8 Reasons You Need a Maxi Dress

If you don’t own a maxi dress is might be time you add one to your closet. Maxi dresses are floor length dresses that are typically form fitting on the top and loose on the bottom. Coming in a variation of materials, cuts, and designs, a they’re great for any occasion. Here are the top 8 reasons we feel you need a maxi dress.


  1. It covers your legs

Maxi dresses are, of course, extra long. If you’re an athlete and are perpetually covered in bruises on your shins and knees, this is the perfect dress for you. There are just some events that call for a dress, but you’re hesitant because of those giant black and blues that are bound to steal the attention. In this case you 100% need a maxi dress.


You may want to cover your legs simply because you didn’t have time to shave this week. Throw on a maxi dress and no one needs to see the stubble.


Even if you just temporarily need to cover your legs because it’s May and you have absolutely zero tan, a maxi dress is the perfect in between. It’s easy to find summery dresses, but not easy to get that natural tan. In that case use a maxi dress as a buffer before you’re ready to jump into those above-the-knee summer dresses.


  1. They make your butt look awesome

Have you ever worn a maxi dress that didn’t make your butt look amazing? Because I haven’t. That well cut flow between tight on top and loose on bottom gives you that junk in the trunk look, even if you’re really as flat as a pancake. Veronica M shops have an awesome choice of well-cut, high quality maxi dresses that you won’t regret buying.


  1. Flowy maxi dresses drop 10 pounds

Sometimes clothing that flows makes you look bigger than you actually are. Maxi dresses however are cut to flow right at the hips, not the upper body. For this reason, the cut makes even women with more to love look slim. Everyone looks good in a maxi dress.


  1. They look fancy

There’s just something about maxi dresses that make you look dressed up. Even if they’re made of cotton, their gown-like design is great for all outings from a beach day to a fancy dinner. Shops like Veronica M have both casual and more formal maxi dresses to choose from. The neckline has a lot to do with the formalness of the dress. Check out a casual maxi dress here, and a more formal dress here.


  1. They’re super comfortable

Wearing a maxi dress, you never have to worry about sitting with your dress riding up or walking around always tugging at your dress bottom. Maxi dresses are long enough to almost feel like sweatpants!


  1. They look more expensive than they are

They’re so cute and relatively cheap! Even if you’re going to a fancy dinner party if you find a black maxi dress you’ll be perfectly dressed. Try this route rather than buying an expensive cocktail dress next time you have somewhere to go.


  1. Go well with practically any shoe

Maxi dresses can be paired with flats, sandals, heels, and wedges. This is awesome because you can just buy the maxi dress without having to worry about having to buy a pair of shoes to match it. More than likely you’ll already have something in your closet.


  1. You can style them in so many way

Maxi dresses come in a ton of different designs and cuts. Some will look fancier than others, but it’s really easy to make a casual one look like you’re ready to go to a ball. With the right jewelry, hairstyle, and shoes, a $10 dress can make you look like Cinderella.


If you don’t already have a maxi dress you need to buy one before the summer months come. While you can wear them in literally any season, they’re especially popular in the warmer months. Check out Veronica M for their newest arrivals!