Afraid of Flying: Try these 3 Meditations

If you are aviophobia, you would probably clench up on the way to the airstrip after getting an alert on cheap holidays. Once you deplane, that is when you sigh with relief. But the time you find out how meditation can be helpful, you wish you had known it earlier. See, fear of flying is not inherited. It develops out of nowhere and can make travelling so stressful even after finding out about cheap holidays.

Meditation carries a handful of perks that curb the fear of flying. Thus, if you often experience terrible anxiety about where you are going or simply fear flying on an airplane, the best thing to try is meditating. This article focuses on three meditations you can attempt when you experience the fear of flying.

On your Way to the airfield

Typically, the fear of flying does not take effect once you board. It begins even at home when you are getting ready for your trip. Thus, you can attempt meditating on your wat to the airport. The only thing that you are required to do is to shut your eyes and tell yourself that the flying experience is going to be the best.

You should focus on the good moment you are having in your car. Visualize yourself having some coffee just after walking into the airport. That Way, you will avoid being filled with fear. The bottom line to this is to stay positive all through your Way to the airfield.

During Takeoff

In the course of takeoff, anxiety tends to occupy the most part of many travelers. This is another ideal moment to meditate. It is very critical to try meditating at this moment though it happens to be the most challenging of all. A guided meditation via the earbuds can be the best option for you at this very moment.

Some travelers, however, are used to meditating without guides. If you can, it is okay. But if it is your very first time to get airborne, then you would not mind getting a guide for your meditation. See, it is a critical moment, and the worst may befall you when you forget the meditation guide that you watched on YouTube.

During Touchdown

When it is time to land, flight attendants will request everyone to get ready for touchdown. It is yet another best time to close your eyes once more. At this beautiful yet challenging moment, the only thing that you need to focus on is what will happen after you deplane. Think about where you will be going in the next hour. Forget about the landing plane and get your thoughts on other things that brought you there.

Bottom line

You do not have to fight hard to stay calm before and during a flight. The best thing you can try is to meditate. The best and most effective moments to try meditating are shared in this article. Next time you have a trip, try them and won’t regret it. This guide will always come in handy. Be sure to keep it with you whenever you are about to fly.

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