9 Things To Hang Over Your Bed

There are various that one needs to keep in mind while redecorating their bedrooms. Apart from choosing the right color, it is important that you find the right accessories to go with it. After deciding on all the interior decor items, one thing that often confuses people is what they should hang over their bed.

Some of the most prominent items that you can choose to hang over your bed are as follows-

1.   Mirrors

Mirrors are the natural choice of a lot of people because it is known to create a prominent focal point above the bed. Furthermore, if the size of the mirror is too big, you can balance it with other small decorative photo frames.

2.   Series Of Black And White Pictures

If you want to add an elegant taste to your bedroom, you can choose to hang black and white photographs over it. You can choose any set of photographs, and get them printed in black and white. Moreover, you can also choose to beautify the set of photographs by framing them in classical frames.

3.   Artwork

Bedrooms are a place where one sees calmness and peace. And artwork will just do the same for you. You can choose any elegant art, which you see fit for your bedroom, and hang it on the wall above your bed.

4.   Salvage

Rustic or antique pieces of iron or wood, provide a beautiful contrast to the soft bed linens. Several companies are providing beautiful headboards made up of salvaged doors. You might feel stupid at the thought of having a door above your bed, but these headboards are more than just salvaged doors or any piece of wood.

5.   Cornice

A lot of people nowadays are decorating the space above their bed with a fabric canopy tailored in an elegant manner. This canopy or cornice can be of any color depending on the color of the interior of the room. Apart from making the space above your bed beautiful, it also gives an enveloping look to the bed.

6.   Decorative Plates

You can also choose to hang beautiful plates with intricate designs above your bed. Furthermore, you can play with the arrangement of the plates to create a unique artistic arrangement.

7.   Handmade Decors

Handmade items, such as paper butterflies or decors made from thread and other decorative items can be placed over the bed. In this decor, you get to have the artistic freedom to design the space as you wish.

8.   Wallpaper

Wallpapers are also a good option to fill the space above your bed. There are a wide variety of wallpapers to choose from. Some popular choices are 3D wallpapers, Victorian theme wallpapers, and gradient-colored wallpapers.

9.   Curtains

If your bed happens to have a window above it, you can simply choose some beautiful curtains to go with your interiors. These curtains will not only fill the space above your bed but will also give a finishing touch to your windows.

These were some of the prominent options that you can go through while deciding what to hang over your bed. Each one of these options has its own uniqueness and elegance.