10 Best Floor and Steam Cleaners in 2017 Reviews

There are a lot of reasons why floors need to be cleaned other than so that they will look beautiful.  Floors are cleaned to get rid of litter and all obstructions. Dirt, stains, sand and grit also need to be removed with steam cleaners. Those contribute to the fast wear and tear of floors.

Floors also need to be ridden of allergens, especially dust that may cause asthma. Kitchen floors need to be cleaned for sanitary purposes. In short, floors need to be cleaned both for aesthetic and health purposes.

There seems to be an argument on what is the better tool to clean floors: traditional mops or a steam mop. With traditional mops, you will need a mop, a bucket of hot water, detergents or chemicals and loads of physical energy.

Although traditional mops will be able to clean floors well, the temperature of hot water used is not high enough to kill bacteria and germs on floors. Chemical residue in detergents are also detrimental to kids and also pets.

It takes lesser time and effort to clean floors using steam cleaners for the floors.  Steam cleaners reach higher temperatures than hot boiling water used with traditional mops thus they are to kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria in floors.

Steam cleaners also do not use detergents and chemicals, so they are eco- friendly and safe to use around kids and pets. Steam is also able to more efficiently get rid of tough molds and stains in your bathroom floors.

These steam cleaners only needs water and electricity to effectively clean floors making it a cheaper option in the long run.

10 Best Floor and Steam Cleaners in 2017 Reviews

1. Shark Steam Mop (S3501)

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This is a convenient and affordable choice perfect for first time steam mop users. Floor dries up quickly and without any stripes.

It comes with reversible pads so it takes a much longer time before it needs to be replaced. It is lightweight, easy to use and cleans floors quickly.

Its handle swivels forward and backward and also to the left and right. It has a compact head so hard to reach areas such as under the sofa and cabinets are not a problem. Its Microfiber pads sucks in dirt that has been pushed up by the steam.

The Shark Steams features a patented technology that allows you to flip the mop head and use the reverse side of the pad – no need to change pads in the middle of your cleaning.

The pads are machine washable and can be used for about 20 times. You can control the steam that comes out of the mop (steam on demand).

You can adjust the handle of the mop to fit your height. It has a round top handle for easy and comfortable grip. The water tank holds about 15 ounces of water. Its cord is 20 feet long so you can work a large area of your floor from just one power outlet.

To operate these steam cleaners, plug the unit and pump the handle 12 times and after 30 seconds steam mop is ready to go.

These steam cleaners come with 3 reversible pads, tank, a filling cup, instruction book and a 1-year warranty.

2. Bissell Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop (1132A)

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This is a vacuum and steam cleaner in one. You can use one function at a time (vacuum or mop) depending on your needs or use both functions at the same time making the appliance highly efficient.

It produces steam on its own so you only need to load tap water. Its handle can be adjusted in 4 different ways so there is one position that will certainly fit your height.

The item comes with 4 microfiber mop pads (2 soft pads and 2 hard pads for scrubbing). The mop tray quickly releases the used mop pad for an easy change. Mop pads are machine washable.

It comes with 2 containers – one for the water and the other for the dry debris collected. The Dry Tank Technology keeps collected debris dry. The water tank is large so you do not need to refill it so often. Tank is easy to refill, too.

These steam cleaners are easy to use. It features an easy to use Touch Digital Controls so you can choose the function you wish to use and the amount of steam to be released depending on the type of floor you are cleaning.

Its power cord is 25 feet long allowing you to reach a large area from one power source. This product comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

This steam mop not only cleans your floors, it sanitizes them too.

3. Shark Steam Mop (S3601D)

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This steam mop comes with a tank with a 15 ounce water capacity. Its pocket type microfiber mop pads are reversible so you can use both sides by simply flipping them over while in use giving you more floor area to clean with one pad.

These steam cleaners come with 2 mop heads: triangle and rectangle for more versatile cleaning.

These steam cleaners start releasing steam continuously 30 seconds after it is plugged and it comes with a 25 feet long cord so you can clean more area without having to unplug and plug it again into another power outlet.

It comes with 3 different setting with each setting producing different amounts of steam for mop, dust and scrub. That allows you to choose the right amount of steam for the type of floor you have. Steam has a maximum pressure of up to 2200C.

This unit also comes with a carper glider that brings up the mop pad from the surface so only steam can reach the carper.

This unit assembles by fitting only one screw to put the entire steam mop together. It swivels so you can clean even hard to reach areas such as corners and underneath sofas, counters and appliances.

Tap water is all you need with this cleaner. If you have hard water though, use distilled water so the steam mop will not clog.

With these steam cleaners, you will be able to clean and at the same time sanitize your floors without leaving any trace of streaks. Its handles are long so your back won’t hurt when using it.

Floors dry up fast, too and you do not need to use any chemicals to rid your floors with up to 99% of germs and bacteria. At 4.8 pounds this cleaner is light and easy to maneuver and easy to store, too. Unit comes with a 1 year warranty.

4. BISSELL Steam Mop Select (94E9T)

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This steam cleaner comes with 2 microfiber pads (machine washable) with special microban (fights the growth of microbes without leaving any smell) protection.

One mop pad is white for everyday cleaning and the other one is for scrubbing (with gray strips). Pads attach to the mop head with a drawstring.

Mop head swivels and is in a triangular shape to easily get into tight areas and corners without straining yourself when dealing with tough, stubborn dirt and grime.

The mop head is about 13 inches wide and has 9 steam vents. It has a trigger controlled operation (located on the under part of the plastic handle easily reached by your index finger) so you can choose the amount of steam you need to clean your floors depending on dirt and floor type.

To use (unit heats 30 seconds after plugging), press the trigger to release steam, release the trigger and start mopping. Repeat the action for the entire floor.

This unit assembles easily without the need of any tools. Simply connect the handle to the lower body and the mop head to the body, attach the water tank and a mop pad. It stores easily, too.

The removable see-through water tank has a 502 ml capacity.

Loading and unloading water is easy and fast. It is lightweight at 7 pounds thus easy to maneuver. Cord length is 18 feet. It can kill up to 99% of bacteria and germs in your floors. It gives your floors a deep clean and sanitizes them at the same time which is good for homes with kids and pets.

You can use tap water but if water is hard, distilled water is recommended so as not to clog the steam cleaner. It can be used on ceramic, vinyl, tile, marble, laminate, stone and hard wood floor types. Plug is 2 pronged and 18 feet long.

This unit works quietly and comes with a 1 year warranty.

5. Wagner 905 Power Steamer and Cleaner

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This is an extremely versatile steamer and cleaner. It is a steamer that can not only clean your floors but sanitize your home as well.

The set comes with a steam plate for wall paper removal, floor cleaner steam hose, floor cleaner head and pad, tile and window squeegee, extension tubes (2) jet nozzle, water tank, funnel, measuring cup and an assortment of utility brushes.

Steam hose with a flexible nozzle can reach every nook and cranny of your home.

The tank has a ½ galloon capacity good enough for an hour of continuous steaming.

The machine is compact and portable at 16.2 pounds with front and back wheels making it easy to transfer to all areas of your home.

The steam plate for wallpaper removal also removes the paste with just steam and no chemicals. In less than 20 seconds the steam will loosen the adhesive so you can easily remove the wallpaper.

These steam cleaners deeply clean floors, upholstery, curtains, carpets, stove tops, kitchen counters, bathroom floors/tiles (mildew and molds) and sanitizes your home to get rid of harmful bacteria, home mites, dust, and mildew.

It can continuously release steam for 45 minutes for non-stop cleaning and sanitizing.

To operate pre-heat the machine for 12 minutes and choose between non-stop steaming or sporadic steaming on the handle button depending on the job that needs to be done.

6. Swiffer SteamBoost Deep Cleaning Steam Mop Starter Kit

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This steam mop starter set comes with the steam mop and 2 steam mopping pads. The steam mopping pads have built-in cleaning solutions that can dissolve even the toughest of dirt.

Steam breaks down and totally gets rid of dirt. To operate this machine, load water on the tank, attach a steam mopping pad, plug in the unit, wait for the indicator light to light up and press the trigger to release steam. Mopping Pads are disposable after each use.

The water tank can accommodate 10 ounces of water. This steam cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. It can be used on vinyl and linoleum, sealed wood and laminates, stone and marble and ceramic tile floors. It is not recommended for use on unfinished and waxed floors.

7. BISSELL Symphony Pet and Steam Mop (1543A)

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This steam cleaner set comes with the steam mop, 4 SteamBoost Pads, SteamBoost tray, 1 water cup, a BISSELL Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner and of course an owner’s manual.

It is an extremely versatile machine with great suction abilities and it can vacuum and steam clean your floors. It is easy to operate as it comes with an Easy Touch Digital Control on the handle for quick selection of settings.

You can choose from between vacuum mode, high steam or low steam. You can use this machine for all surface types including hard floors. The Quick and Smart Steam Technology allows it to be ready to release steam after 30 seconds.

The Quick Release Button allows the pad tray to detach in a snap. Microfiber mopping pads come with the Microban antimicrobial formula capable of getting rid of tough stains and odors.

4 pads come with the set: 2 soft pads for use in hardwood floors and another 2 tough pads for scrubbing. Filters can be rinsed and reused. The handle can be adjusted in 5 different ways.

This machine can vacuum and at the same time steam clean your floors or vacuum and then steam clean.

The tank of this machine has a 400 ml water capacity. You can use tap water or distilled water if you have hard water coming out of your tap. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver at 10.1 pounds (with a full water tank). Cord is about 25 feet long.

The Dry Tank Technology incorporated in this machine keeps dirt tank dry while you are steaming so humidity (from a wet dirt tank) will not mix with the vacuuming part of the machine.

If you have pets in your home, this steam cleaner can remove pet stains and even pet hair from the floor with so much ease.

After steam cleaning your floors, it will also sanitize your home and get rid of up to 99% of germs and bacteria. You can also attach a scent disk (not included) so your home will have a refreshing smell.

This steam mop comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

8. Shark Lift Away Steam Mop (S3901)

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This machine is ready to steam clean your floor 30 seconds after it has been plugged in. It is also able to sanitize your floors and get rid of up to 99% of germs and bacteria on hard floors with just steam- no harsh chemicals.

The Shark Steam Pocket Technology allows you to use both sides of the mopping pad (both sides come sanitized).

A rectangle and triangle washable mop pads can be used with the machine. It correspondingly comes with a rectangle and triangle mop heads.

It operates via an Intelligent Steam Control with 3 settings (mop, dust, and scrub) so you use the exact amount of steam you need for a particular task. After steam cleaning, floors dry fast.

Item is lightweight and portable at 6 pounds and easy to maneuver with its 1800 swivel power. Machine comes with a power cord of 22 feet and of course a water tank.

The steamer of this machine is removable and can be used handheld for cleaning surfaces above the floor and even draperies (drape steaming attachment included). It can also steam clean carpets (steam carpet attachment included).  It is capable not only of steam cleaning floors but also of sanitizing them with 99% efficiency without using any chemicals.

To prevent clogging caused by mineral deposits from hard water, distilled water is recommend.

9. Shark Steam and Spray (SK460)

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This is a steam and sprays cleaner with a vacuum function.  On the handle of this machine is the Steam Energized Cleanser Spray button On/Off control and the Shark Intelligent Steam Control with 3 cleaning settings: mop, dust, and scrub.

Each cleaning mode is for a particular type of floor and cleaning need.

You can also choose from spray and steam function for tough dirt and stains; sanitize and steam where steam gets rid of the dirt and the residue through the microfiber pad without any trace of streaks; steam energized cleanser where the cleanser gets power from the steam to cause dirt to break up easily; spray the only function for cordless cleaning and steam only function for sanitizing floors and your entire home without leaving any residue.

On the body of the machine are the removable cord for cordless spraying mode, water tank, and Steam Energized Cleanser.

On the bottom of the machine is the Swivel Steering and the Spray Nozzle. At the tip is the mop tray where the machine washable and multilayered mopping pad is attached.

It has a 450 ml water tank capacity and features a 9 point multi-cyclonic filtration efficiency to take care of the toughest of dirt. It is easy to maneuver and quite lightweight at 10.6 pounds.

Included in the set are disposable SaniFiber mop pad for bathroom cleaning and 1 re-usable pad, 1 bottle (12 oz) Steam Energized Cleanser, a filler flask, and 4 AA batteries. It has a 22-foot power cord giving you more leeway to clean an entire house from a single power source. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

10. O-Cedar Steam Mop

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This is an eco-friendly floor cleaner that is capable of killing up to 99% of germs and bacteria though steam and without using any chemicals. After being plugged in, this machine heats up after 20 seconds and can start steam cleaning floors.

It has a triangular mop head for easy cleaning of hard to reach areas which could otherwise be difficult to reach by rectangular heads.

Mopping Pads are of microfiber material which absorbs water faster leaving your floor to dry up fast, too. Steam also easily penetrates this material.

Mopping Pads can scoop in dust, grime, dirt and even hair. Pads are also machine washable and can be replaced after about 25 uses.

This machine has 2 functional steam settings: Minimum for laminate or wood floors and Maximum for hard floors. When the tank is almost empty while in use, the red indicator light turns on and the machine stops.

When refilled with water, the green indicator light turns on, and the machine is once again ready to use. It is lightweight at 7.5 and is thus easy to maneuver.

This machine also comes with a snap-on-glider to steam clean carpets. These steam cleaners come with a 1-year warranty.

Steam Cleaners
Have a cleaner living room with these Steam Cleaners!

Steam cleaners for home use provide an easy and simple way to clean floors and sanitize your home without the use of any harmful chemicals. It is a wise alternative to cleaning floors with a traditional mop and a bucket.

These steam cleaners are also your best choice when you have kids and pets at home because it is an eco-friendly and family-friendly machine. Cleaning floors with steam cleaners will leave your floors spic and span and fully sanitize without leaving any streaks and without using any chemicals, too.