7 Strange Reasons Your Back Hurts

Back pain is a very common issue. It affects people of all ages. It can be chronic, acute or sub-acute, depending on different factors like duration and severity of the pain. When your back hurts, you may feel certain sensations or feelings like piercing or shooting pain, a dull ache or a burning sensation. Back pains can start from the neck to all the way down to the waist area. Sometimes they target specific areas like the lower back or just the neck. There are several reasons why your back could be hurting, following are seven strange reasons your back hurts.

Strange Reasons Your Back Hurts

1. Misaligned Pelvis

The position of the pelvis is a fundamental element in preventing back pains. Pain in the lower back normally is because of misaligned pelvis. Your pelvic girdle has three bones, and these can shift depending on the muscles that are stiff or weak. Pulled low back muscles stiffness and pain. This will happen when the left side of your pelvis rotates to the right. The 90/90 medial hamstring drill is a recommended exercise for fixing this back issue.

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2. Texting Neck

Texting neck another common cause of back pains. If your back hurts most of the time, you might consider checking the position of your neck whenever you use your mobile phone. If you see someone with a giraffe or chicken head, that person could be suffering from forward head posture. It is an ugly sight because it makes the shoulders hunch forward, the head droops down and the back curves, making it look humped. One of the most recommended treatments or program for texting neck is the FHP program or the Forward Head Posture Fix.

3. Weak Abdominal Muscles

When the ab muscles are weak, chances are you are going to suffer from hurting back. The core muscles should be working as a team (stomach/ab and back muscles working collaboratively) whenever you carry or lift heavy objects. When your ab muscles get weak, it means that other team members – like muscles in the lower back – must perform more. This causes pain and fatigue in the lower back. This condition can even lead to injury. I highly recommend you special programs like core strength exercise programs that are designed to prevent back pains caused by weak abdominal muscles.

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4. Sitting for Too Long

If you have not considered sitting as a reason for your back pains, then you should probably start checking how long you spend in that position. You could be sitting for 8 hours a day without a break, and you think it is just alright. The truth is that you could be damaging your back by doing that. This is a common problem with people doing office or administrative jobs. They have to sit and work in front of the computers most of their working hours; thus the back hurts. The common fix for this problem is to move around now and then. The objective is to prevent your spine from being compressed, and that happens when you sit for too long.back pain relief5. Repetitive Physical Work

People who do manual tasks – like yard work – on a regular basis are supposed to be immune with body pains. But that is not the case. Repetitive physical work can eventually turn the body weak, suffering and constantly in pain – especially the back area. Repetitive means doing the same tasks over and over again and in the same position every time you do those tasks. For instance, if you have to shovel, sweep or lift heavy stuff all the time, you are putting pressure on your back regularly. The best fix? Shifting positions or changing your work system.

6. Endometriosis

Aside from making the wrong physical movements and activities, certain conditions can also cause back pains. For women, backaches may get worse if they have endometriosis. This is a condition wherein the uterine lining is growing outside of the uterus, and it causes irritation to the surrounding tissues. This could lead to lower back and abdominal pains that can cause a disturbance; especially when a woman is on her period.strange reasons your back hurts

7. Stress

Yes, stress can be the reason why your back hurts. Being uptight or stressed out for an extended period can cause muscle tension, which in turn can cause spasms and aches – specifically in the shoulders and neck region and the lower back. Deep breathing, walking and yoga are the possible fixes that you should try when stress is starting to cause aches on your back.