10 Best Car Toys Reviews 2017

Boys will always be fascinated with toy cars. The evolution of car toys is proof of how much these toys have made boys from generation to generation happy and satisfied. Due to the wide range of available options, it has become a bit difficult for parents to choose the best car toys for their kids.

Why Are Car Toys Popular With Boys (Of All Ages)?

Just as dolls are for girls, car toys are for boys. That has always been the accepted set up. There is one significant difference though between girls and boys. As girls move to adolescence and eventually to womanhood, their fascination from dolls gradually fades. With the boys, though, their love for toy cars remain. This fascination could only be because boys always expect to have their own cars when they grow up.

To help adults choose the best car toys for their kids here is a lost of the best ones’ reviews.

10 Best Car Toys For Boys

10. Lightning McQueen Pit Crew (Disney/Pixar Cars)

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From the Disney/Pixar movie Cars, comes this pit crew car set in 6 plastic car figures. Each car has tires that move, so your young boy will surely love playing with them. They are lightweight too, making them very easy to handle even by small toddler hands. There 235 customer reviews for this set and it gained 4.2 rating, which equates to a favorite product. The members of this car sets are Lightning McQueen, Sarge, Luigi, Guido, Filmore and Tow Matter. These car toys do not make noise and are sized appropriately to fit into cake tops, making them perfect as cake accessories.

9. Color Changer, Doc Hudson Vehicle [Blue to Black] (Disney/Pixar Cars)

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Another car toy from Disney/Pixar Cars that made this list is this Color Changer, Doc Hudson Vehicle. This car toy’s concept is of the movie’s character and it is a 1:55th scale toy vehicle that is ready and eager to zoom around in changing colors – just make sure there is water. When dipped in cold water this toy car turns black, go for the warm water to change the color back to blue – truly unique, exciting and fun game for the kids.

8. Him 33+MPH 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car Off-Road 2.4Ghz 2WD High-Speed Remote Controlled Car

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For the older kids, an RC car will always be one of the best car toys ever. The Hosim 1/12 Scale 33+MPH Electric RC Car Offroad 2.4Ghz 2WD High-Speed Remote Controlled Car runs on 2.4 Ghz radio system and packed with the power of a 390 motor GP brush. The package comes with a battery (lithium ion 800mAh 7.4 V) and charger. The car’s S-truck suspension technology keeps the vehicle steady, making it easy to control, as well. With a 4/5 rating, this is certainly one of the best car toys around.

7. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car with Action Figure

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Toddlers also love playing with remote controlled toys, and the Cartoon R/C Race Car from Holy Stone is a good choice. This race car is colorful and shiny, and it moves at lightning quick speed. It can also be controlled to drive forward and reverse/left. What makes this RC car entertaining and engaging is that it honks, plays music and with a headlight that blinks. The action figure (car driver) is removable, so your kid can play with it on its own. It has 737 customer reviews and 4.6 rating, which means that this baby/toddler RC car is a real good deal.

6. RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sports Racing Car RC, Red

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A red Lamborghini is a car to die for, give your boy the chance to drive it via remote control and watch as his eyes gleam with excitement, anticipation, and total enjoyment. The RW Lamborghini 1/24 Scale Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sports Racing Car RC in red color is a great replica designed in fine details – featuring the same exceptional design and unique styling of the original Lamborghini Veneno. When moved forward, the white light on the front lights up and when moved in reverse the red back light glows. Your kid can also take this car for a spin by dialing right or left.

5. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader

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Boys Love Car Toys
Boys Love Car Toys

Let your child maneuver this magnetic car loader from Melissa & Doug and see him develop his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This wooden red rig has a functional magnetic arm to reach and carry the cars on the trailer. By linking up the trailer to the carrier, the four cars (with magnet tops) can be taken for a drive and then unloaded on the destination. The cars come in different colors to inspire the kids to enjoy playing while improving their skills in sequencing, sorting out and counting. All pieces have smooth-rolling wheels and sturdy wooden chassis, so you are assured that they can stand endless road trips and deliveries.

4. Anki OVERDRIVE Nuke Expansion Car Toy

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The Nuke is a good choice for a car toy because it provides decent speed that will surely make your child’s playtime highly enjoyable and exciting. The bright green neon color is another feature that appeals to boys (young and old alike). The rounded feature gives the car a nice and smooth aesthetic feel, but this car toy is not just about the looks its firepower is something that should not be taken for granted. The exclusive weapons include Decimator that drops nifty small slugs; Disintegrator that packs powerful punches; and Fuel bombs that denotates on track as the opponent approaches.

3. Disney/Pixar Cars Chase and Change Frank

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This set of car toys is inspired by that memorable tractor-tipping scene from the movie Cars. Frank pursues any vehicle which is brave enough to cross its path and when he catches one he would swoop it up and drop it off in water that changes the color of the vehicle. Watch your child’s eyes lit in amazement as he/she witnesses this amazing color-changing phenomenon.

2. Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Sports Car Carrier

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This carrier can load up to 4 Wheelies sports car toys (though the package only comes with one) because it is long enough and the top can be lifted for setting up a racing ramp. The back door opens for jumping down or loading up. The colors are nice and attractive for young kids, while the size is just ideal for the little hands. The carrier is durable and playing with it helps develop hand-eye coordination.

Best Car Toys For Boys
Make Your Kid Happy Buying One of the Best Car Toys listed here

1.Disney/Pixar Cars Mack Dip & Dunk Color Change Trailer

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One of the best car toys in the market today is the Color Change Mack Dip & Dunk Trailer from Disney/Pixar Cars. Mack has always proven himself to be a loyal big truck and him surely never quits. This toy trailer has an upper level for holding up two water tanks (for warm and cold water). The package comes with Lightning McQueen and the best fun starts by filling up the tanks with water and then dipping McQueen to change his colors.

Choosing the most appropriate car toys for your kids should be easy with the help of these reviews. You can also choose from other toys with great deals for your kids.