Best 3 Hatchimals for Christmas

Hatchimals have become the new hot and must-have toy.

They are the most mysterious and innovative toys of the year so far.

According to industry experts, they are going to be among the most wanted toys for next Christmas. So, in this article, I describe Hatchimal is and show best 3 Hatchimals for Christmas.

What Are Hatchimals?

Hatchimal is a new toy that comes in an egg. They are highly interactive toys that start their life in an egg. Find out more about Hatchimals.

They are being regarded a cross between a Tamagotchi and Furby.

The robotics toy company named Spin Master LTD released this innovative toy at the New York Toy Fair and since then, it has become a buzz in the toy industry.

Types of Hatchimals

So far, three different kinds namely Owlicorns, Pengualas, and Draggles are available in the market.

But more versions might be released into the market soon. Owlicorns appear to be Toys”R” Us exclusive and Draggles are green and purple speckled egg.

Playing With Hatchimals

The interesting fact about Hatchimals is that the kids (or anybody) won’t know what kind of Hatchimal is inside the egg.

So, they must nurture the toy appropriately before it hatches. Each package comes complete with one Hatchimal in an egg, one instruction booklet, and one reference guide.  Children can do a lot of fun things with their Hatchimals.

After carefully unpacking the package, kids can play with the Hatchimal until it hatches. Inside the egg, the Hatchimal will make cute sounds, and its eyes will change colors to let the kids know how it is feeling. 

There are many ways to encourage Hatchimal to hatch. Holding the egg, tilting, tapping it, reacting to its reactions are some typical fun activities for kids. Tapping is a particularly fun experience as it taps back.

Moreover, different eye colors mean different moods of the Hatchimal inside the egg. And there are ways to change the feelings. There are more fun activities that the kids can do with a Hatchimal after it hatches.

Thus, it is a fun toy to have for your children for the next Charismas.

Below Are The Best 3 Hatchimals

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Hatchimal ReviewsThis one is Amazon #1 Best Seller in Pretend Play category. Thus, it is the most popular Hatchimal on Amazon right now.

This remarkable product is available in two different colors; Dark Green and Purple/ Green.

Both of these look cute and cool with a lot of surprises inside it.

Weighing just 15.5 ounces, it is a very comfortable toy to play with for your 5-10-year-old kids. To make sure your child enjoy playing with it, you need to read the instruction booklet carefully. Reading some of the live reviews on Amazon, you should be able to understand how happy the real customers are after buying this new, innovative toy.

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Hatchimals Pengualas ReviewsPengualas is available in two different colors; Teal and Pink.

It is costlier than the previous one.

Its colors make it perfect for girls. So, if you need multiple Hatchimals, try both Draggles and Pengualas. Or, choose one based on the color preference of your kid.


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Owlicorn Pink/Blue Egg is the new release in Electronic Pet category. Before the Hatchimal hatches, no one will know if it’s Pink or Blue Hatchimal inside.

So, it’s a good surprise to have until it hatches.

Owlicorn PinkBlue Egg Hatchimal ReviewInteresting enough, like all other Hatchimals in the market, this Hatchimal can’t hatch on its own. Love, care, and interactions slowly make it hatch.

At different stages of its life, your kid will have different fun experiences.

This one is by far the costliest among all the Hatchimals on Amazon. And with the surprise and fun, your child can have with it; you might be so jubilant to see your kid be delighted getting one of these.

All three of these products are getting stock out very often on Amazon.
So, make sure you grab one of your kid when you find any available one. You can also find other toys with great deals.