14 Best Electric Skillet Reviews in 2017

An electric skillet, they say, is a magical kitchen equipment.  It cooks fast and evenly. It is easy and convenient to use. It cooks food at a constant temperature better than a pan atop a stove does and keeps food warm. It does not heat up the kitchen the same way a traditional oven does.

You can also fry, grill, griddle, roast, steam and even bake steam all in one electric appliance. It is easy to clean and maintain an electric skillet.

Make sure to always use a silicon, non-stick or plastic cooking utensils so you do not scratch the non-stick coating of the electric skillet. This kitchen equipment can be easily used by even a novice cook just as a professional cook would.

 14 Best Electric Skillet Reviews in 2017

1. Presto 16-inch Electric Skillet 

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This electric skillet is small yet powerful. It is convenient to use and comes in a very affordable price. The interior and exterior is made of non-stick material and its base is of cast iron. Its 16” size and high sidewalls allow you to cook a dish for a big group.

Cover is made of tempered glass that could withstand high temperatures. Handles remain cool even when cooking in high temperatures as well.

The Control Master® Heat Control can reach temperature of up to 4000 and maintains your set temperature so food is cooked evenly to perfection.

Heating control system runs efficiently making you save on electrical costs as compared to using a range or oven. This skillet can fry, roast, grill, steam make stews, bake cakes and create one dish meals.

The skillet and cover are dishwasher safe. Skillet is easy to clean as interior and exterior surfaces are non-stick. Heating control system attached to the based is removable.

The handles fold up to allow the skillet to detach from the base. It also stores easily as the base and handles conveniently fit inside the skillet.

It comes in a stylish design and has a keep warm control so it can also double as a buffet serving dish or food warmer.  It comes with a pouring spout for ease in pouring sauces and any liquid you may cook in it.

The spout also doubles as a spatula or spoon holder when skillet is used as a food warmer or serving dish.

2. Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

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This skillet is a versatile. It can roast, griddle, braise, bake and do a lot more. It can even be used  as a serving dish for buffets because of its huge 16 inch capacity. Its high walls will allow you to even cook and serve more food. It has a keep warm feature that makes it even more perfect.

It has a non-stick surface inside and out making cooking and cleaning in a dishwasher or by hand a breeze. It is made of heavy duty cast aluminum and comes with a glass lid that is tempered for high temperature cooking.

Glass lid allows you to monitor cooking progress at all times. Its Control Master® Heat Control can maintain accurate cooking temperatures up to 4000 for fast and even cooking. It heats up fast, too.

Even at high temperatures, its side handles and lid knob stays cool. This skillet comes with a 1 year limited warranty

3. Oster 16-Inch Electric Skillet 

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This skillet has a huge 16 inches by 12 inches non-stick cooking surface. You can cook almost anything in it. Its tempered glass cover securely fits on the skillet trapping moisture and heat for fast cooking times while maintaining food flavor and texture.

Glass lid also allows you to check cooking progress at all times. This cooking device maintains set temperature with its easy to use adjustable temperature control knob making it great for evenly frying, stewing and even baking.

Even at high temperatures, side handles and lid knob stays cool.

This skillet with a stylish and modern look washes easily by hand or in a dishwasher. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

4. Cuisinart Oval Electric Skillet 

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The non-stick cooking surface of this skillet allows you to do low-fat or even no-fat at all cooking. If you are a young homemaker looking to buy your first skillet, this one is perfect.

A convenient countertop device, temperature control dial (with indicator light) can be adjusted from warm up to 4500.  It heats up fast, too and maintains temperature for even and non-stick cooking. It features stainless steel side handles and rim along with a tempered glass cover with stainless steel handle.

Skillet is made of brushed stainless steel and runs on a 1500 watt motor.

Skillet comes in an elegant stainless steel design. With its 12 inch x 15 inch cooking surface with 2.5 inch high sides and keep warm feature, it transforms into a nice serving dish. This skillet is dishwasher safe. It comes with a 30-recipe booklet and a 3 year limited warranty.

5. Precise Heat 16-Inch Rectangular Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

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This is a very good buy for an electric skillet below $150 and made of high grade surgical stainless steel. If you want durability and longevity, this is it! Stainless steel is a very good heat conductor so this skillet heats up fast and gives even cooking.

It comes with a temperature control knob that accurately adjusts from 2250 up to 4250 F. You can cook almost anything in this skillet. Side handles are insulated and thus heat-resistant.

Skillet features non-slip legs keeping it securely in place while cooking. Cooking surface is a generous 16 inches x 11 inches x 2.25 inches.

Since it is made of stainless steel (both skillet and cover) with a high gloss finish, it is an elegant serving dish, too. Stainless steel cover ensures food is kept warm for a long time. This electric skillet is certified by the Electronic Testing Laboratories (ETL) for being a top quality product with best-selling potentials in its price range. This device comes with a 5 year warranty.

6. Proctor Silex Electric Skillet 

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An electric skillet provides high cooking professionalism without the usual stovetop hassles. An electric skillet allows you to have full control of cooking temperatures a stovetop skillet cannot provide.

When you talk of electric skillets, this one from Proctor is most preferred by professional cooks. This skillet heats up fast thus you can immediately toss in your ingredients.

It heats evenly too, eliminating hot spots and making it perfect for frying. You have full control of cooking temperatures too from 2000 to 4500. Handles remain cool while cooking. Great for frying, sautéing, stir-frying, braising, simmering and a lot more.

This skillet comes with a generous non-stick cooking surface of 16.34 inches by 11.3 inches and a height of 6.9.  Its heat resistant tempered glass cover allows you to monitor cooking progress at all times.

Glass cover perfectly fits into the skillet allowing heat and steam retention for food aroma, taste, texture and nutrients of food to remain intact. It also makes for an awesome serving dish.

7. Nesco 8- inch Electric Skillet 

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This electric skillet can be small (8” x 8”) but it packs in a lot of awesome features. It can be used to cook meals and re-heat them, too.

Cooking pan is non-stick and is relatively deep so you can cook stews and casseroles with so much ease. You can even roast in it. It comes with a glass tempered lid that can withstand high cooking temperatures.

Glass lid allows you to view cooking progress at all times without the need of lifting the cover. Skillet heats up fast and you can control the temperature depending on what your favorite recipes requires.

Handles remain cool even during high temperature cooking. Skillet immediately responses to temperature adjustments.

This skillet cleans up easily too. Detach the temperature control knob and toss both skillet and cover into the dishwasher. If you use it often it also cleans easily by hand. Made of die-cast aluminum, this electric skillet is sturdy and durable.

It works perfectly for steaming, grilling and about any food you throw inside. It runs on an 800 watt motor.

8. De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

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This skillet is a wise investment. It comes with a heating element that ensures fast heat up, even cooking and steady cooking temperatures.

Cooking temperature is adjustable depending on requirement and skillet includes steam vent holes that are likewise adjustable for easy control of steam release.

Skillet also comes with a glass tempered cover for easy monitoring of cooking progress without lifting the pan. Cover securely fits into the rim of the skillet so heat and steam will not escape.

With a cooking surface of 6 inches by 12 inches, this skillet is ideal for grilling, frying, steaming and about all cooking methods including baking.

With an aluminum base, this 8.9 pound electric skillet is dishwasher safe. It is designed to provide you with a features suitable for high quality cooking.

9. Oster CKSTSKFM12-ECO DuraCeramic Electric Skillet

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Healthy meals are what you will be able to cook in this electric skillet. It comes with a non-stick surface coating in ceramic (DuraCeramic™). Its ceramic coating makes the skillet heat up even faster making non-fat or oil-less cooking highly possible.

Food such as pork, chicken and fish cook in their own fats for healthy cooking and eating. Ceramic coated cookware is more durable (more scratch resistant) than ordinary non-stick coatings.

They heat up faster, too (20% faster) thus saving on electric consumption and most especially on cooking time.

This skillet features a tempered glass cover equipped with a steam vent to prevent too much moisture built-up. It also has a temperature control knob that is adjustable and removable.

Handles and lid and temperature control knobs remain cool even during high temperature cooking. Its spacious 12 inches by 12 inches cooking space can make you easily prepare one dish meals in a flash.

With its classy design and light weight (6.3 pounds), it becomes an ideal serving dish. Kitchen to table transfer is easy and convenient.

10. Presto 11-Inch Electric Skillet 

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If you frequently cook small sized meals, this 11 inch skillet is what you need. It is actually a mini skillet that costs less than $30. While low in price, it is still packed with superb features.

For starters, it comes with an EverNu semi-domelike square cover. Cover is made of high quality material that will not dent, wrap, bend or peel even when subjected to high temperature cooking. ‘

Its Control Master® temperature control gives and maintains precise cooking temperatures. It also comes with a non-stick (DiamondCoat) cooking and exterior surface.

This easy to use and clean skillet can cook food good for 4 persons with perfection. It is dishwasher safe and only consumes 60 Hz of electricity at 120V.

11. Rival 11-Inch Electric Skillet 

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Small with an 11 x 11 inch cooking surface but comes with everything you are looking for in an electric skillet. First, it comes with a glass cover, tempered to withstand high cooking temperatures.

Side handles and cover knob remain cool during cooking, too. It also features a steam vent that controls and traps the right amount of steam. It is a versatile skillet that can be used both for cooking and as a buffet server.

Temperature control probe is adjustable and can be detached so skillet can be tossed inside the dishwasher. Cooking surface is made of non-stick material. Heating element ensures fast and even cooking.

12. Aroma Housewares Stainless Steel Electric Skillet 

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This electric skillet is made of high quality surgical stainless steel (18/10). This stainless steel construction makes the skillet heat fast and allows it to cook evenly at between 2250 – 4250 as adjusted in its temperature control system.

Glass cover is tempered for it to be break-resistant even when cooking in high temperatures. It also allows cooking process to be monitored even without lifting the lid.

You can do almost anything with this skillet – fry, sauté, stir-fry, braise, roast, bake and a lot more cooking methods.

At 15.8 inches x 1.8 inches x 11.8 inches and only 5 pounds, this electric skillet is also ideal as a buffet server making entertaining guests in your home a lot easier.

The beauty of this electric skillet makes it worthy to be part of the Gourmet Series.

13. West Bend Square 12-Inch Electric Skillet 

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This item has features not common in most electric skillets, making it unique. It has an oblong shape with a high 2-inch wall allowing for a deep cooking surface and for more capacity.

It comes with legs that allow the cooking pan to be tilted easily thus making the food bring out its own fats easily. That can allow food to be cooked in its own fats for greaseless cooking (without the need of cooking oil) which is indeed healthy cooking.

Its non-stick cooking surface will not make food stick. Various cooking temperatures can be used with its adjustable temperature control probe, including a keep warm setting.

Detach the temperature control and the skillet and glass cover can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Handles of the skillet and glass cover remain cool even during cooking.

This items comes with an owner’s manual and some suggested recipes. It also comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

14. Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet 

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This electric skillet comes with a 12 inch deep plate for cooking food such as sukiyaki, shabu-shabu. It is also ideal for deep-frying and fondue cooking.

Deep plate and glass cover can also be used on the stove top for fast boiling. Its second plate is flat which is ideal for grilling. The set also comes with a steam plate with vents and adjustable height. All these make this skillet a multi-functional electric cooker which runs only at 1350 watts.

Flat grilling plate comes with a ceramic surface with an added non-stick titanium coat enabling healthy cooking with less oil, more durability and faster cooking time. Temperatures can be set and maintained from “Warm” to between 1760 F – 4800F using the Electronic Control pad.

Handles of the deep and flat cooking plates remain cool even during high temperature cooking. Its glass cover is tempered also to withstand high cooking temperatures and for an easy view of the cooking process.

Cover handle remains always cool and has a flat top so it is stable when cover with handle down is placed on the table. The base of this skillet has recess handles making it easy to bring to the dinner table for table cooking.

Its attractive design makes it presentable for table cooking. Power cord is detachable for easy cleaning and storing. Owner’s manual comes in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. This is an ETL listed product.

Electric Skillet
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An electric skillet is one of the most convenient and highly efficient countertop appliance you need. You can prepare perfectly cooked meals in this small appliance within controlled and maintained temperatures. Almost all cooking methods can be done in this device.

Most of them come in beautiful and trendy designs making them ideal as a buffet warmer and a dinner table cooker.