20 Best Nail Clippers 2017 Reviews

There are so many different sizes, shapes, and colors of nail clippers. That’s why it becomes very hard to purchase the best among all. To make this easy for you, we bring the list of best nail cutters to buy. We are writing a quick review of each of these best nail trimmer to give you an idea about them. So, we have done the hard-work and found the best quality nail clippers for different types of uses. We have not made any ranking because some are suitable for adults; some are for kids and some for pets. So, you don’t need to search or go anywhere else if you want to purchase a nail cutter for your newborn baby, dog or cat.

What To Look For When Buying Nail Clippers?

When you are selecting or purchasing a toenail or fingernail clipper, you make sure that it has as many of the following features as it is possible.

  • The product should be made with stainless steel
  • It should be durable to protect your clipper from rust
  • The blades should not be only sharp but also strong
  • The design of clipper should be flexible to give you comfortable grip
  • The price should not be very high or cheap to get quality product
  • There should be some reviews available about product to judge quality
  • Having other features like free nail file and set of two cutters would also be great.

We have kept in mind the above points to make the following list of best nail clippers available online.

Nail Cutter

20 Best Nail Clippers 

Tweezerman Deluxe –  Set of clipper for toe nails and finger nails

[amazon box=”B009WUA658″ template=”bigbox”]

These Tweezerman products are known for its simple but likable design. It comes in the set of two; the bigger one for fingernails where the smaller one for toenails. It is made of stainless steel which has sharp and durable blades to cut your nails in perfect shape at the very first attempt. Its stainless steel material makes these clippers durable which means that you can use them in the tub or while taking a shower.

Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Cutter

[amazon box=”B000F35R00″ template=”bigbox”]

If you are looking for stylish and small nail cutter, then this product is a perfect choice for you. It is durable, made of stainless steel and has a die-cast lever for grip to get smooth results.  Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper is not designed for cutting toenails. The very sharp blades of this clipper allow you to cut and shape your nails without hurting your fingers. Overall, it is a fine choice you can go for.

Swiss Army Victorinox Nail Clippers

[amazon box=”B001U52C9Q” template=”bigbox”]

This Army Victorinox product is designed to give your nails a perfect shape. It does come up with sharp blades to allow you to smooth your nail edges as perfectly as you may wish.  While it is made for fingers nails only, you can use it for your toenails as well. If you got messed around your finger and toenails, then purchase this one to keep your nails in shape without hurting the skin.

ClipPro-Kohm Clipper for thick toenails

[amazon box=”B01J50F2MG” template=”bigbox”]

Struggling to cut thick nails of you toe with your regular clipper?

Don’t struggle anymore to get perfect shapes of your toenails.

ClipPro-Kohm brings the set of two best toenail clippers which are specially designed for the thick nails. They have extra sharp, strong curved and wide opening blades to cut thick nails smoothly without hurting skin. They are made from stainless steel which allows you to use in the shower and their blades last longer.

Sinsun Professional Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set

[amazon box=”B019MPBXJU” template=”bigbox”]

This set of nail clipper is made of stainless steel. If you compare the size of these two, you will found that they come up in extra small and extra large sizes. Both of them are durable and rust free which means that the last longer life is guaranteed. Sinsun made sure to produce very sharp and durable blades for this clipper to reduce the risk of nail fungus.

Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper

[amazon box=”B000KEOO4O” template=”bigbox”]

It is a typical toenail clipper which is still in style and popular due to its results. Made of stainless steel, it is bit heavy as compared to other but can be used to cut acrylic tips of your nails. It fits with the size of your all toenails because this clipper does not have very wide or small opening. This product of Tweezerman is mean to design for toenails only but can be used to cut fingernails as well.

Nail Clippers For Fingernails by Clyppi

[amazon box=”B00GQ0GD4A” template=”bigbox”]

There are few companies out there who offers you a lifetime guarantee on their products related to nails care. This nail clipper by Clyppi is one of them which is wholly designed for the finger nails care. It is not just a clipper to cut your nails but it does have nail cleaner and nail file on one edge. It is made from stainless steel and has very sharp blades. The wider opening of this clipper allows you to cut perfect nails in perfect shape in the first attempt.

HQY 4 Pack Nail Clipper Set – Fingernail + Toenail – Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B01KZ14NGU” template=”bigbox”]

Not a very popular product among all but you must have it in 2017 because of its price. This clipper comes up in the set of four in different sizes and shaped (opening) for toenails and fingernails. They are made for every age and every gender of people including elderly and baby. The mix of small and large size of clippers allows you to cut nails of different sizes easily. The robust and sharp blades of these clippers cut your nails in perfect shape smoothly.

Fox Medical Equipment 2-Piece Ergonomic Surgical Stainless Steel Toenail / Fingernail Clipper Set

[amazon box=”B01DTNXI3A” template=”bigbox”]

This set of toenails and finger nail clipper is made from the same stainless steel which is made in the manufacturing of surgical instruments. They are rust durable, rust free, the product you from nail fungus and last longer due to stainless material. The extremely sharp blades of both clippers allow you to cut very old and thicker nails smoothly. The design of this clipper is good enough for those people who have arthritic hands. The nail file of the clipper is also very broad as its opening to smooth your nail edge easily.

Nail Clippers by Zizzili Basics – 3 Piece Fingernail Trimmer and Clippers with Nail File

[amazon box=”B01CO4DBD2″ template=”bigbox”]

Purchasing a set of nail clippers with a separate nail file could be hard in 2017. The reason is that the companies are not making them in one product. But this clipper by Zilzzili Basics is designed for those who want a separate nail file. Three of them are made of stainless steel and have very sharp opening blades to cut nails smoothly. The separate nail file of this clipper set allows you to clean your under nails easily with its pointed tip. You will also get a free pink carry case for your clippers and nail file with this set of nail clippers.

Stainless Steel Manicure Fingernail Nail Trimmer Clippers

[amazon box=”B00C94HNTQ” template=”bigbox”]

This is another set of three nail trimmer clippers in our list of best nail clippers of 2017. This set of three nail trimmer clipper does not just have sharp blades and wide opening but also have silver tone finish. It is an inexpensive product to purchase as compared to its stylish look and extremely sharp and durable blade. Its nail file has almost equal sizes to give your nails extra smoothness. It is made with stainless steel which made them durable and rust free.

Vaulua Nail Clipper for Fingernails and Toenails

[amazon box=”B00RAAUQQQ” template=”bigbox”]

It is hard to find a toenails trimmer which is wholly designed and manufactures for the nails of your toes. This toenails clipper by Vaulua is a must to have nail cares product because of its unique shape and design. Its unique design made it a super easy and safe toenails cutter. The sharp and strong blades of this clipper allow you to cut thick nails easily and get perfect shape without putting a lot of pressure on nail cutter. Its low profile design is specially made to get a good grip in fingers and protect it from the slip.

SpinSnips Best Precision Nail Clipper With Rotating Swivel Head

[amazon box=”B00QRCH6TS” template=”bigbox”]

This is a very old design nail clipper which is in fashion since many years and deserves to be in the list of 2017’s best nail clippers. It is large in size and can be used for both finger and toenails. Ideally known for men only but women love to trim their nails with this unique design nail cutter to get perfect shapes of nails. Its look tricky to use this clipper but its unique design is made to give you a good grip to use.

Tenby Living Smart-Grip Nail Clipper

[amazon box=”B014DXZTK0″ template=”bigbox”]

The design of this nail cutter has been introduced by Tnby Living few year ago. It goes popular due to its easy, perfect and comfortable grip which increases its clipping capability. Its cover is made of plastic but had very sharp stainless sleep blades for trimming. There is also a nail file attach with this clipper for the smoothness of your nails edge.

Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Fold Up Baby Nail Clippers

[amazon box=”B00004C8S8″ template=”bigbox”]

Saftey 1st has many different best baby nail clippers, but this one is one of the best because of its size. The blades of this cutter are sharp enough to cut baby nail in very first attempt without hurting the fingers of the baby. The opening of this product is perfect to suit the size of the baby nail. It is made with plastic and stainless steel. You can also boil it in water to keep it clean from germs. It has extended grip and curved edges to trim nails easily and closely.

Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Steady Grip Nail Clippers

[amazon box=”B0009VRR9M” template=”bigbox”]

This is another nail cutter for baby by Safety 1st, and we include this in the list of 2017 due to its unique and very comfortable design. It’s made with different material including stainless steel to give you a comfortable grip where the size of its opening is small to fit with the size of a baby nail. Although its handles may looks hard but they are not.

Dog Nail Clippers

[amazon box=”B00C7HUNJM” template=”bigbox”]

This nail trimmer is specially designed for pets like dog and cats to stop you cutting their quick. Its flexible design allows you to trim your dog nails easily. This clipper also has a security lock and depth safety guard for extra protection. It’s made with stainless steel where blades are very sharp. The reinforced spring gives you comfortable and ergonomic grips.

Safe Dog Nail Clippers Avoid Over-cutting Nails

[amazon box=”B01JGBUKOO” template=”bigbox”]

It is a small size dog nail cutter which suits with cats too. It is designed to avoid overcutting. This nail trimmer has very sharp blades to cut your pet nails correctly without hurting them. The nail cutting area is made from stainless steel where rest of body from plastic to give you a good grip. This product comes up with a free nail file to smooth the edge of your dog’s nails and give comfortable.

Trim Easy Hold Fingernail Clipper, Assorted Colors, 1-pack

[amazon box=”B005DHGKPY” template=”bigbox”]

In 2017, you should purchase this fingernail clipper due to its unique design. To provide you a good grip, its handle has been rubberized. It is available in two different colors. Under rubberized design, the whole body is made of stainless steel. It is more likely a daily use fingernail clipper for both men and women. The sharp blades and very thin blade line allow you to cut nail as deep as you want.

Harperton Nail Clipper Set

[amazon box=”B00TKS5Y3Q” template=”bigbox”]

This is a perfect set of two; the best toenail clipper and finger nail clipper. This is best among all because of it its size. This made in China product has been made with stainless steel. The sharp and strong blades allow you to cut any length and size of nail including thick nails. No need to soak your toenails before cutting if you are using this clipper to trim your nails.