10 Beginner Piano Songs Everyone Can Learn

Have you ever desired to play the piano but always ended up not doing so? Do you know this can prevent you from achieving your dreams of playing beginner piano songs? The reason is probably that you have a very busy schedule, and most likely it will not allow you go for your music class. But the question is if there is a better way to learn how to play songs on the piano, will you give it a shot?

The good news is that many online piano lessons will make it much easier and understandable for you to learn how to play songs on the piano. The richest and most accessible to follow online lessons is Pianoforall. You will learn how to play the piano with the aid of songs that will motivate you to keep learning. For the primary time, let’s continue with the discussion on beginner piano songs.

Why Beginner Piano Songs First?

By beginner piano songs, we do not necessarily mean that the songs are for children or nursery rhymes. Rather, they are songs that are easy to play using a note or chord which is not too difficult to play, and some of them even just need three to four chords to produce a harmonious sound.

Recommended Beginner Piano Songs for You

Here is the list of most popular, easy piano songs that everyone can learn pretty fast.

Note: The list is our opinion, so someone may find some of these songs difficult to learn.

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  3. Ode to Joy
  4. Top of the World
  5. Auld Lang Syne
  6. Bingo
  7. Row, Row, Row your Boat
  8. For He is a jolly good fellow
  9. Amazing grace
  10. Out of the Jet Plane

If you still want to try other beginner piano songs, all you need to do is find a song with chords or notes that are easy to follow through. You should also look for opportunities to learn to play songs which are necessarily not for children.

Know Your Piano

It will only be useful to play piano songs for beginners if you are already abreast with the basics. That can only be achieved if you have a sound understanding of the piano. How can you get that right knowledge? It is by doing it right when learning how to playing the piano as a beginner. The problem with doing it on your own is that there may be some things you are likely to forget, so you have to find a program which can teach you how to play the piano.

An excellent interactive beginner’s course for you will be something that will give you flexibility and a good list of beginner piano songs which can build your playing to its full potential. Remember that learning to play songs on the piano involves two things which are, training yourself to listen to music and learning to read music. The absence of any one of them will do you harm and as such any beginner’s course lacking these two things is not worth putting your money on.

best beginner piano songs

The information presented so far are very useful to anyone interested in learning how to play songs on the piano. If you want to be better-playing beginner piano songs and even more, make out time to check Pianoforall.