10 Best Robot Toy Reviews For Kids in 2017

10 Best Robot Toys for Kids in 2017

Ding ding ding! Christmas is around the corner. For parents out there, looking for a robot toy reviews for kids, look no further, just read on. Toy trends come and go, but one type of toy that never gets old and has been exceptionally popular among kids is the ‘robot toys’ or the robotic types. These toys establish ‘interaction’ between the toy and the child which is very educational, in the sense that these robot toys teach kids life skills while entertaining them at the same time. Oh and just to clear things up before proceeding, there are no Gundams and Transformers figures on this list 🙂 Here are some amazing robot toys for kids:

10 Best Robot Toy Reviews For Kids in 2017:

1. ThinkGizmos Super Fun RC Robo Shooter

Remote Control Robot For Kids - RoboShooter Robot Toy For Boys & Girls Aged 5+ by ThinkGizmos
  • This fantastic and futuristic remote control toy robot for kids will have all the family on the run as foam discs are fired...
  • Different color remote control robots can be controlled independently, so buy multiple robots and you can enjoy fun robot...
  • Incredibly easy to operate via the remote control which is included. The RoboShooter toy robot talks, walks, fires and even...

Upon turning on the ThinkGizmos Robo Shooter, it says, “Greetings Master. I await your command!” Those very lines will delight and excite your child (and adults, too). Having this robot toy is like having your personal R2D2 minus the disc-firing chest!  This fantastic robot is remote-controlled that allows the user to hold and walk the robot in all directions. Also, it fires 12 re-usable foam discs out at super speed from his chest (look out mom and dad!). Not only does this robot toy shoot, but it also talks, walks, fires, and even dances!. This RC Robot toy requires 6 x AA Batteries that are not included in the purchase.  This robot toy is certainly adorable; it also is very affordable. Your kids will absolutely love this and will also send you running for cover. Thus, this is one of the very cool robot toys for kids.

2. MiP Robot

WowWee - MiP the Toy Robot - White
  • GestureSense allows your WowWee robot to respond to gesture-based interactions like swipes, claps, touch and more.
  • BLE allows your WowWee product to seamlessly connect to and interact with your smart devices.
  • Sound detection system allows your WowWee robot to react to noises in its environment.

Okay, so our second toy on this list of best robot toys for kids is a fashionably high-tech one. I think even adults will like this. The MiP robot balances on two wheels and communicates using motions, sounds, and RGB LED eyes. It has Gesture Sense which allows the robot toy to respond to gesture-based interactions like swipes, claps, touch and more and a sound detection system to react to noises in its environment.  This robot toy has numerous modes including Roam, Stacking, Programming, and Dance. All you need to do is turn the right wheel and wait for the big glowing LED on its chest to change color which means a new mode has been activated. I’m pretty sure the little girls will like this too!


Cozmo (Old Packaging)
  • He's a real-life robot like you've only seen in movies, with a personality that evolves the more you hang out
  • Challenge Cozmo to games, or use Explorer Mode to see things from his perspective
  • Equipped with Code Lab, the perfect platform for new coders to unlock their imaginations

They say that this palm-sized Cozmo robot toy is the adorable face of intelligence (created with advanced softwares) and a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out. The manufacturer even employed Pixar animators to build up Cozmo’s personality profile and expressions. Moreover, the robot toy emits a wide-ranging series of emotive chips to give it a sense of constant awareness in your presence, and it can also employ facial recognition to remember faces and recite names. Also, it uses sensors for path planning to maneuver environments and avoid falling off tables. Cozmo connects to an iOS or Android app which communicates with Anki’s servers where some functions are taken care of. Well, this toy is pretty impressive and is a bit expensive too, but this robot toy will definitely give you the bang for your buck!

4. MiPosaur

  • Comes with BeaconSense infused track ball, Miposaur will flawlessly keep in sight
  • Use the trackball to activate modes such as dance, feed or chase
  • Direct drive control over movements; Path tracing; Hand gesture command, recognition

MiPosaur is a highly intelligent pet robot dinosaur. It has an incredible, evolving intelligence and personality that can sense and interact with its environment in a lifelike manner. This robot toy knows 10 commands, can be controlled and responds to simple hand gestures with swipes, claps, and will even dance to music. MiPosaur includes sturdy MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum, which was created with the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab) and a toy called TrackBall which lets you walk him on a virtual leash as well as play fetch, “dino in the middle,” and more. Sounds exciting, right?

5. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

Original BB-8 by Sphero (No Droid Trainer)
  • BB-8 app-enabled Droid with a tough and waterproof polycarbonate shell
  • Bluetooth Smart connection allowing Gyroscopic propulsion to a 30m range
  • Induction charging stand providing 60 minute battery life

The force is strong with this toy! Sphero BB-8 is the coolest Start Wars toy ever. It is a tiny droid that has a unique spherical design that can roll and balance all by itself. When paired with an app on your smartphone or tablet, Sphero BB-8 can freely explore your home, perform a series of pre-programmed movements, and respond to voice commands. But at any time you can also grab a set of on-screen controls and send BB-8 rolling and exploring. It looks like Cozmo faces stiff competition with this one!

6. Zoomer Kitty

Zoomer Kitty, Interactive Cat
  • Zoomer Kitty is the PURRfect friend! She's the sweetest interactive kitty who loves to play, pounce and purr!
  • Zoomer Kitty has touch sensors in her head, ears and cheeks and will nuzzle in when you're petting her. Pet her gently and...
  • Discover Cuddle Mode, Pounce Mode and more! She sings, dances, performs secret tricks and loves to play with and follow her...

Every kid wants a pet cat, but not everyone is gifted with an actual kitten because some parents think that the kid won’t be able to care for it. It would be a good idea to give your kids this Zoomer Kitty to be the PURRfect friend as an alternative for the meantime. It’s an interactive robot toy kitty who loves to play, pounce and purr. Also, it has touch sensors in her head, ears, and cheeks and will nuzzle in when you’re petting her. The True Vision technology lets her see and follow your movements. It also sings, dances and performs secret tricks.

7. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot
  • This solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes
  • Powered by the sun - no batteries required
  • Two levels of building skill levels so the beginner and experienced robot builder will be equally engaged

The OWI 14-in-1 Solar robot toy can be transformed into 14 different robot modes that include a multitude of comical and functional movements such as a wagging-tail dog, a running beetle, a walking crab, a surfer, a zombie chaser and more. It can also traverse both land and water! Moreover, it is an amazingly fun way to introduce robotics to your kid and hone their building skills because this robot toy can be assembled or disassembled to be built into other robot forms as per instructions on the guide included. It really is a very educational toy.

8. 4M Tin Can Robot

4M Tin Can Robot
  • The 4M Tin Can Robot teaches the value of recycling by repurposing a used can into a fun and functional robot.
  • No special tools or knowledge required; the kit contains detailed instructions and all the necessary parts.
  • Just add a used soda pop can and let the fun begin.

Want to challenge your kids’ imagination and develop a sense of environmental awareness early on? Then this 4M Tin Can Robot toy would be a great start. It teaches the value of recycling by repurposing a used soda can into a walking, wobbling, bog-eyed and functional robot with long curly straw arms that twist into all kinds of silly positions while it dances. Have fun helping your kid assemble this robot toy! This is one of those robot toys for kids that comes with amazing features and affordable prices.

9. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Game

Rock'em Sock'em Robots Game
  • Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots deliver hard-hitting fun for over 40 years!
  • The classic boxing match pits Red Rocker versus Blue Bomber in the ring
  • The game has one key aim: be the first to knock your opponent's block off!

The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots was inspired by the real video game with the same name that became popular in the late 60’s. It’s a classic action game where players control one of two robots (“Red Rocker” or “Blue Bomber”) and try to be the first to punch the other robot in the chin to cause his head to pop up. 50 years later, the game was brought back to life through Mattel’s efforts. This toy is fairly easy to use. You just have to assemble the three parts – the robot figures, match ring, and the controllers. The controllers have to be attached at the opposite sides of the ring and from there, you and the opponent will be racing to knock out each other’s robots.

10. Hatchnimals

Hatchimals Penguala - Teal/Pink
  • Hatchimals live inside of eggs. Who's inside? It's a surprise! Hold them to hear their heartbeats, flip them for fun, tap and...
  • When you see rainbow eyes from inside the egg, your Hatchimal is ready to Hatch! They need your help - encourage it with your...
  • Out of egg, it's time to raise your Hatchimal through 3 stages. Teach your cute Hatchimal to walk, talk, dance, play games...

Okay, this last robot toy on our list is pretty exciting. You cannot control it nor will it perform tricks whenever you want it to but this robot toy will definitely thrill and require your best-est effort in hatching them out of their eggs. Hold them to hear their heartbeats, flip them for fun, tap, and they’ll tap back. When you see rainbow eyes from inside the egg, your Hatchimal is ready to hatch! They’ll need your help — encourage it with your touch as it pecks out of its egg. This is to be one of the most wanted robot toys for kids this Christmas. Another good thing about this toy is the thrill doesn’t end upon hatching because you’ll need to teach your cute Hatchimal to walk, talk, dance, play games and more. To know more about Hatchnimals, read our review of the Best Hatchnimals for Christmas

Robot Toy Ideas for Christmas
Robot Toy Ideas for Christmas

Okay guys, what’s left to do now is to make up your mind on which of these robot toys for kids to buy. Have fun shopping!

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