10 Useful Puppy Potty Training Tips

Who doesn’t adore puppies? Those cute little four-legged friends can truly cheer up your day! But if a doggy does his business on your bed you wouldn’t adore that, would you? So, check out these tips on puppy potty training for avoiding that your little doggy leaves a stinky mess in your house.Puppy Potty Training Tips

#1 Tip – Control their diet

Don’t overfeed your dog or your doggy can’t control himself. You just need to give your dog three small meals during the day. If your doggy faces are loose and stinky, consequently, you need to give new food to your puppy.

#2 Tip – Keep a consistent schedule of trips to outside

Go outside with your dog several times a day, preferably at the same hours to have a successful potty training. If your four-legged friend keeps doing his business in your home, perhaps you need to go outside with your doggy more times.

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#3 Tip – Praise your dog

If your dog does his business outside, praise him or give him some treat. Praising your dog is more efficient than punishment methods.

#4 Tip –Don’t rub your dog’s nose in his stools or urine

This method doesn’t work. Please don’t do it.

#5 Tip – Use a crate

Dogs are typically very clean and don’t like to stay in a place full of urine and stools. So, your puppy will warn you when he needs to go out. This way you potty train your puppy and, consequently, your dog gets used to the crate whenever you need to use it.

#6 Tip –Do regular exercise with your puppy

Doing exercise helps your dog motility.

#7 Tip –Observe your dog

Observe your dog’s behavior when he needs to satisfy his biological needs. Perhaps there are also certain moments, after which your puppy needs to go outside to do his business like when he plays.

Puppy Training#8 Tip –Clean the place where your dog had an accident

Dogs can smell an odor much better than humans, so if you want to prevent your dog from peeing in the same spot, you must clean it truly well with enzymatic cleaners.

#9 Tip –Avoid carpets

When you are puppy potty training, avoid having or passing through carpets because your dog will try to pee or make his feces on it. This happens because dogs associate carpets to grass.

#10 Tip –Use puppy boxes

If your dog can’t control himself and keeps doing his business in your home, consider using puppy boxes, so your dog has an approved local to make his stools and pee. When your dog has better control of his bladder, he will do his business outside. If your dog can’t control his bladder, take him to the vet to check if he has some health problem.

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Here you have ten useful tips for puppy potty training. Different dogs have different behaviors, so the #7 tip is crucial to have a successful puppy potty training. To train your puppy all and everything, try Doggy Dan‘s training methods.