5 Things to Know about Online Content Writing Jobs

Writing may be a dream job for some people. Some of them are hired to create product reviews or descriptions while some others turn out to be the next J.K. Rowling. The fact is plenty writers have a higher chance to write product review rather than become best-selling authors. In another hand, many people may envy successful content writers because they are simply working from home, create a schedule on their own, and even decide their own payment. But there are lots of writers who also struggle to make a living through writing. This is because of the lack of necessary skills. Online content writing jobs requires more than just writing skills only; there are some others basic skill to become a great content writer and get plenty Writing Jobs 2016.

Become Online Content Writer. Tips That’ll Secure One of the Online Content Writing Jobs

1. Keep Original

to get one of the online content writing jobs you need to have an original style of writing.Originality is your reputation. In every post that you are written with your name on it, originality is not a bargain. Even though it may sound crazy because there are hundreds of people writing on the same subjects, but it actually easier than you think. Talented writers can always add different perspective and touch of a unique voice. Plagiarising is always bad for your employers, SEO, and also worse for you. The only way to protect your work and reputation is to always be original. You can also use plagiarism online program to check out whether your writing duplicates other works or not.

2. Know Basic SEO, CSS, HTML, and WordPress

You do not have to be a programmer, though, only a few basics are enough. Updating the SEO knowledge is crucial because search engine algorithms constantly change. Therefore, writers should always keep up with the latest change. In addition, WordPress also has various automatic functions levels in which if you want to make your text published as you want it to be; the only way is to find out the solution in text/HTML to manipulate the code.

3. Keyword Research But Never Stuffing

keyword research is very important while getting one of the online content writing jobs

SEO is always the main point of the discussion related to online content writing jobs. To make the post rank well, it should contain the related keywords. However, as much as we all think keywords are important, but stuffing a text with keywords will give a negative impact on the content readability, conversion rate, as well as the rank in search engine. Just because people searching for the related keywords or grammatically incorrect keywords; it does not mean that you should incorporate it into the text.

4. Avoid Passive Voice

Passive voice is a kind of sentence when you switch the object and subject position. An article or text will sound much brilliant and smart if the writer uses less passive voice. Even though both active and passive voice sentence may have similar meaning but passive voice appears less exciting.

5. Readability

Unless the text is mostly about technical or niche, your writing should be at the low level. This does not mean that you can write low-quality text, but since your readers come from various education background; keep it readable is better. You do not have to completely dumb things down; you just need to reduce the use of complex sentence to make the text more readable.

write content that has a high readibility to get one of the online content writing jobs

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