7 Reasons Americans Love Trump

Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the US presidential elections. He won 306 out of the 538 electoral votes. World leaders, media personalities, and US Democrats see Donald Trump as a controversial figure. Despite this, many Americans – especially from the deep South, Midwest and the Rust Belt states – support him. Here are the primary reasons why these Americans love Trump and voted for him:

Reasons Americans Love Trump

1. Donald Trump is not a politician! 

Many Americans have been angry at politicians for so long, that they are willing to try out something totally new. “Everyone is so angry at the Democrats, so angry at the Republicans, that’s why they’re gonna support this guy,” says a supporter to BBC. Americans love Trump because he is his person. Thus, Americans believe, Trump is not like other politicians who are more of puppets than self-sufficient decision makers.

Many Americans Love Trump As He is not like other politicians
Many Americans Love Trump As He is not like other politicians

2. Donald Trump is straightforward

Cindy Lyons from Mississippi tells BBC, “Donald Trump has a straightforward way, which he communicates.” These Americans love Trump because he is not afraid to say what he’s thinking, even if they are politically incorrect. However, another supporter acknowledges that he still needs to improve on his discriminatory language. He tells BBC, “I think he has a lot of growing to do.”

3. Donald Trump is Strong

“Trump shows toughness, and I love that,” says Brad from Indiana, in an interview with The Guardian. Victoria Wilen from Florida tells BBC, “My president needs bravado… somebody who is big and loud, strong and powerful.”

4. Donald Trump is a Successful Businessman

Many Americans love Trump and think that he can run the country because of his success in business. Issac Eves from Florida tells BBC, “”I think he’s someone who understands economics and international finance on a global level in many ways beyond just theory but real first-hand experience.”

5. Donald Trump is Pro-life

The National Catholic Reporter reported that Catholic, Evangelical and Mormon Americans helped deliver a Donald Trump victory. Many of them love Trump for upholding their stand against abortion. After Trump had won, pro-life activist Mark Harrington told The Atlantic, “today unborn babies get a reprieve.”

6. Donald Trump represents “rural resentment

Americans who love Trump do so as he represents the people ignored by previous governments and mainstream media. In her book, “The Politics of Resentment,” Katherine Cramer discusses the anger felt by rural Americans against urban elites. These are the farmers and the lumberjacks. Many say that even if they do hard physical work for hours, their taxes go to “lazy, urban professionals.”

They “lazy, urban professionals” as urban-based immigrants, blacks, and college-educated women. These are people Trump is equally critical of. Simply put, these Americans love Trump because he understands their anger. They love him because they believe his policies will work for them, and not for people they are angry with. Rural Americans think that Trump will bring back the American Dream.

7. Donald Trump will “Make America Great Again”

A lot of Americans who feel victimized by free trade love Trump. A lot of these are working class rural and urban Americans. They believe that he will bring millions of jobs back to the US. Trump promised to revive the manufacturing industry, which has been declining for the past 40 years. He also said he would strengthen the coal, shale and oil industries. He promised infrastructural developments as well.

A lot of Americans trust that he will strengthen their immigration policies against foreigners who abuse the system. In fact, they also believe that Trump will strengthen their borders to combat terrorism and drugs and fight unfair economic competition. Lastly, they think he will make their cities safe again and return the US to its military superpower status. Therefore, these Americans love Trump for his promise to bring back American glory.

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