may see, the radios vary in prices, so you can buy a radio with the rich list of features even if you’re on a tight budget.

However, if you’d like to have a screen on your radio be ready to invest some more money as the screens are much more expensive.

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