5 Basic Kinds Of Online Writing Jobs

Freelance content writing has become so popular around the world. There are few reasons behind that. Firstly, there is a huge demand for online content writing. We don’t know how many websites, blogs, and online newspapers are there. In fact, it’s endless. And all these sites need writers to write for them. Writing is a creative world and requires some basic skills. It pays well if you can generate quality content. If you are new to online writing jobs, you should have a basic understanding of common types of online content writing. Following are five common types of online writing jobs:

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1. Website Content Writing

Writing website content is one of the most common online writing jobs. In involves writing content for a business’s website. Homepage, About Us, Why Us, Products, and services, are common pages every business website has. And Writing these pages is website content writing. It requires a writer to understand the business of the website, research some competitors of the websites to produce quality website content.Online Content Writing

2. Blog And Article Writing

This is the most basic and most popular form of online writing job. This is comparatively easier than the previous one. You will be given article title, keywords to research and write an article. As long as you follow the instructions, stay relevant to article title and produce error-free content, you should be fine. In fact, around 75 percent of online content writing involve writing blog and article writing.

3. Reviews Writing

Review writing is different from blog and article writing. While you will write about any given topic in article writing, in review writing, you will be writing about products, services, websites, companies and more. You need to search online to find relevant information about the product, find customer reactions, real customer reviews, product specifications and more to help new customers make a well-informed decision. The idea is to help the customers know what the product is, what performance to expect from them and what are bad options.

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4. Corporate Copywriting

A lot of businesses usually employ freelance copywriters to do their brochures, employee manuals, promotional copy and lots more. More of this kind of online writing jobs are in the market because companies are trying to cut their in-office writers and have freelance writers in order to cut cost. All corporate copywriters are expected to be well versed in business writing and also corporate practices. In fact, a perfectly done job brings forth more promising jobs and referrals to other clients.

5. Grant Writing

A grant writer’s job is to research and write proposals to give non-profits and other great organizations a chance of receiving funding from government agencies. This proposal involves the writing of applications, taking care of reasons for the funding and to describe the applicant and the plans of spending the funds. Grant writers are also expected to take care of all follow ups. There are lots of grant writers out there, even if most companies do employ grant writers.

Online Writing Jobs
Content is always the king, so make sure you prepare quality content for your online writing jobs

These are 5 most common online writing jobs. If you are looking for online content writing jobs, start mastering one or more of these kinds of jobs. Being a versatile writer is always good for you as a writer. So, start writing online from today!

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