10 Best Outdoor Fireplaces for Sale in 2017

Outdoor fireplaces bring a lot of benefits to a home. Either you opt for gas or wood based fireplace, its beauty will increase the value of your home.

A fireplace in the outdoor area of your home will allow you to be warm and comfortable even in months that it is best to stay indoors. In short, with outdoor fireplaces, you can spend more months with your family and friends on your patio or in any outdoor part of your home without freezing.

Enjoying outdoor fireplaces is not a costly and big project. You do not need to alter the major design of the part of your home you wish to install the fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces will easily fit into the style and design of your home, too. They come in traditional and modern designs; there is surely one that will blend perfectly with the theme of your home.

While building outdoor fireplaces seems to be an exciting idea, buying a ready-made one brings more long-term benefits. When you build outdoor fireplaces, there will always be a possibility that too much heat will be released or most of the heat will be lost up to the chimney. The firebox may also crack because of extreme heat.

With ready-made outdoor fireplaces, you need not worry about those things. They have been built and tested to perfection to add beauty to your home and to make your outdoor space provide warmth and comfort.

 10 Best Outdoor Fireplaces for Sale in 2017

1. Landmann Outdoor Fireplace (USA 28925)

Landmann Outdoor FireplaceLandmann Outdoor Fireplace (USA 28925)

  • Spherical screen
  • Shape allows full view of fire on all sides
  • Large handle and pivoting door allows easy refueling
  • 30-inch fire bowl is made of steel

This fireplace comes in an awesome design. Its spherical shape will allow all of you to have a full view of the fireplace from any angle. It comes in a very sturdy steel material and is 30 inches in diameter.

It has a sizeable revolving door making it easy and safe to load wood for burning. It is easy to use and perfectly brings out the heat. It comes with a cover for protection against debris and elements that may harm it.

The globe-like shape of this fireplace makes it an instant hit with the kids and a good conversation piece for adults.

When the fire is burning in this fireplace, it is as if the fire is floating in the air. It is perfect to be installed in patios, decks, backyards and near the pool.

Show off this fireplace while keeping everyone warm outdoors. At 30.2” x 32.8” x 34.8” weighing 47 pounds and with two large side handles, this fireplace can easily change locations. For your safety, transfer the fireplace when not in use.

2. Landmann Heatwave Fireplace (28008 / 28-Inch)

Landmann Heatwave Fireplace (28008 / 28-Inch)

  • Full-size cooking grate
  • Sturdy all-steel construction
  • Galvanized spark guard
  • Weather-resistant enamel finish

What we have here is an outdoor fireplace that provides warmth, comfort, and ambiance that doubles as a grill or barbecue pit. Both charcoal and wood can be used for this fireplace.

The screen has an all-steel body construction with its cover having a wooden handle for easy adding of wood or charcoal even while the fire is burning.

This fireplace has two permanent steel legs in front and two rear steel legs with wheels. At the bottom of the body is another handle for easy transfer of the fireplace even while the fire is burning. It is not too heavy or bulky at 32” x 35.5” x 46” and weighing only 34 pounds.

This fireplace is easy to assemble. It features a steel screen which can easily be detached for ease in clearing the surface of ashes.

The bottom of the fireplace is about 12 inches above the ground so you can choose to warm your feet in that space. For safety, position this outdoor fireplace on concrete, stone or brick surfaces.

3. Fire Sense Portable Fireplace (28-Inch)

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This outdoor fireplace is highly portable with two rear wheels and a handle. It is convenient to move around because it is light at 32 pounds and 32.7 inches x 28 inches by 45.7 inches.

The round and steel screen-type fire screen is atop a bowl made of porcelain enamel for the charcoal or wood. Bowl material is easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion.

It comes with a dome-type lid with wooden hand grip. Its patented design allows a full view of the fireplace from any angle. It has a patented door in the center for easy loading of wood or charcoal.

Removable steel grate further makes loading of wood or charcoal easy and cleaning too. The steel grate also gives the logs some height for better airflow and maximum burning.

This sturdy and durable fireplace comes with a frame made of steel that has been powder coated.

The fire screen can withstand high temperatures and comes with a spark arrester preventing any fire debris from leaking.

The dome lid sets the heat in an outward direction instead of upward for a warmer feel. It requires minimal setup and only needs a soft cloth for cleaning, of course, once it has cooled down.

4. Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fireplace (GAD1429SP)

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This stylish outdoor fireplace will easily complement your patio or any outdoor space in your home. It features a top with slate tile mantel rim for a minimalist and modern design.

It comes with a steel bowl (burner with 30,000 BTU) and a wicker type base to hide the LPG gas tank (sold separately), and electric push button ignition underneath. You can enjoy the warmth, comfort, and ambiance this fireplace gives without worrying about ashes that could spread all over.

This table-like fireplace is made of handcrafted metal (cast iron) that is sturdy enough to withstand any weather. With dimensions of 30 inches x 30 inches x 24 inches and 81.577 pounds, this item needs minimal assembly without any tools to be used.

The fireplace includes lava rocks (decorative) to beautifully accentuate the flames. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

5. Endless Summer Outdoor Table Top Fireplace (GLT1343SP)

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Make this table top outdoor fireplace cover your patio or any outdoor space with warmth and the right ambiance for a comfortable night bonding with family and friends.

Its decorative stand is in a sleek and modern design and functions to hide the fireplace’s control panel with propane tank (sold separately). This 11 inches x 11 inches x 15-inch conversation piece weighs a light 18.7 pounds.

The fireplace had a slate finish and made with faux stone (man-made stone for decorative purposes) Item comes with a stainless steel burner with 10,000 BTUs. It is easy to assemble without the need for any tools.

To highlight the flames for a more dramatic setting, black fire glass (tiny pieces of tempered glass; a decorative combination of ice and fire) has been included. For added protection cover fireplace when not in use (Endless Summer fireplace cover available).

6. Best Choice Products Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace

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This fireplace with a stunning bronze finish (oil-rubbed to make it look like old bronze; accentuates a copper-like material when hit by fire flames) will add so much elegance to your patio or porch.

Having this item for the outdoor areas of your home will give you endless moments of enjoyment on cold and chilly nights with your family and friends. Its hexagonal shaped bowl in metal with the diamond designed screen is deep enough to hold wood needed for a long warm night of bonding. Bowl comfortably sits on a high-grade stainless steel bronze metal base.

This is a lightweight fireplace (15.8 pounds) that can easily be transferred from one location to another depending on your mood. Its stainless steel and bronze construction makes it sturdy and durable to last long regardless of weather conditions.

It comes with a screened lid also in a hexagonal shape with a ring type handle for ease in lifting. The lid is flame retardant and almost completely confines ashes within the fireplace.

A fireplace cover is available for protection when the fireplace is not in use. This item features a 3-step assembly: Fit the bowl to the base; fit the lid to the bowl; attach the ring handle to the lid.

This outdoor fireplace is just of the right size and can comfortably warm about seven people sitting on it.

7. Landmann Outdoor Fireplace (USA 25722)

Landmann Outdoor FireplaceLandmann Outdoor Fireplace (USA 25722)

  • Stylish fireplace allows 360-degree view of fire
  • Installed with hinged double doors
  • Removable grate for easier air circulation
  • Poker included (24 inches)

This portable (41.5 inches x 22 inches x 26 inches and an assembled weight of 47.5 pounds) outdoor fireplace comes in a rustic style décor made of high-quality steel material.

It is a large fireplace with a chimney which comes with a cap. It comes with a double door design and a removable pan with protruding handle and bar ribs for easy loading of logs. Chimney brings smoke up and far away from where it stands so smoke does not bother people surrounding it or near the fireplace.

The base of the fireplace is wide and durable with equally durable low legs (4 legs) to keep fireplace stable.

The fireplace itself has heat resistant screens on all four sides for a complete and relaxing view of logs burning and to keep burning logs in place.

Fireplace comes with a log grate, so logs are a few inches above the floor of the fireplace. This will enhance circulation of oxygen so that the logs will burn better inside the fireplace.

The grate also keeps the logs safely within the fireplace, so it does not become a fire hazard. It allows easy clean-up, too. The fireplace also comes with a fire poker (24 inches) for safe and easy control of the logs while burning.

8. Sunjoy Elson Slate and Steel Fireplace (L-OF117PST-A)

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This outdoor fireplace comes with a decorative chimney piece and mantel making it an exquisite additional to your outdoor design. It features a durable antique finish that will not chip and is highly resistant to corrosion.

This item has two spark guard screen type doors for easy loading of logs and to keep burning wood within the fireplace. Both sides of the fireplace are of similar design.

It also includes a removable fire grate just in case you need to adjust burning logs and to easily remove ashes. Man-made stone designs on the three sides of the fireplace make it an elegant accent piece for your patio or porch.

The fireplace has a large space for burning logs to keep your outdoor space cozy and warm. Legs of the fireplace have scuff protectors, so it does not cause any damage to your patio or porch.

A fire poker and a cloth cover come with the set as well as a 6-month limited warranty. Cloth cover protects the fireplace when not in use to make it last long.

This fireplace is easy to clean and needs minimal maintenance.

9. Landmann Grandview Outdoor Fireplace (22812)

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This outdoor fireplace features a modern and stylish design that is perfect to complement your patio, porch or any outdoor space you can use for having a relaxing and cozy night with family and friends. It comes with a large and durable base with a beautiful man-man stone design.

The electronic ignition is attached to the base. Ignition knob has a good grip so you can easily control the level of fire. This fireplace works on Propane tank with 48,000 BTU (not included).

Three man-made logs and lava rocks are included to enhance the cozy feeling. Firebox is enclosed with teardrop designed cutouts held by four frames with an attached top cover.

Fireplace weighs 80 pounds and is 24 inches by 24 inches by 33 inches.

This “open” fireplace will keep you and your friends and family cozy and comfortable amidst a cold night on your patio or porch.

10. Decorative ceramic tile outdoor fireplace

Decorative ceramic tile outdoor fireplaceDecorative ceramic tile outdoor fireplace

  • Stainless bowl for long life
  • Ceramic tile surround
  • Heavy wrought iron stand
  • Heavy mesh spark arrestor

This outdoor fireplace has a cute and fashionable design perfect for a minimalistic patio or porch. It has four decorative legs made of wrought iron material.

The bowl made of stainless steel is set in a round ceramic lining with a sporadic diamond design. It comes with a dome-type spark arrestor in a mesh design to keep burning wood within the stainless steel bowl.

It easily assembles with stickers on the parts to show which way they go. It is lightweight at 72 pounds and 45 inches by 45 inches by 21.5 inches thus it is easy to move from one location to another.

It is a low fireplace that will keep feet warm.

When planning on buying outdoor fireplaces, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Outdoor fireplaces enhance the design of the outdoor space you are going to position it. It is going to be an awesome addition to your home.

First off is to think why you are planning on having outdoor fireplaces. Do you want to have an intimate place on your porch or patio with a fireplace on? Then you will just be needing a small fireplace.

If you are into having a large group of family and friends, then you will need outdoor fireplaces that can efficiently warm a large group.

Opting for wood or gas outdoor fireplaces has their benefits. Choose which one you are comfortable with. You may also want to check for some wood burning restrictions in your neighborhood.

Always keep in mind the design and over-all theme of the outdoor space you plan to place the fireplace. You would not want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Choose a fireplace that will complement and enhance the beauty of your home.

There are outdoor fireplaces that double as barbecue grills? Are you up for that? Check out a couple of fireplaces before you make your choice. The bottom line is, you first have to know what you need and want and all the rest will come easy.