4 Tips on How to Play the Keyboard


Some say Piano is one of the trickiest instruments to learn. But every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, it is its beautiful sound. To start with learning keyboard for beginners, you must acquire some basics about it. This article will give you a leg up to learn how to play the keyboard if you are just starting out.

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4 Essential Tips on How to Play the Keyboard for Beginners

1. Get Familiar with Your Instrument

how to play the keyboard for beginners
How to play the keyboard? First, get familiar with your instrument. Learn everything about it!

Pianos have a wide range varying in style, size, and cost. Mostly people idealize a medium-sized upright piano because not only it produces much better sound, but it also takes up less space than a grand piano. It is possible to find cheap keyboards and even free but to move a piano from place to place is dangerous and challenging. Always go for the professional delivery service.

When you buy a used piano, it’s possible that you need to get it tuned and even repaired yourself. Go for someone who’s familiar with how everything works, to check your piano’s condition before you spend any money on it.

It is better to purchase a decent piano over a high-quality electronic keyboard because electronic keyboard requires proper posture and hand positioning and you will never be able to put your maximum efforts on sound. There are some electric pianos, though, that have their keys weighted to feel like a real piano. But, the basics are the same.

2. Learn the Terminology

Learning the languages is one of the core steps for beginners. The same instrument can have many names and variations. They can differ from each other in producing sounds and control over a range of dynamics. Try to take a look at these specifications.

3. Understanding the Keyboard

Mostly all keyboards have the same key layout, but they differ in the number of keys. The keys are of two types: Black and white keys.

  • Primary notes are only 12. Each set of 12 notes is the same as another set the only difference is off pitch high or low.
  • The single white key is part of the C Major scale.
  • Each single black key is either called a “sharp” (#) or a “flat” (b)

4. Play a Song

Try to play a song starting from C3. Yes, imagine you are walking and with every next step play the white key until you reach C4. It will not sound like the song, but it will help you to understand basics. It is something called reading music. You can also get training in this skill by taking lessons. You can learn by ear too.

After getting a good sense of how each note sounds, listen to a song and try to figure out the keys that you think can make the same notes. It is hard at first, but this is something very brilliant and will never be wasted. Start with a song you are very familiar. The only difference is instead of speaking words capture the notes used.

how to play the keyboard? Learn to play some popular songs.
Learn to play some favorite song on the keyboard. It will be a lot of fun, and you’ll learn a lot.

You can also get some sheet music. Give a visit to a local music store, and tell them that you are a beginner and you want to learn how to play the keyboard. Tell them your areas of interest in music. They can recommend a good book and also can guide you about an excellent piano teacher. You can start your journey there.

But if you want to follow a very simple course that is designed to teach keyboard for beginners in a playful way, check out Pianoforall.

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