3 Ways to Improve Muscle Tone Drastically

When it comes to muscle tone, there are a lot of misconceptions. We often hear people say that want toned muscles. We see people engaged in active resistance training sessions with one goal in mind: how to make a muscle tone more visible. Most of the time, they are women wanting to achieve the set standards of a desirable female body. But what exactly is muscle tone?

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What is Muscle Tone?

There are two ways to define muscle tone.

Physiological Definition

In Physiology, muscle tone refers to the tension a muscle retains even when it is in resting state. It’s the natural firmness of your muscles when you are not tensing them intentionally. That’s what muscle tone means in Physiology.

Conventional Definition

The most popular way to describe muscle tone is how clearly a muscle is visually defined. But for these muscles to be visible clearly, you need to be of a lean physique. Only then we can say that the person is ‘toned’.

The Purpose of Muscle Tone

improve your muscle tone fast
A good-looking muscle tone makes you more attractive.

If we go by the physiological definition, the use of muscle tone is to improve your body’s reflex responses. You know, when you touch a hot surface, your arm automatically jerks back? That’s a reflex action. Muscle tone defines how fast you take back your arm.

So, if we engage in muscle toning exercises, it will be good for our body’s safety. If we continue the above example, how fast we take back our arm will control how much our hand gets burned. So, if we look at this way, muscle toning is for improving our body’s safety mechanism.

But if we think about the general use of muscle toning in our society, it’s more for a cosmetic purpose. Women get slimmer and tone their muscles simply because it looks good. There is nothing else to it.


How to Tone Your Muscles

The primary concern for women is that they want to tone their muscles, but they also don’t want to get too big. For that, they need to fulfil a very crucial requirement first if they want to tone their body the way they want to. To tone your muscles, you’ll need to invest a good amount of time. It’s not a hard thing to do, but be ready to change your focus and habits.

1. Reduce Body Fat

That first step is to reduce their overall body fat. They need to follow strict diet plans that ensure that their bodies have no extra fat at all. If they do that, some of them may already like the way their muscles look. It’s because when the fat is reduced, the subcutaneous layer between skin and muscles gets thinner. The surface follows the contours of the muscles more efficiently, and the muscle may already appear toned.

How to improve your muscle tone? Start eating well.
If you want to reduce a body weight better start with healthy diet now.

For the best results, you can start with intermittent fasting. That is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to reduce body fat, while some muscles remain almost the same. So you may ask what intermittent fasting is? Well, that’s timing your meals at exact hours. It means you need to plan your diet in advance. The first step is to decide about eating window – time frame when you’re allowed to eat. A very effective way for people who’re doing fasting for the first time is 16/8 window. It means that you’re allowed to eat in 8 hours of your day. You shouldn’t put any calorie during other 16 hours.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous at first, but it isn’t that hard and results are incredible. The first few days may be more difficult, but after one week that diet will become in your nature. Be sure to eat only healthy food. It means a lot of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat. Never combine carbs with fat in one meal because it is a counter-effect for fat loss.

2. Strength Training

For those women, who are not satisfied with the way their bodies look, they can do strength training. Strength training includes lifting heavy weights for few repetitions. This training should be under the supervision of a personal trainer to avoid the risk of getting ‘too big’.

Some women believe that lifting light weights for more repetitions will get the same results, but they are wrong. Lifting light weights only increase endurance while lifting heavy weights increase, muscle strength. If you, by some way, think you’ll get big by exercising, that’s only the myth. People who train and eat the same amount of food like they’ve been eating before they started to train won’t experience such a difference in weight. If you want to be big, you need to be in surplus with calories.

weight lifting is the great way to improve your muscle tone

Body Weight Training is the best way to tone your muscles fast. You’re performing the compound exercises in body weight routines which mean that all your body is working. So every routine has pull-ups, push-ups, squats, crunches and other similar exercises. Also, if you combine these exercises with HIIT, then that’s the sure way to losing the excess body fat. We advise you always to do a full-body training in cycles. Every cycle should have at least 4 exercises. There are only two minutes of rest between periods, but inside the cycle, there is no rest. You’ll feel a good burn after that kind of exercise and also your muscle tone will improve drastically.

3. Sleep Well

Your muscles recover and grow while you’re sleeping. A human body needs around 8 hours of good night’s sleep every day. If you don’t have a sleeping routine yet, we strongly advise you to make the sleep a high priority in your life. It’s because if you don’t sleep well and enough, you may experience a lot of problems like the bad hormonal picture, fatigue, lack of energy, sleepiness, hard to focus, etc. You experience a muscle growth only when you’re sleeping because your muscles recover and grow during the rest. Many people have sleeping problems like sleep apnea, insomnia and others that disrupt their sleep. Please check yourself not to have any sleeping disorders and plan your sleeping schedule carefully.

Everyone who want to improve their muscle tone should have a strict and healthy sleeping routine.
Make sure to have at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night.

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