5 Essential Yoga Tools For Beginners

Beginning yoga practice may not be as comfortable and easy experience as it is in many other forms of exercises and sports. Practicing yoga can be very overwhelming for the beginners. Yoga tends to promote control of the body and mind. It trains the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and peace. When doing yoga, various tools or props can help you to feel comfortable, most especially for the beginners. Following are five basic yoga tools you must have when starting your yoga exercise and fitness journey:

Essential Yoga Tools For Beginners

Yoga Mat 

Yoga MatYoga Mat is of high importance to any yogi as most forms of yoga require you to do the poses on the floor. A good mat will keep you safe and cushy if you plan on practicing quite often. So, I recommend you to invest in a high-quality mat. A thicker mat provides your knees and below your spine with enough cushioning compared to a thinner mat which doesn’t have that much weight neither does it give the satisfying cushioning a thicker mat could give. More Lightweight mats are advisable if you travel often.

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Get your desired mat and bring it to your yoga class always because mats are personal items. It is not a good idea to share mats with others. Clean your mats with white vinegar, sea salt and dry in the sun for a day. Try out different lengths, sizes and levels of thickness of several mats to find your favorite. Thus, a yoga mat is one of the must-have yoga tools for beginners.

Yoga Blocks

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Yoga blocks are another necessary tool for beginners. Blocks can be helpful for both the beginner and experienced Yogi. For beginners, yoga blocks help especially when the Yogi hasn’t gotten the flexibility yet. The main point to remember while making use of a block is not to put your weight on it totally. Blocks are helpful for going deeper in a stretch, balance poses, and many others. They can also work as support for several parts of the body. People with tight groins can use up to two blocks in seated poses like the Buddha Konsana. When getting a block, you’d need to think about the kind of support you need in your practice. Thus, Yoga Blocks can be one of the comfort yoga tools for beginners.

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Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are perfect for those who aren’t flexible yet. Straps allow you to reach and go deeper in forward bends. They provide yogis with length and put limbs within reach too. If you can’t afford a strap yet, you could improvise by using any sturdy rope or scarf, but yoga straps come with a buckle to help make a loop for your hand or foot. Therefore, it can be one of the very useful yoga tools for beginners.

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Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster is a large cushion or pillow or anything used to hinder pressure or support part of the body; they help one relax in various poses. They are excellent for beginners as they can assist one in staying longer in poses while remaining comfortable. You can be less tensed and stretch while you focus on controlling your breath.

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Yoga Towel is one of the necessary Yoga Tools For Beginners
Yoga Towel is one of the necessary Yoga Tools For Beginners

Yoga Towels

Yoga towels can be great as useful as all other yoga tools mentioned here. It is a must if you’re trying out the Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga is a type of yoga that involves a series or set poses and is usually done in a hot room above or at body temperature.A beach towel would be nice, but microfiber towels fit adequately over a yoga mat and are totally absorbent. They can also add up to a mat or be a barrier between you and a nasty communal mat in the gym.

These are some common yoga tools you should have when you start yoga. Try Yoga For Fat Burn to have useful fat burning yoga tips and techniques.