7 Signs You Need To See A Fertility Doctor

Women go to their OB-GYN for anything concerning their reproductive health. In most cases, this situation works out fine. You may need to change from just your OB-GYN to seeing a reproductive endocrinologist if you have been trying to get pregnant and you aren’t having any luck. Fertility doctors can help by identifying the main reason why you are not conceiving. If you are not sure if you should see a fertility doctor or not, carry on reading. Following are seven signs you need to see a fertility doctor:

Reasons To See A Fertility Doctor

You Have Been Trying To Conceive For Over A Year But Without Any Luck

In every single month, you have a twenty percent chance of becoming pregnant. As most couples conceive after one year, most doctors will ask you to wait for 12 months. Still, if you don’t seem to be having any luck, you should try to find the reason consulting with a fertility doctor.

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If A Patient Has Got Pre-Existing Conditions

Certain medical issues can disturb the likelihood of you becoming pregnant on your own. Some of these circumstances include low sperm count, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS. Physical blockages, or prior chemotherapy as well, can also make seeing a fertility doctor the best move for you.

Women Over The Age Of Thirty -Five Who Has Had No Success Even After Trying For Six Months

Celebrities like Halle Berry and Kelly Preston might have been fortunate for being pregnant and giving birth in their forties. But the truth is your chances of getting pregnant after age 35 decreases significantly. Therefore, for you to get the best chances of succeeding, you need to consult with a fertility doctor if you do not get pregnant after trying for over six months.

Absent Or Irregular Menstrual Cycles

If your period doesn’t come every month, or they take longer or shorter than 30 days before they come up, you need to see a fertility doctor. There’s no way you can become pregnant if your ovulation cycle doesn’t occur. Mostly, irregular menstrual cycles are a sign that you might not be having regular ovulation.

Fertility Doctors Can Help You Identify Your Reason For Intertility
Fertility Doctors Can Help You Identify Your Reason For Infertility

If You Have Had Two Or More Miscarriages

At times, being pregnant isn’t the issue, sustaining the pregnancy is. A fertility doctor can run some tests to know the reason behind the repeated losses.

If The Results Of Your Semen Analysis Comes Up Abnormal

You need to see a fertility doctor if the results of your partner’s semen analysis come up strange. Unless your doctor specializes in IUI (Intrauterine insemination), which in small cases can help deal with the malefactor of infertility, seeing a fertility doctor is the best option you have got as having a low sperm count can hinder conception.

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Your Primary Care Or OB-GYN Treatment Is Not Working

The number one thing your primary care doctor will do is visit your medical history and start some fertility testing for both you and your partner. Since each of the tests that will be carried out by your primary care physician is used to evaluate the female and male reproductive factors that will be needed to conceive, it is vital that each of these tests is performed before any fertility treatment is decided upon.

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