10 Best Magnetic Toys Reviews 2017

Magnetic toys have been around for many years now. You must have played with them with your siblings and friends. Of course, you would want your kids to experience the same kind of joy and excitement that playing with magnetic toys can bring. The magnetic toys of today and flashier – colorful and very attractive to the eyes. The idea is to entice the children not just to enjoy playing, but also to be creative and energetic. The good news is that there is a wide assortment of magnetic toys today. The downside? Too many choices and that could prove at bit confusing. To ease the confusion and aid you in choosing the right kind, below is the list of the ten best Magnetic Toys in today’s market.

10 Best Magnetic Toys 

10. Playmags Deluxe Building Set, 100-Piece Magnetic Tiles, With Car & Bonus Bag

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With 631 reviews and 4.6 rating, this is one of the quality Magnetic Toys you can pick. This set is the more affordable option than the more popular Magnatiles set that also comes with a 100-piece set. The two sets are interchangeable and compatible, so if you already have the Magnatiles set, you can play with both sets. If not, then you will surely get a good bargain with this Playmags set. Magnet strength and durability of this set is also comparable with that of the costlier option, so you are getting your money’s worth with this set.

So, Playmags is a better option because it is:

  • Cheaper
  • Has more color varieties
  • Has more shapes (small rectangles and windows are not available with Magnatiles).

Top that some reviews with the rating of 4.6 and you are surely not going to get disappointed with the PlaymagsDeLuxe Building Set.

9. Doinkit Darts 90008 Magnetic Dart Board

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For kids who like to play challenging games, this dart board would be a great gift idea. Out of the 500 customers reviews from Amazon, this magnetic game set garnered an above average rating of 4.5. This dart game set from Marky Sparky is recommended for children aged 6 and up. The set comes with a 6-inch magnetic dart board and six soft and safe magnetic darts. The magnets used are rare earth N-35 Neodymium magnets for actual darting performance, which would be ideal in honing your children’s (or your) aiming skills.

According to the product description, the darts are strong, flexible and virtually indestructible, and that is correct as they have been proven to stick well. The magnets are effectively enclosed inside the darts, so you can rest assured that no harm will come to the children or your wall. This is one of the best magnetic toys out there because of it:

  • Offers gaming adventure
  • Helps improves coordination
  • Promotes sportsmanship in children

8. Abby & Emma Deluxe 4940 Magnetic Dress-Up Set

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This magnetic toy set from Melissa & Doug is something every young girl should have. The 4.5 rating from 612 customer reviews would not go wrong but only proves of its efficiency and functionality. Playing with the dolls are like playing with paper dolls that do not tear. The set comes with:

  • Abby and Emma (2 8-inch dolls)
  • 56 magnetic clothed and accessories (which include dresses, tops, hats, pants, shoes, skirts and more),
  • Wooden box with ten compartments for easy storage

Young girls will not just love the dress up games, but they will be able to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well.

7. 100-Piece Magnetic 3D Building Tiles Set

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Building blocks have indeed been taken into an entirely new and advanced turn – to the magical magnetic road. The PicassoTiles 3D Magnetic Building Tiles Set comes in 100 pieces of colorful and durable blocks in different shapes. The good thing about this magnetic block set is that they are virtually identical with those from the more popular (and pricier) MagnaTiles set. This means that they are compatible and can be used simultaneously and seamlessly. If you do not have the MagnaTiles yet, you could just settle for this cheaper (but not of lower quality) set, especially so if you are not bothered by the lack of purple colored pieces. Customer ratings for this set reached 4.7 out of the 835 reviews. Thus, it has to be one of the best Magnetic Toys available in the market right now.

6. Melissa & Doug 20 Animal Magnets in a Box

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On the top 6 spot is another magnetic wonder toy from Melissa & Doug and it is a 20-piece set of magnetic animals. The fascination of children with animals is unquestionable, and this set is surely going to amaze them more because of the familiar animals used (like frog, cow, tiger, monkey, horse, zebra and more). The animals are wooden and magnetic, making them totally cool to play with. Your kids can use the animals for grouping or sorting, and they are ideal for storytelling as well. With more than a thousand customer reviews and 4.5 rating, you can never go wrong with this magnetic toy set. All these things make it one of the finest quality Magnetic Toys you can buy right now.

5. Magformers 30-Piece Standard Set

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This colorful magnetic construction toy set comes with 30 pieces (12 triangles and 18 squares) building parts. The set has a 4.8 rating and 1,144 customer reviews – these numbers prove just how popular and functional this toy is. The Neodymium magnets used to ensure effective connectivity every time. This 30-piece set is an excellent starter set for your young kids. Once he/she has gained enough building skills, you can buy another set, or you can go for the set with more pieces. The compatibility of all sets allows for the possibility of creating bigger structures or even a whole civilization.

4. 10-Piece Deluxe 3778 Magnetic Fishing Game

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Encouraging your child to be playful and resourceful at the same time, may be a challenging task. But not with this magnetic fishing game set from Melissa & Doug. The 1.207 customers who reviewed this item has left an excellent 4.6 total rating certifying this toy’s quality and functionality. The set comes with a magnetic pole and ten magnetic sea creature pieces (octopus, turtle, seahorse, whale, jellyfish, crab, shark, dolphin and squid). Each piece is wooden and proven sturdy, making play time not just fun and exciting, but totally adventurous and motivating, as well. This set helps in:

  • Developing your child’s creativity
  • Improving eye-hand coordination
  • Refining motor skills

So, let your “little fisherman” play and them ask him about his “catch” for the day.

3. Quadro 36 Piece Magnet Tiles Magnetic Building Blocks

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This 36-piece of magnetic tiles offers unlimited fun for your kids. The 4.9 rating should convince you of this toy’s magnificence. Each tile is safe because they are made of high quality and non-toxic plastic material. You also do not have to worry about your little kid getting hurt as all pieces have smooth edges. There is also no questioning the durability of each tile as the magnet used is quite string making the pieces easily attach to each other. This magnetic toy is an ideal set if your aim is to develop your child’s creativity and imagination, as well as sensory, cognitive and fine motor skills. The set has wheels, and that is the perfect addition for kids who like toy cars. The nice storage case is a big plus.

2. Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

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This set of magnetic toys comes up on the Best Seller list on Amazon and if that does not convince you yet, then maybe the 4.7 rating from the 1.432 customers who reviewed it will do. The letters sing, talk and teach the kids about the alphabet. How can you go wrong with that? Let your kids explore the world of the alphabet in the most exciting ways. The songs are encouraging and include the popular ones, “Wheel on the Bus” and the “Alphabet Song.” Playing this toy is fun and easy.

Your kid can easily learn how the letters are used in words and sentences – by placing a letter on the bus and then pressing it once, the name and the sound of the letter will be heard (Tad pronounced them well). The letters and the cute bus are all magnetic, so your kid can stick them up on the fridge when not in use. All in all, this magnetic toy offers a fun way to learn the alphabet, making it one of the best Magnetic Toys available right now.

1. MagnaTiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set

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Number one on the list – and probably number one on many parents’ lists, as well – is the mother of all magnetic toys in building tiles category, the 100-piece transparent colors magnetic set from MagnaTiles. Even after having 1,603 customers reviews. This item has a great of 4.9 rating (almost perfect 5). And with those numbers, this set truly deserves to be the best option. Some people may find this one a little too expensive. But based on the reviews, you get value for your money when you go for this brand. Other brands produce almost similar magnetic tile sets. But, if you are looking for magnetic building tiles that your child can use for building different things and structures, then I highly recommend this one.