10 Perfect Birthday Decoration Ideas For Your Next Birthday

Birthdays are one of the most important celebrations of our life. It is an opportunity to honor a human’s existence. What can be a more special celebration than a commemoration about you or your loved ones? It is only celebrated once a year, so people often make the best of it by throwing birthday parties and events. But, a birthday celebration won’t come to life without the appropriate birthday decoration.

We can all agree that it’s hard to find the perfect birthday decoration ideas every time since we all want to make the surprise better from the previous!

And you need good birthday decoration ideas to pick the best one for your next birthday. Or, you can easily establish the tone for a kid’s birthday party event and just as conveniently set the tone for a grown-up’s with the appropriate birthday decoration. Following are some amazing birthday decoration ideas for best birthday party room decoration:

Here are our Top 10 Picks for the Best Birthday Decorations:

1. PartyWoo Cute Gold Alphabet Letters Balloons Happy Birthday Decoration Aluminum Foil Membrane Ballon

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Nothing makes a kid’s birthday celebration a real party without the ‘H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y’ hanging on a wall. But making letterings, cut-outs and triangular banners are old school and tiring. Fortunately, there’s the PartyWoo Gold Alphabet Aluminium Letter Balloons to save us! Featuring 14 large pieces of balloons (Happy Birthday – 13 letters, 14’’ & 1pc 18” Heart Shape Foil Balloon) made from a gold aluminum film with a spherical shape. What’s splendid about this product is, it has a vibrant color that will shine against your backdrop. Moreover, the letters can be deflated and inflated. Thus it can repeatedly be used.

How convenient!

Surely, adults will love this birthday decoration too. Thus, these simple birthday decoration tools can create just the perfect atmosphere for any kid’s birthday party. So, it has to be one of the cool birthday decoration ideas you can apply in your kid’s next birthday.

2. “Happy F-ING Birthday” Bunting Banner – Premium Quality Party Supplies By Sterling James Co.

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Okay, so I think these birthday room decoration letters are more fitting for adults than the previous one in this article.

Congratulations! You are older!!!!

What better way to celebrate than with the premium quality “Happy F*cking Birthday” banner by Sterling James Co. This banner is the perfect room decoration for birthday to add a touch of classy decor and welcome your guests to the occasion. The beautiful, high-quality gold foil printed letters measures 36’’(for ‘Happy’) and 60” (for ‘Fucking’ and ‘Birthday’), written on each 6″ x 8″ cardstock flag, hand-strung with plenty of ribbon for hanging, and is guaranteed to be reusable. Furthermore, the letters (especially the “f-ing”) will surely strike the attention of your guests and will shine against your backdrop. Whether you are celebrating your 21st birthday, 30th birthday or your 91st, this banner is guaranteed birthday fun.

Also, Sterling James Co. promised a 100% money back guarantee if their birthday banner does not make you and your loved one’s smile. But I highly doubt the letters wouldn’t make them laugh. All these features make using these birthday decoration letters one of the perfect birthday decoration ideas.

3. The Original Wooden Rose All Red Roses Floral Flower Bouquets in a Gift Box (3 Dozen)

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Roses have always been a symbol of love and romance. Women love roses so much and gifting them with roses never goes out of style. Not only are roses meant for gift-giving, but they are also best for celebrating.

The Original Wooden Rose comes in different themes for every occasion and holiday. Also, they have arrangements ranging from St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Gay Pride, Fall Foliage, proms, birthdays, and anniversaries. These wooden roses come in bouquets, consisting of 12 pieces of 2” closed bud rose heads on a 13” flexible wire stem. You can choose distinctly-colored arrangements or an all-red one.
Old fashioned roses will always do the trick. They are the perfect vintage birthday party decoration for all ages. Moreover, they are unique and timeless, perfect for those who wants a quiet, sit-down birthday dinner. They are also re-usable. Thus they can be your forever flowers or keep it as your home décor after the celebration. Also, they’re much cheaper than fresh roses!

Thus, having this one in your birthday has to be one of the most affordable yet perfect birthday decoration ideas.

4. Creative Converting 8 Count Vintage Dude Round Dessert Plates

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Who says men don’t need to spice up their birthday decorations? Of course, they do!

Congratulations for growing up and raise a toast to your sense of style and humor with this Vintage Dude Ensemble by Creative Converting. The wittingly designed paper dessert plates measures 6.75″ in diameter, comes in 8s per party package and coated for durability and no mess clean up. Uniquely designed with the words “the man, the myth, the legend,” these plates profess the guest of honor gloriously and will make any birthday a hit.

Furthermore, the plates’ size is perfect for finger foods, appetizers, and delectable party bites. From invitations to balloons to tablecloths, this ensemble has everything to make the celebration a one-of-a-kind event.

Also if you can’t get enough of these awesome plates, do check out all the coordinating tableware and decor to this excellent collection from Creative Converting, all can be found on Amazon. There is plenty more quality birthday decoration ideas in there.

Birthdays are sad and boring without the appropriate birthday decoration. Isn't it?
Birthdays are sad and boring without the appropriate birthday decoration. Isn’t it?

5. “Birthday Girl” Glitter Satin Sash 

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After decorating your birthday party, all you need is a birthday cake and you're good to go
After decorating your birthday party, all you need is a birthday cake and you’re good to go.

Your birthday is all about you, so it would be a good idea to spice up your outfit with a sash. Every girl dreams of wearing a sash – it makes them feel like a beauty queen or something. Truth be told, all of us girls may not have a chance to be beauty queens and title holders, but at least we can walk head high, chin up while wearing our glittery BIRTHDAY GIRL sash.

This BIRTHDAY GIRL sash is laser printed and glittered on a beautiful black cloth. It measures 3” wide, 3ft long and is a “one size fits all.

Rock it with a killer dress and tiara or dress it down with jeans and a shirt and you’re ready to go. This sash might be the best low-key birthday decoration, making it one of the perfect birthday decoration ideas for girls.

6. SOLLED Projection Lights Rotating LED Projector Lamp 12 Patterns

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A rule of thumb for every dance party: get the lights right. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor birthday party, the important thing is, you get to enjoy the weather, some food (and drinks) and feel the birthday mood.

Proper lighting sets the tone and mood of your party. With the right combination of decors, your party will get the right ambiance perfect for your guests – whether young or old.

At this point, you might ask yourself what lights should you use or should you hire lights and sounds services for your birthday. Worry not! The SOLLED Projection Lights Rotating LED Projector Lamp 12 Patterns got your back. This projector light comes with 12 different films. Every film has different images like hearts, snowflakes, clovers, high heels, pigeons, skeletons, maple leaves, birthday cakes, Santa, Christmas trees, butterflies, stars, etc. that you can project on the wall, landscape, and dance floor. Moreover, you can change the images according to the celebration and your mood.

Additional features such as timer function, adjustable speed, easy installation, and water resistance make this projection lights one of the best and useful birthday party stuff you can ever have.

7. LED Light-Up Christmas Bulb Necklace String Light Party Favors 

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Getting the lights right for every birthday party still applies when you’re wearing them, correct?

Get your birthday suit on and accessorize it with this fun and playful Light Up Bulb Necklace by Simply Genius. You can wear it, hang it on your walls as a birthday decoration or connect it with another necklace to create custom lengths. Also, it can be used for various festivities, holidays, theme parties and events, making the use of these lights one of the fantastic birthday decoration ideas.

Moreover, the Light Up Bulb features 13 jumbo strand bulbs40.5” long, three settings (slow strobe, fast strobe & constant steady) that will last for hours.

Admittedly, these perky Light Up Bulbs will be adorned by people of all ages!

8. 8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses Birthday Party Favors (Set of 10 Pairs) – Party Bag Fillers for Miner Themed Parties

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Little boys parties’ themes are usually their favorite games or superhero character. Remember one of the classic games we used to play when we were kids? The one with pixelated blocks? Yes, you guess it right – Minecraft! These glasses are the ideal birthday decoration for Minecraft lovers!

Celebrate and have fun on your or your kid’s birthday with everyone wearing these Pixelated Sunglasses. They are just 10.4 ounces, very light and each package comes with ten individual glasses in polybags.

While most sunglasses are worn in the sunlight, the 8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses are also worn to reflect sunlight off of your eyes and also for fun. Mommies, you can also stash these glasses in the loot bags.

Without a doubt, these new sunglasses will not only be best for the kids but all adult cartoon lovers as well!

9. Unique Plastic Star Wars Table Cover, 84-Inch by 54-Inch

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Here's Yoda wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Here’s Yoda wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The great Star Wars is still as popular today as it did in the last decade. Young and old people love the saga. With an epic, action-filled story that kids and adults idolize, we’re quite sure that you will also love having it for you or your son’s birthday decoration.

Moreover, the Star Wars Table Cover measures 84” x 54” and fits most standard long tables. It will greatly compliment your other Star Wars birthday decorations. You can even keep it after because it is super durable. I’m pretty sure that even Yoda will be jealous of this! Here’s a tip, try to prepare for the attacks of the kids if you ever plan to have a Star Wars themed birthday party.

10. 12 Justice League DC Comics Superhero Party Dangling Cutout Swirl Decorations

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Looking for fun and fresh new take on your average superhero party? Try the 12 Justice League DC Comics Superhero Party Dangling Cutout Swirl Decorations. You’ll be seeing Superman and his fellow superheroes flying through the air on swirl decorations! It is perfect for a superhero-themed event.

In each package, you’ll be getting 12 metallic foil swirls with your favorite superheroes and their iconic emblems dangling on paper cut-outs. Also, the length of the swirls ranges from 5”-7” and are attached to plastic hooks for easy hanging on your ceiling. Another thing that makes this birthday decoration great is that they don’t easily tear or break apart and they were very festive looking. Your little superheroes, without a doubt, will have a blast at their special day with the Justice League Dangling Swirl Decorations!

Adults love a kiddie party-style birthday celebration, perfect birthday decoration ideas
Adults love a kiddie party-style birthday celebration

I cannot stress how important birthdays are. It’s the only day of the year where everybody gathers to celebrate the beginning of another blessed year in one’s life. So make it magical and worth remembering. Make everyone happy, but don’t forget to have fun too. Start with the choosing the right birthday decoration and everything will follow. Hope you loved these birthday decoration ideas! Have a blast!

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