5 Tips on Piano Lessons For Adults

Holding piano lessons for adults is different than it is to teach kids. Adults have formed different habits in their lives that they can’t seem to break. Also, because of those habits, they sometimes develop techniques that don’t bode well when it comes to learning piano.

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What adults need to understand before going into the process of learning piano is that logic is not everything. You can’t be a good pianist if you be analytical of everything you do. Yes, different techniques need to be followed correctly. But a huge part of learning to play the piano is by using ears. Sometimes, you just need to go with the flow instead if analysing every small thing.

5 Basic Tips on Piano Lessons for Adults

1. Become Ear Oriented 

find the best piano lessons for adults
Piano lessons for adults – learn to play songs by hearing them.

You need to learn how each note sounds. That will help you remake individual songs that you hear. You’ll know when you listen to a song which notes are used to produce it. Then you can try the notes that your ears tell you. If you want to become an excellent pianist, this is the first step. Memorise how each note sounds so that you don’t have to remember them by names.

2. Repetition Is the Key

Divide playing a song in different steps. First, learn to name the notes of the keyboard. Once you’ve perfected that, read the music that you want to play. Get very familiar with it so that you can focus your mental energy on playing the song. When you’re done with that, you can focus your energy on hand placement and how to play that song. Repeat each step until you know it by heart. That is the best practice for becoming a great pianist.

3. Look for Patterns and Harmonies

piano lessons for adults - learn to read the notes.
You should be aware how to play piano songs reading the notes.

Almost every piece of music has certain patterns that get repeated more than once during the song. There may be harmonies at play too. Look for them. It’ll make playing the song a lot easier. Understand your music before playing it if you want to save a lot of time that is otherwise wasted in making mistakes.

4. Focus on the Problem Areas

There will be parts in the song that you are playing which are difficult as compared to other areas of the song. Focus on them. Repeat them over and over again so that you can play the whole song more quickly. Remember, automation is the key when it comes to playing the piano. The less you have to think about it, the better you’ll play.

5. Combine Everything Together

You’ve learned how to play beginner piano songs. You’ve also practised your problem areas and perfected them. But it won’t do any good if you don’t combine them all together and see how it sounds. Once you’ve done that, keep practising it until you’ve got a good grip on the song. Then you can move onto the next one.

piano lessons for adults - try to combine everything you learn at once.
Try to combine everything you learn at once.

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