10 Best Dinosaur Toys Reviews 2017

Dinosaurs may have been extinct for millions of years, but their legacy lives on. There are books written about them and movies filmed to recreate their lives, but for the young kids, dinosaur toys are the best. Let your child build up his/her imagination with one or more of these ten best dinosaur toys listed here.

10 Best Dinosaur Toys

10. Gund Corduroy Stuffed Dinosaurs

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Give your baby or toddler the cutest stuffed prehistoric animal ever with one this Corduroy Stuffed Dinosaurs from Gund. When it comes to dinosaur toys, there is no doubt that one of these 14-inch dinosaurs is a true one of a kind cuteness overload piece. Your options include: Tristen the T-Rex, Bret the Brontosaurus. Steggy the Stegosaurus and Trevor the Triceratops. Take your pick or get them all and let your child/children have some fun playing and cuddling these soft and cute prehistoric pals.

9. Toysmith Soft Dinosaur Set of 10

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Ten soft dinosaur toys to play with? That is an excellent treat that your child will be grateful for. This set from Toysmith has dinosaurs ranging in sizes from 6 inches long to 10 inches tall. The dinosaurs are not just soft, they are pliable too (bendable) despite being made of plastic. The 4.8 rating proves just how much satisfaction this set brings.

8. PLAYMOBIL Volcano with Tyrannosaurus

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Toy kits are very popular, and this one from PLAYMOBIL gives the best value for your money. It is a kit that comes with a volcano that actively and randomly explodes, a scary T-Rex, nice landscape, another dinosaur and two figures. The numbers are all well-made and bendable, so you can be assured that your child will have the best of times playing with them as he/she tries to make them sit, stand, bend or turn their heads.

7. CollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy (1:40 Scale)

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With 15 customer reviews and 5-star rating, this is not a bad purchase. The 6 inches tall T-Rex is very life-like and looks terrifying indeed (with its bumpy hide, fearsome teeth, and uniquely textured mouth interior). This is a collectible 1:40 scale piece sculptured beautifully in an attack mode (jaws wide open and tail raised). The figure is heavy, very well-balanced and durable, with great pose and expression.

6. WowWee Roboreptile Robotic Reptile

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This toy may be expensive, but it is one of the best dinosaur toys in the market today. This Roboreptile Robotic Reptile from WowWee is small yet a genuinely fast, cunning, ferocious and intelligent beast.

Excited Kid With Toys
Excited Kid With Toys

This robot is powered by sonic sensors and infrared vision in moving around the obstacles that get in its way. It comes with a remote control, but it can also be played through Free Roam, Sleep Mode, Guard Mode or Demo Mode. This robotic dinosaur has four moods: Tamed, Passive, Aggressive, and Ferocious.

5. Mighty Megasaur

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With eyes that glow red, this Mighty Megasaur is a creature to reckon with. It also has a body designed to look authentic, a neck that moves and gives out a roar that would inevitably create fright among your child’s other toys. This piece is an excellent choice for children who like to learn and know how real dinosaurs used to move around during their glorious days.

4. Zoomer Dino Snaptail

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Exclusive from SpinMaster, the Zoomer Dino Snaptail is one of the most popular dinosaur toys around. It comes with a remote control and it its rechargeable through USB. One of the best things about this toy is that it is interactive, which means that it follows hand command. That is surely something worth trying and having fun with. Watch Zoomer Dino’s eyes turn red from green whenever it gets mad and then be prepared because he will surely get crazy. Thes toys offer fun play times packed with adventure and excitement.

3. Prehistoric Pets Interactive Terrordactyl

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One of the best interactive dinosaurs out there is this Terrordactyl. It spits fire. It loves to snap. In fact, it makes 20 dinosaur sounds. And it is funny in a way that it has trouble trying to keep his food down. This toy has advanced dino-robotics technology that allows it to interact just like a pet. Though it looks ferocious, he can be tamed by petting under the chin or the head; it even chirps in appreciation.

Playing With Dinosaur Toys Can Be Great Experince For Your Kids
Playing With Dinosaur Toys Can Be Great Experince For Your Kids

If you want to hear a terrifying screech, all you need to do is to leave it along for a long time or rub it the wrong – then you will be treated to an almost real angry dinosaur that can snap up a storm. When set on Guard Mode, this scary piece of creature will launch an attack as soon as someone passes by. It is a very cool toy that would probably snarl and snap at you as soon as you take it out of the box.

2. Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur

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The Cruncher is another popular interactive dinosaur from Mattel’s Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaurs collection. This one is considered as the coolest of the bunch because it is the fastest interactive dinosaur toy ever created. Call him, and he comes running. Make him dance and play catch like a real pet. The toy can remember 30 sounds and actions, and it comes with over 200 animations and sounds. And there’s more – there are 8 different ways with it! The 4.3 rating is something that proves this toy’s popularity. It is recommended for children 6 to 14 years old (, but of course, even adults love playing and petting this cool electronic dinosaur pet).

1. Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex

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The top choice among the best dinosaur toys is this Indominus Rex from Jurassic World. It has its signature chomping jaws that made it a very popular character in Jurassic World. The figure looks so life like and it has arms that can be pulled down to activate a light feature, indicating that it is ready for action. Watch as the jaws open and then wait for the mighty roar from this powerful beast.

So, these are some amazing Dinosaur Toys you can have for your kids. Check them all one by one, narrow down your choices before selecting the ones you like most.