10 Best Oral B Brush Heads

They say you are never fully dressed without a smile. It’s not that easy to maintain a set of clean, white teeth and healthy gums. There’s always the dentist to keep our teeth clean, right? But remember, dentistry is not expensive. Neglect is! The toothbrushes that we use play a huge role in keeping our teeth clean and our gums healthy. A lot of dental professionals recommend changing your toothbrush or toothbrush head about every three months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. Is it about time to change yours? Years of research go into making Oral B brush heads unique, to deliver a superior clean compared to a regular manual toothbrush. Let me help you find an Oral-B brush head that’s perfect for your specific oral care needs!

Best Oral B Brush Heads

Here are the 10 Best Oral B Brush Heads:

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Do you have sensitive gums and having a hard time finding the toothbrush that will cause no harm? This Oral-B Sensitive Gum Care is perfect for you! It has extra soft bristles that provide a superior and gentle clean. The round brush head is inspired by dental professional tools for a tooth-by-tooth clean, with specially engineered bristles for optimal tooth coverage. Some toothbrushes clean your teeth but do not protect your gums. This Oral-B toothbrush head works both ways! It’s one of the best Oral B Brush Heads for your teeth and gums!

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Make your smile your signature accessory. This Oral-B 3D White Action will encourage you to smile with confidence as it not only cleans but also whitens your teeth. The rubberized bristles help to gently polish away surface stains, leaving your teeth naturally whiter. Its action cup brush head hugs each tooth and helps hold toothpaste for effective stain removal. The structured bristles are designed to break up plaque and reach between teeth, cleaning it thoroughly. Now you don’t have to worry and be conscious of your smile! Flaunt those pearly whites!

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When it comes to Oral B Brush Heads, the Oral-B Floss Action is one of the quality options out there. delivers a floss-like clean for healthier gums, but it does not replace flossing. This features Micropulse bristles designed to reach deep between teeth and along the gumline to sweep away plaque. No more worrying if there are bits of food stuck between the teeth. This will surely help you achieve the perfect smile!

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The Oral-B Dual Clean features two vibrating brush head sections to provide all-in-one cleaning, freshening, and gum care. The Interdental tips penetrate hard to reach areas. Isn’t it amazing how such a small thing could be an all-in-one cleaner for your teeth?

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The Oral-B Precision Clean provides a deep and thoroughly clean with an advanced bristle system that removes more plaque than the regular manual toothbrush. And this deal will take away your worries of finding a replacement every three months as this eight-pack will secure your one year supply!

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Oral-B Cross Action should feel different from your old toothbrush. It is uniquely engineered, so the bristles reach behind the back teeth and in opposing directions to clean deeper throughout the brush stroke, and they penetrate between the teeth. What better way to achieve the perfect and sweetest smile?

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This Oral-B Complete Action Anti-Microbial Power cleans the hard-to-reach places. It features a rotating powerhead that loosens and whisks away plaque from surfaces, gumline, and back teeth. Its bristles reach deep between the teeth to lift out and sweep away plaque.

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Experience the WOW of an Oral-B Deep Sweep! It provides a triple cleaning action with three cleaning zones to give you cleaner teeth and healthier gums. A healthy smile is a beautiful smile!

Smiling Face with white teeth

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Looking for the perfect toothbrush companion for your travels? Ta-da! The Oral-B Pulsonic is their thinnest, lightest, and quietest. It whitens teeth in two weeks by reducing up to 94% of surface stains. Now you can go anywhere and rock that smile! This pack also comes with the Precision Tip replacement head that cleans between teeth in hard-to-reach areas where stains start.

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Oral-B not only works for adults but also for the kids! This Oral -B Pro-Health Jr. Sensitive Clean is something that your kids will enjoy using. It features extra-soft bristles for gentle cleaning and makes brushing fun for the kids with the Magic Timer App featuring Disney Frozen characters. This one will surely encourage them to brush their teeth!

What are you waiting for? Time to replace your toothbrush heads with one of the Oral B Brush heads mentioned here in this list. Teeth are always in style, so smile while you still have them!