10 Best 10 Inch Subwoofer Reviews 2017

10 inch subwoofers with high quality are hard to find, and choosing one is never easy. Every brand of the subwoofer has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the every product’s distinct features before purchasing a 10-inch subwoofer. A detailed comparison of the models should help any car owner look for a subwoofer that meets their needs.

Now, we come up with some of the best deals you can find if you want to purchase a 10-inch subwoofer:

10 Best 10-inch Subwoofer Reviews

1. JBL CS1014 10″ Subwoofer

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This JBL CS1014 10″ Subwoofer is rated at 500 Watt Max and 125 Watt RMS, giving you a high-quality sound.

Its polypropylene woofer cone is light as a feather, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

It has a 1.5″ voice coil, a 4-ohm impedance, and it’s quality made.

2. Pyle PLPW10D 10″ Subwoofer 

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade the audio system for your car, motorcycle, or boat, Pyle has everything you need. It will bring life to your sound system. The Pyle PLPW10D 10 inch Subwoofer will push your audio to the max!

This 10″ small-enclosure unit will add an extra punch to your low-end and provide the sound you want. The 2-Inch 4-layer high-temperature dual voice coil produces the sound.

It comes with a 50 oz. heavy-duty magnet, pushing 1,000-watt max power.

It’s all contained in a stamped steel basket for durability. The wide, non-fatiguing rubber suspension enhances the booming sound.

Its very construction keeps your equipment safe and extends the life of the subwoofer.

3. Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime R2 DVC Subwoofer

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The Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime R2 DVC Subwoofer features a 2-inch copper clad aluminum voice coil. It is housed in a stamp cast frame structure.

It handles a 250 Watt RMS. And the 4-Ohm Dual Voice Coil design lets you to wire them in various configurations.

Kevlar Fiber is reinforced with a paper cone. This 10 inch subwoofer has a 500-watts maximum power handling.

It features a mica injected polypropylene cone with poly-foam surround. What sets the Rockford apart from the other is its concentration on accurate bass production with precise timing.

Hence, with its emphasis on accuracy instead of pure volume, the crisp bass has the ability to sound louder without affecting the listeners’ ear drums at the same time.

4. Planet Audio AC10D ANARCHY 10 inch Subwoofer

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This Planet Audio AC10D ANARCHY 10-inch Subwoofer comes with a dual 4 ohm 2″ voice coil.

It features a 1500-watts max and 750-watts RMS power handling.

It has an 87dB sensitivity, 39 Hz resonant frequency with a poly injection cone and foam surround.

5. Rockford Fosgate P1S4-10 Punch P1 SVC 10-inch Subwoofer

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Now this Rockford Fosgate P1S4-10 Punch P1 SVC 10 inch Subwoofer features a 2-inch copper clad aluminum voice coil, contained in a stamp cast frame structure which has a flex fit basket design.

This 10-inch subwoofer has as Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cone with high-density polyfoam surround. It has a power rating of 250-watts RMS and a 500-watts peak power rating.

6. Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow 10 inch DVC Subwoofer 

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This subwoofer from Rockford Fosgate is an R2 Ultra Shallow 10 inch DVC Subwoofer is housed in a stamp-cast with integrated spider venting with a mica injected polypropylene cone.

It has a mounting depth of 3.4″ and a 400 watts power handling.

Its linear spider is stitched with 16 AWG tinsel leads.

7. Skar Audio IX-10 D4 Subwoofer 

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The Skar Audio IX-10 D4 Subwoofer is a 10 inch subwoofer that features a single slug premium ferrite magnet, combined with a two-inch high-quality voice coil.

This is a dual 4-ohm subwoofer has an RMS power of 200 watts and a max power of 400 watts. Its magnet weight is 44 OZ. It has an advanced air flow cooling system.

The IX Series is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a price friendly, affordable, and clean subwoofer setup in your vehicle.

IX Subwoofers were designed to be both extremely efficient as well, and work great in both vented and sealed applications.

8. Orion XTR104D 10″ Car Subwoofer

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The Orion XTR104D 10″ Car Subwoofer is a paper cone woofer with a power handling of 500-watts RMS and a 1000-watts peak. It features an oversize nitrile-butadiene rubber sound and a dual cooling system.

It is stitched and looped with tinsel leads.

The new XTR Woofers bring a series of changes to the benefit of the consumer.

The new XTR handles a much higher power compared to its predecessor and also has a better low-frequency response.

9. PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10 inch Subwoofer

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This is the PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10 inch Subwoofer has a mica-injected resin cone and a 3-1/8″ mounting depth. It has a power range of 100-300 watts RMS and a 1,200 watts peak power.

This 10-inch subwoofer also boasts of its frequency response of 20-125 Hz.

It is a lower frequency than most other competitors can brag about as well.

10. Polk Audio db1040 

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Incredible sound, affordable price. A marine single voice coil subwoofer speaker, this 10 inch Polk Audio db1040 is equipped with black dynamic balance polymer composite cone.

It has a frequency response of 28-200 Hz. Its power handling is 270 watts RMS and 540 watts peak.

The unique laser-based Klippel measurement technology completely focuses the subwoofer’s voice coil in the magnetic field, thereby enhancing the BL linearity and the X-max, and the sub’s micro and macro dynamics, for an extensive and accurate bass.

Its ABS dust cap, which is injection molded, also solidifies the cone to stir displeasing resonance for a wonderful low distortion and high impact bass response.

Why to Choose a 10 inch Subwoofer?

10 inch subwoofer reviews for your car, boat and more.

Undeniably, subwoofers bring about a substantial effect in any music setting. The bass is the thing that characterizes the state of mind and beat of the sound involvement. Without that power, listening to music anyplace, including the confines of a car, loses considerable enjoyment potential.
Any person who is considering to buy an upgrade to their current sound system ought to know the cutoff points of their auto and what’s in store from a fantastic 10-inch subwoofer.
Another noteworthy benefit in purchasing a subwoofer is that it takes the burden of the low frequency bass off the other speakers, which then pulls power from other frequencies to produce.
This creates a much clearer sound from other loudspeakers, as well as the subwoofer. It is critical to acquire one that can create bright, fresh, and overwhelming sound without losing quality at extraordinary volumes.
The very nature of the subwoofer itself is likewise essential, as nobody needs to purchase a similar subwoofer each couple of years.

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