10 Best Folding Bike Reviews For 2017

lding bikes are useful, innovative recreational and travel accessories liked by people of all ages. Firstly, a folding bike is just like standard bikes with a well-built structure that provides the riders pleasant riding experiences. Secondly, they are available in different sizes, enabling the riders to choose one based on their specifications.

Most importantly, their folding features make storage in space confined homes and offices easy.

As the folding bikes are very lightweight, you can carry if required.

Thus, folding bikes are perfect for city cycling, holidays, and as school and office transportation and more. It is also good for burning fats.

If you are looking to buy a folding bike for yourself, your child or anybody, consider one among the following 10 Best Folding Bikes of 2017:

10 Best Folding Bike Reviews For 2017

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10. Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

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This stylish folding bike folds in less than 15 seconds.

It is just 26 pounds and is perfect for carrying on public transport, be it bus or train.

Its stylish brushed design resists corrosion and rust. It comes with 7005 aluminum frame.

It is ideally designed for people who travel very often and like to carry their bikes along. This low maintenance bike has over six patented technologies. Its functional rear-mounted Dahon Neos derailleur shifts fast, making it one of the best folding bikes in the market right now.

09. Dahon Vybe D7

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If you are looking for a very durable folding bike for your 7-9-year-old kid, Dahon Vybe D7 is a perfect option.

Its light aluminum build make easy to ride and maneuver.

Just like the previous one, it is corrosion and rust resistant. For easier transport and storage, it folds in seconds.

This simple looking folding bike has seven different speed levels and a fun retro design.

It comes with an Obsidian rack and sturdy fenders. It easily fits individuals from 4.8-foot to 6.4-foot height and can take up to 250 pounds of weighing at a time.

08. Columba SP26S_BLU

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With large 26-inch wheels
, this Columba SP26S_BLU is designed for adult bike riders.

Its ergonomically designed frame makes it very easy to mount and dismount on requirement basis. Columba bike comes with a built-in 18-speed Shimano derailleur that shifts flawlessly for faster speeds.

They offer instant stopping power even at high speeds because of having integrated rear and front alloy V-brakes.

This Well Design Bike requires almost no assembling as it is shipped 90 percent assembled.

It also comes with PVC black bell, alloy silver color cap, and quickly removable front handle stem. Overall, all its features make it a strong, Durable Folding Bike in affordable prices.

07. Stowabike Folding City V2 Compact Foldable Bike

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If you liked most of the bikes on this list, but the budget is an issue, you should like this Stowabike Folding City V2 Compact Foldable Bike.

While you don’t get all the features of most other bikes on this list, this is a decent option that lasts quite a long time.

It comes with six speed Shimano Gear System and 20″ steel folding frame.

With item weight being 39 pounds, it is almost twice as thick as other quality options. So, choosing this one, you can get a decent folding bike at most affordable price.

06. Best Choice Products Shimano 6 Speed Bike

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This is another affordable option with some sacrifice of features. Still, you get some core features such as Aluminum frame; 22-inch wide chrome plated alloy handle bar and Shimano 6-speed derailleur & freewheel.

Easy to fold, carry and store, it also comes with front and rear hand brakes for quick and power stopping.

05. HASA Sram Folding Bike

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This HASA Sram Folding Bike is something for both novice and seasoned bikers alike as its universal one-size-fits-all structure comes with an easy-to-fold frame that eases both transportation and storage.

This folding bike has 20″ Alloy Wheels and Aluminum Alloy 6061 Frame, the perfect materials that make it durable.

This well-built bicycle is made for people who commute on a regular basis.

Its rapid firing Shimano shifters and a responsive 6-speed derailleur make the ride an enjoyable and fun experience for its riders. It can take up to 240 pounds of weight at a time.

04. Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Bike

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This one is a beautiful and stylish folding bike designed mainly for 7-9-year-old kids.

Just like all other bikes in this list, this one too sets up and folds in seconds.

It’s responsive rear coaster brakes offer immediate stopping in all and every terrain and weather condition. Weighing just 22 pounds, it is 30 percent lighter than most steel and Chromoly bikes available in the market.

 Available in 5 different colors, it comes with large water dispersion grooves to make your rides safer. So, you can choose this one as your transportation to work or your kid’s transportation to school.

03. Dahon Ford Convertible Bike

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Designed for adults, this Dahon Ford Convertible Bike may not be the most popular folding bike in the market, but it is a quality option.

Available in four different colors, this Aluminum urban utility bike comes with Genuine Shimano 7-speed gears, Rear Rack, Fenders, Heavy Duty Alloy V-Breaks and Adjustable stem.

It’s quickly folding features make it an ideal option for people looking for strong, durable folding bikes.

This one is not as light as many other folding bikes on the market, but it can’t be considered a heavy bike as well. Most importantly, its seven different gears make riding this bike an adventurous and fun experience.

02. Ford by Dahon Convertible Single Speed Folding Bicycle

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This Folding Bike has Unique Design by Dahon with an Aluminum urban body, as good as all other folding bikes mentioned in this list.

They fold up in seconds and have a comfortable feeling to the rider.  They include powerful Heavy Duty V-Brakes + Fenders + Rear Back. It is important to mention that those bikes come %99 assembled – just unbox and start riding quickly without spending precious time to build them.

Its well-built angelic white theme does not fade, scratch or rust even if you use for regular commuting.

The bikes weigh 28 lbs which are considered fair. Don’t forget the price because you don’t get all these features in this much affordable folding bikes.

01. Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

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When you buy the product online, popularity always matters.

And this Schwinn Loop Folding Bike is one of the most popular folding bikes in the market with the highest number of positive reviews and very affordable price.

Designed for 7-9-year-old kids, this unique folding bike can easily use by adults looking for folding bikes for the convenience of transportation.

Its 23-pound weight makes it one of the lightest weight folding bikes as well.

Its 20-inch wheels and seven different speed levels ensure you can improve your riding based on your requirements and preferences. Overall, if you are a person who always loves to go for a most attractive option, go for this Schwinn Loop Folding Bike.

Folding Bike Reviews 2
So Which One of The Review is The Best Folding Bike?

These are just the quality options. So, choose one of these based on your budget, desired features, and specifications.  Make sure you carefully compare one with another and make a shortlist before making the final decision.

Have fun to ride and enjoy the convenience of folding, carrying and storing your bike.