10 Best Above Ground Pools in 2017 Reviews

Are you still thinking hard about owning an above ground pool? Above ground pools, these days, come with almost the same features as their in-ground counterparts. They will also give you the same fun and enjoyment.

While you can, of course, have an in-ground pool based on your specifications, above ground pools provide a lot of benefits and are the best options if you want instant fun in the water during hot summer days.

There are a lot of above ground pools for sale, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and even types. What is so great about them is they do not require diggings, landscaping, and construction. They are easy and super quick to install.

You can just simply lay these above ground pools out in your backyard, inflate, fill it up with water and you can take an instant dip. They cost a lot cheaper too even if you factor in the cost pool heater, filtration system, and chemicals.

Remember, there are no construction costs to speak of. Since above ground pools are smaller than in-ground pools, you will need lesser chemicals. You will also need lesser time and consume lesser electricity to heat up the water and run the filtration system.

The most important deciding factor in considering to go for above ground pools is the fact that they require minimal maintenance and only when they are in use.

Since they are small, above ground pools only come with a primary filtration system. They often come with a single depth so they can easily be cleaned with a vacuum.

You will also not be spending a lot of time balancing water quality and chemicals. Not to mention the fact that these above ground pools are portable and can be transferred from one place to another based on your mood on a particular swimming day.

 10 Best Above Ground Pools in 2017 Reviews

1. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center (117″ X 76″ X 53″)

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What will initially attract you to this above ground pool for kids is the bright and attractive colors it comes with. This play center has a lot of fun to offer. It is two pools in 1, so to speak.

Main pool and wading pool is “separated” by a water slide. On the wading pool is a rainbow arc with a water sprayer which you can easily attach to your garden hose.

Your kids will enjoy in the water playing the ring toss game with the four inflatable rings that come with the pool. They can also play ball rolling or perhaps toss the ball with the six plastic balls.

This pool has a capacity of 77 gallons of water. The bigger pool is about 16 inches high and the smaller pool, about 12 inches. It is easy to assemble and is perfect for small backyards.

It is also highly portable and stores easily. This pool can easily fit about five toddlers at any given time. It comes with drain plugs in both pools for easy draining after each use and a repair patch, too.

2. Intex Inflatable Pool ( 103″ X 69″ X 22″)

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This is a basic rectangular shaped vinyl pool with a 198-gallon water capacity. It comes with two air chambers for an easy and fast inflation. The exhaust valve is free flowing also for easy deflating.

The bottom of the pool is not inflatable, but it comes in a comfortable to sit (even on concrete) and thick material. You can leave the pool up the entire summer and change the water every other day.

You can also opt to get those floatable chlorine dispensers with tablets, leave a few of them in the water and cover the pool when not in use. This way, water will last for about a month.

This is a low priced pool that will keep your kids and even you and the hubby cool during the summer days. It can fit about three adults in recline position or around 6-7 kids. Pool comes with a repair patch and a shelf box for easy storing.

3. Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Set (12ft X 30in)

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This is a durable pool with sidewalls made of puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material supported by a super strong frame (galvanized steel; rust resistant).

Frame legs are kept secured to the ground with a wrap-around bond.  It easily assembles in a short 30 minutes. At 20 feet x 30 inches, this is the smallest pool with metal frames in the Intex line. Pool height is approximately 36 inches, and it can more or less comfortably fit 4-7 swimmers.

It comes with an 110-120V filter pump with a flow rate of 530 gallons per hour. This pool is easy to assemble as it only weighs 61 pounds. It also comes with a DVD showing how to set-up the pool and how to maintain it for long lasting enjoyment conveniently.

Drain plugs easily connect to your garden hose for easy draining at a safe place (away from where the pool is). At 90% full, this pool can accommodate 1,718 gallons of water.

Maintaining this pool is a breeze. 2 suction outlets ensure good water circulation for clear, clean and safe water. You can keep the water clean with the right ph and chlorine levels to avoid cloudy water and slimy sidewalls with a salt water system (not included) or chlorine tablets in floating dispensers (not included).

As a safety measure, it comes with a ground fault circuit interrupter which makes the pump automatically shut off when electric supply comes into contact with water.

4. Intex Clearview Aquarium Pool (62.5″ X 62.5″ X 19.5″)

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This is an amazing pool for kids to enjoy splashing in water amidst the summer heat. It can comfortably fit around 4-6 kids playing in the water at a time. It is wide and deep enough for an adult in a recline position to join the kids and have fun with them.

The outer sidewalls of these above ground pools are clear with colorful under the sea creature designs, an aquarium, as its name says. It is made of vinyl (12 gauge) and has an 112-gallon water capacity.

The pool comes with a large valve for easy inflating and a drain plug for easy release of water. Repair patch included for any unforeseen damage to the pool.

When not in use as a pool, fill it with about 2,000 balls, and you have a ball pit for the kids to enjoy.

5. Intex Paradise Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool (103″ X 63″ X 18″)

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This attractive and colorful pool for kids comes with nature inspired design and in an oval shape.

It can comfortably have 5-6 kids comfortably splashing in the water at a time. You can leave it in a shaded area in your backyard still filled with water to be enjoyed for a couple of days.

Its oval shape keeps dirt from collecting in hidden parts of the pool. Cover it with a tarp, and you can keep the pool cleaner even if filled with water. It can be filled with up to 150 gallons of water for at least a 12-inch depth.

When water gets cloudy after a day or two, pour in some chlorine tablets or one of those floating chlorine dispensers.

The plastic material is durable enough to withstand the blows from any toys the kids may throw inside the pool. Even without a tarp underneath, the pool will be safe from any punctures or leaks. It comes with two easy to inflate air chambers.

The exhaust valve is free-flowing. Repair patch comes with the set. So does a shelf box for easy and safe storage.

6. Intex Round Pool Set (8 Feet x 30-Inches)

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Have your kids, and even yourself enjoy a dip in this pool which installs in 10 minutes. Spread it out on level ground, inflate and fill it up with water and plunge in.

The liner of the pool has a top ring allowing it to go up by itself as you fill it up with water. It will need about 639 gallons of water for an 80% water capacity.

The set comes with a DVD for the set-up and maintenance instructions. Sidewalls are made of a durable 3-ply material that is safe from any leaks and punctures.

The inner wall is made of polyester mesh reinforced by additional two layers of PVC on the outer sidewall for maximum durability. It can comfortably have 2 to 3 persons playing in the water at a time in the pool which is 30 inches high.

This set includes a filter pump to ensure a continuous flow of clean water at 330 gallons per hour. Pool weighs only 14 pounds making it easy to carry out to use and bring into storage. This pool is as easy to disassemble as it is to assemble this pool. Perfect for kids to enjoy even if you have a small backyard

7. Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set (18ft X 9ft X 52inches)

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What we have here is one the sturdiest above ground swimming pools rectangular. It comes with a stylish and large rectangular design for the entire family to have a lot of fun playing and relaxing in the water.

The inner layer of the wall is made of durable mesh type polyester, and the two outer layers are of high-grade PVC material.

All three layers are laminated and reinforced to make the pool super sturdy and strong. Steel frames are powder coated for maximum durability and protection against rust. Poles are uniquely shaped, so they easily and securely snap together.

It only takes about an hour to set up this huge pool. The pool has bands all around to keep the frame securely in place.

This pool set comes with a ground cloth, a pool cover, a pool ladder and the Krystal Clear TM Sand Filter Pump with a per hour flow rate of 1,200 gallons. The pump will keep the water very clear, more so if you use it along with a Saltwater System (sold separately).  At 90% full, the pool has a capacity of 6,981 gallons of water.

Dual suction outlets are also included for good circulation of water making it clear and hygienic. A set-up and maintenance DVD also comes in the box for fast and easy installation and to enjoy your pool for a extended period.

A circuit interrupter has also been included for the swimmers’ protection when the electric current gets into contact with the water. As an added feature, a repair kit has been included for small holes.Draining the pool is as easy as your garden hose works well with the pool’s drain plug.

8. Steel Pro Pool Set (15′ x 48”)

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At 48 inches deep, this pool will give you and your family hours of fun and relaxation in the water the entire summer. At 90% full, it can fit in 4,231 gallons of water.

Walls of this pool are made of 3 layers of high-grade PVC material with the middle layer being of the mesh type polyester for utmost durability. C-clips and T connectors wrapped in PVC flaps (for safety and rust protection) easily lock the steel frame together.

Steel frames are durable and sturdy to support the pool.

Pool design gives it an easy set-up either alone or with one companion in about 45 minutes. Draining the pool is also as easy with its flow control valve within the lining which will not allow water to surge in all directions. With a diameter of 15 feet, you can even play volleyball in the pool.

9. Steel Pro Frame Pool (118″ x 79″ x 26″)

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With 872 gallons of water (90% full), a family of 4 can enjoy the water and feel relax for the summer in this pool. This pool can be about 23 inches deep, more than enough to sit and enjoy the cool water amidst the hot summer sun.

This pool sets up easily. It is strong and durable too with three layers of Polyester and PVC high-grade materials on the sidewalls complimented by metal frames that are highly resistant to rust.

Metal frames connect through lock pins and T-connectors hidden behind PVC flaps for rust protection and safety of swimmers. T-connectors are secured in place by C-clips. It is also easy to drain off the water with the attached flow control drain valve.

This pool also has an inlet as well as outlet holes so you can attach a filter pump (sold separately). Along with the pool comes a repair patch for minor leaks.

A DVD instruction manual comes with set-up and maintenance guide.

10. iPool Deluxe Swimming Pool (10’ x 6.5’ x 3.1’)

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While pools allow you to enjoy the summer splashing in the water, this pool can also be used for another purpose- exercising. This compact sized pool features a Velcro harness (with a bungee cord, and belt) hanging from a super sturdy overhead bar.

Doing strokes while attached to the harness is just like doing a couple of laps in a 50-meter swimming pool for resistance training. The harness is strong enough to hold a person of any size safely.

These above ground pools come with a Raypak® 3-phased (240 V) water heater so it can be used the entire year (installation by a professional required).

The set also includes a ground mat, a pool ladder, pool cover, filter pump (110-120 V; 16 gallons per meter filtration system) and a patch repair kit.  Sidewalls are made of blue fabric laminated with PVC material.

Pipe frames are galvanized with white powder coating. At 90% full, this lightweight rectangular pool needs about 1,500 gallons of water. Kids who are just learning to swim can also use the harness to practice their strokes.

Above Ground Pools
Learn more about Above Ground Pools

So you have decided you want an above ground pool. What do you do next? Before even scouting for a pool to buy, you first need to decide where you are going to install it.  It should be a space with a level ground free of obstacles and safe for the pool and of course for your kids.

The pool should at the least be 3 feet away from the nearest structure. The space you choose should not have a septic tank, tree roots or the like underneath.

Once you have decided on space, measure the area so you know which size of above ground pools you can fit into the area.

With the size of the area determined, you can choose the shape, design, and height based on who are the ones going to use the pool. Then you go into the nitty, gritty stuff of scrutinizing the type of material, the frames, ease in installation and accessories.

The bottom line of all is, of course, the price. How much are you willing to spend for above ground pools that will bring so much fun and joy not just for the kids but also for the entire family?

Summer is always synonymous to having a good time in the water. An in-ground pool can cost you so much money. Above ground pools offer the same amount of fun at a lesser cost.