7 Tips on How to Be a Better Singer

How to be a better singer? This question must be in your mind if you are just starting out your musical journey. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even the people who are born with natural singing talent, they also need the training to maintain their voices.

There are all kinds of tools and steps involved in the journey to be a better singer. It includes vocal training, breathing exercises, posture training and all that fun stuff. Here are the best tips to help you along on your journey to stardom.

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Crucial Tips on How to Be a Better Singer Fast

1. Breathing Techniques

how to be a better singer? Start doing a breathing exercisesBreathing is the main thing that you need to focus on to be a better singer. Try using your diaphragm for breathing while singing. There are a lot of exercises like ‘panting’ and ‘toilet pushes’ that could help you in this. If you want to check whether you are breathing correctly or not, lie down on flat on your back. Put one hand on your stomach and then inhale or exhale. Make sure that it’s your belly, not your chest; that’s rising and down. By constantly doing the breathing exercises you will become able to sing from your diaphragm. That will make your voice better, and you won’t do a damage to your voice like if you sing from your throat.

2. Vocal Training

Just like strength training to tone your muscles, you need to train your throat and face muscles to achieve the best singing voice. To do that, you need a professional voice coach who can guide you through every step of the way.

3. Know Your Limits

Good singers are aware of their vocal range so that they don’t damage their voice by going beyond it. Try the highest note you can sing and then bring it down to the lowest note. Then do this again and match your notes to that of a piano and you’ll know your range.

4. Good Posture

how to be a better singer? Be sure to have a correct posture.
Having a good posture is the MUST!

Straighten up your back and keep your head up (it should be in line with your shoulders). Relax your shoulders and make sure nothing can block air passage from your lungs to your mouth. Good posture is necessary if you want to be better at singing.

5. Warm Up Before You Sing

Just like you don’t go for a run without stretching. First, your voice needs the same attention too. Warm up your voice before you sing. Warm up exercises sound borderline silly and stupid. Find a private place and practice your high and low notes. Do tongue trills, stretch your mouth and do scales with ‘Ooh wee ooh oohweeoohweeohh’ sound to go from high to low notes. Keep in mind, even great singers warm up their voices in an inelegant way. It’s not about how you sound; it’s about preparing your voice to sound great.

6. Recognize Pitches

You can learn to recognise pitch by playing the piano. Press down a key on the keyboard and try to match the sound it makes with an ‘ah’ sound from your mouth. Do this for notes of every pitch until you can match your voice without any effort.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your singing every time that you can. Dedicate at least 60 minutes to singing practice daily if you want your voice to keep getting better.

how to be a better singer? Practice makes it perfect, so practice every day.
How to be a better singer? Practice every day at least one hour.

If you want a professional voice coach to teach you every one of these things and more, check out Superior Singing Method. So, there are 7 essential tips on how to be a better singer easily. You should implement these tips in your daily life. Also, remember one thing – practice makes it perfect!