3 Crucial Tips for Fast THC Detox

You may be interested into the THC detox if you want to pass the drug test or you just want to get the THC out of the system. That way you can be free of the toxins and be clean. Marijuana is given many names, and in most areas, it is considered as illegal.  Marijuana will not make you stupid, and it does not temper the creativity and imaginations. Many people will feel the immediate effect when they smoke or consume marijuana. When the effect subsides, there are still some marijuana metabolites into the system. In this article, we’ll share some basic tips which will speed up the whole THC detox process.

The most important part of removing THC from your body is diet. You should start consuming herbs, teas and other food that is good for overall detox. Also, hydration is crucial here. If you’re interested in the full program for THC detoxification, we advise you to check 3 Week Diet.

Why THC Stays in Your Body?

thc detox
You should first learn why THC stays for so long in your body to have an effective THC detox.

The residue and chemical remnants are still within the body. There are cannabinoids and may be detected in the nails, saliva, hair, urine and blood. The drug tests look for the psychoactive cannabinoids even these that are already dormant. The THC-COOH is the primary metabolite, and it is stored in the fat cells of the body. THC and the chemical residues are the targets during detoxing from marijuana. Even if it can be kept to some degree in the liver, brain and heart, the possibility of the marijuana to be stored into the fat cell is what can make them being detected for an extended period after the use if there were no steps taken towards detoxing.

THC is stored in fat, so people who have more weight can struggle with removing THC from their bodies. Don’t worry; the basic tips are following.

How Long THC Stays in Your System?

The tests of urine can show the signs of marijuana after four weeks of usage. The blood will show the THC for some days. In the hair, the weed can be detected for some months and chronic users, it can take three months. The saliva has some THC residues for around 2 days, but in regular smokers, it can be up to 10 days. Also, keep in mind THC stays for longer in overweight people because of their fat levels in the body. To detox from THC fast, you need to remove some of your habits and change them with healthy ones. That has two benefits. First, you’ll have some control over your weight and health. Second, you will remove THC from your body fast and natural without using any supplements or drugs.

Follow These 3 Tips for Fast and Effective THC Detox:

1. Hydration

THC detox - drink a lot of fluids. If you want to THC detox you should take enough water. No type of detoxing product can work if you are not able to take enough water. Water is used to flush out things, and this includes toxins with THC metabolites. When there is no enough fluid, it can be little movement. Drinking too much water is the right way to ensure that you are excreting enough fluids as you can in the sweat or urine. Avoid any soda or other drinks with sugar because sugar is toxic for your body. By putting the toxic things in your body, the whole detox process becomes much longer.

A great thing you can drink during your days is Green Tea. Green Tea is superb for regulating one’s weight, but also it’s very effective in removing excessive toxins. If you decide to drink a lot of Green Tea, be sure not to add any sugar or artificial flavour in it!

2. Start Exercising

Exercising is good when you have detoxed, and you wish to increase the level of excretion of the fluids. You need to exercise in the way that you can sweat too much since the sweat is what will help you to get rid of some toxins. Another reason for this is that you will be burning the fat tissue and you will increase the metabolism that will help to get rid of the THC faster. It is advised to combine the strength training with the cardio. You can do some running and swimming also.

exercising is the great way for THC detox
Start with the exercise program if you want to experience the fastest THC detox.

We advise you to start with body weight training program. That kind of workout is useful in THC detox for a few reasons. The majority of applications are created as the HIIT training. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It means you’ll do a lot of exercises during the short period of small or no rest at all. You will sweat a lot which is perfect for detox from chemicals.

3. Rest Enough

Take time to rest since most of the natural THC detox will be held when you sleep. The right rest will tie up when you allow the body to function well. You need to get a good sleep and then relax. The stressed out body cannot detoxify well. There are also products that are meant to help people to detoxify; you can buy them at the local drug store. You should sleep 7 – 9 hours every night. The best way to have a good sleeping routine is to wake up every morning at the same time. For the first few days it will be hard, but after one week you’ll feel very well and rested every day. Having a healthy and strict sleeping routine should be your priority.

Sleep well and long enough for quick THC detox
Sleep well and long enough for quick THC detox

With these 3 tips, every person can do a fast THC detox. We recommend you to check 3 Week Diet. You can follow that program for a complete body detox and healthy diet. The following article is a very good read about marijuana and it can help you in detoxing – How to Quit Smoking Marijuana?