10 Facts About Trump Ties

Donald Trump is on his way to becoming the 45th president of the United States. And because of this, many of his supporters may want to own a piece from his clothing line. Trump ties, suits, collared tops and even watches for men are all the rage among his supporters. Trump ties are especially popular as he was seen wearing and promoting them throughout the presidential campaign. Today, we present you 10 facts about Trump ties.

1. Prior to 2015, around 400 retail stores were selling Trump ties.

In 2008, 400 retail stores across the United States started selling Trump neckties. This was due to a licensing agreement between Trump and global supply chain PVH. PVH has since revoked the agreement.

Donald Trump Wearing His Treadmark Red Tie
Donald Trump Wearing His Treadmark Red Tie

2. The Trump Signature Collection ties are part of a larger menswear line.

The Trump Signature Collection merchandise includes neckties, dress shirts, suits, cufflinks, leather accessories and eyewear for men.

3. The ties come in a wide array of styles.

Trump Signature Collection silk ties reflect the “pinnacle of style and prestige”, according to its website. The collection has ties in solid colors and patterns. Ties come in average and extra-long lengths.

4. The ties come in solid colors.

During the US presidential campaign, we often saw Trump wearing red ties. The ties actually come in two types: classic red and solid red. The collection also includes ties in black, blue, gray, green, ivory and purple. Prices range from $36.50 to $85.00 on Amazon.

5. They also come in different patterns.

Trump ties come in patterns such as stripes, plaid, paisley, checkered, squares and tiles, just to name a few. Patterned ties have a wider price range, from $14.79 to $85.00.

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6. There are also Trump ties with US Presidential Election Campaign Designs.

These Trump ties are not part of the Signature Collection but would make for good memorabilia. Designs include the Republican elephant logo, “Trump 2016”, “2016 Trump for President”, “Trump 2016 Make America Great Again” and “Trump Pence 2016: Make America Great Again”.

Some ties also spoof Trump. One says, “Trump 2016: There will be hell Toupee”, and another says “Trump 2016: You’re Fired”.

The neckties only come in red, white and blue colors. All ties cost $23.99 on Amazon.

7. Trump ties are being made in China.

Donald Trump is critical of Chinese trade policies and products. He is actually critical of outsourcing in general. He wants to bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States from its trade partners.

Ironically, his Signature Collection ties are being made in China.

8. Trump ties are made overseas due to cheap labor.

Trump admits that his neckties and other products are made overseas. This is because labor is cheaper in Asia and Central America.

9. There is so much controversy surrounding Trump merchandise.

There is an ongoing boycott against Trump products due to the racist and misogynist comments he made during the campaign. Trump menswear merchandise are no longer available in Macy’s.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and mainstream media are critical of Trump’s stance against outsourcing labor when he outsources labor himself.

10. Because of these controversies, his ties now only sell online.

Trump ties and other menswear merchandise items now only sell online via Amazon and eBay.

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