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As we approach the season of new La Liga matches, it is important to understand who will be the main favorite of the upcoming championship. Of course, the current winner of the gold medals, the Catalan Barcelona, has the greatest chances for the triumph, but so does its main rival, Real Madrid.

The season 2018/19 can be called one of the worst for the Meringues in the last 15 years. At the end of the championship, even the appointment of Zinedine Zidane to the position of the head coach didn’t help. The athletes simply had no motivation to do their best in every match, which was clearly seen in their final position in the standings.

In the summer of 2019, Real was active in the transfer market for the first time in a long time. Militao, Jovic and a number of other players will become the basis of the future team. The former leaders need a worthy replacement, and Florentino Perez sees it in the players mentioned above. And they should demonstrate their maximum not only in the matches of La Liga, but also in the international arena.

However, it will be e extremely difficult for the team to demonstrate the so much needed result from the first matches. Football players need time to become a team. Moreover, the fans will demand Zidane to show good results already starting with the first rounds.

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The restructuring of Madrid team should be held gradually, but at the same time, only the players hungry for victories will join the club. How too many triumphs can influence the situation was clearly seen in the previous season.

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It will be extremely difficult to catch up with Barcelona, ​​but the Meringues have all the required conditions to do this, from the length of the bench to the fantastic motivation.

The previous season, Real Madrid lost points in matches against middle class teams and outsiders too often, which led to the gigantic gap between the club and the Blau Granas. On fscores‘ pages, you will be able to track in real time how this gap changes depending on the results of a particular match. Please, note that it is easy to follow this information via any gadget.

Therefore, the upcoming season promises to be a true festival of great football. Unfortunately, only time will tell whether the star club from Madrid will succeed in becoming a single team right away. In the meantime, football fans can only wait and hope that the season 2018/19 will remain the worst in the modern history of the Meringues.

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