10 Best Bath Toys Reviews 2017

Young kids (especially toddlers) love playing in the bath. The good old reliable rubber duckies now have good companions when it comes to bath toys category. The following are the ten best bath toys you can buy for your kids.

10 Best Bath Toys Reviews

10.  Munchkin Wind Up Penguin Toy

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This penguin swims and all you need to do for it display that talent is to wind its arms up and then release it in water. Let your child watch in wonder as a toy penguin swims with him/her through the water. With customer reviews of 597 and a total rating of 4.2, there is no doubt that this bath toy deserves to be on this list. Some of its best features include:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate even for the little hands
  • Encourages creative and imaginative play
  • It is perfect for kids of nine years and up

9. MolukPlui Rain Cloud Toy

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This smart and charming bath toy is one that comes with magic; fill it up with water and let the rain pour down. To stop the falling rain, all you need to do is to touch the top hole with a finger. Most parents consider this as one of the best bath toys because it helps develop:

  • Motor skills
  • Imagination
  • Curiosity
  • The senses

8. Boon Pipes Bath Toy

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Let this set of colorful pipes form your kids’ imagination and enjoy his/her bath time. The pipes come in unique shapes and for different functions, giving your child the chance to be totally imaginative and creative. The pipes can be used individually, or they can be created into a chain of pipes to pour the water through. Since the pipes easily suction to the wall, your child can have a bath toy that is always ready to be played with. The set comes with five pipes that are free of harsh substances – like BPA. This is a set of leaky pipes that would surely not make your head spin with worry; rather it would make your child enjoy the most exciting bath times of his young life.

7. Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toy, Eight Pack

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Each piece of this bath toy set has perfect water squirting functions that will surely make your child excited to play and experiment with. The 4.4 rating from 635 customer reviews should be able to convince you of this Munchkin bath toy’s great features. The set is fantastic because:

Cute Baby Playing With Bath Toy
Cute Baby Playing With Bath Toy
  • It comes with 8pieces of floating and water-squirting ocean creature
  • Easy to grasp even for those cute little toddler hands
  • Encourages imaginative play and learning
  • The set comes in clear canister – great as a gift and for easy storage
  • Recommended for children nine months old and up

6. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

This is cuteness overload in the disguise of a set of fun bath toys. The popularity of this set is undeniable as it has 1703 customer reviews and a total rating of 4.4. Some of the best things about this product include:

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  • It comes with a super cute octopus plus the three rings that kids can toss around and shoot in the tentacles
  • It helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination skills
  • Its fun colors and beautiful shapes help in stimulating your baby’s senses
  • It floats in water making bath time totally fun
  • This toy is recommended for kids 18 months and above
  • It is free from BPA

5. Zig Zag Kid Fun Interactive Frog Bath Toy

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This bath toy got 4.6 ratings for a good reason; it offers several benefits for the young users. It encourages creativity and imagination as the cute frog is designed specifically to let your child learn about moving items around. Let your child have a fun time playing by pouring water into the frog’s head and watch it flow down to the nose, legs, and other parts.

4. Elegant Baby Bath Time Fun Rubber Water Squirting Toys (Race Car Party)

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Gathering a 4.6 rating out of the 409 customer reviews, this bath toys from Elegant Baby deserves a place on this list.  This set of squirt toys has the Race Car Party style and comes with five fun and colorful toy race cars. The bright colors and unique shapes attract your child’s attention, making bath times indeed fun and full of adventure. Each piece is one solid unit of rubber, so you can rest assured that no small parts are ever going to come off loose.

3. Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toy

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Out of the 694 customer reviews, this bath got a nice 4.6 rating. This could only mean that this is a toy that should be on this list. This is a set of floating letter and numbers (36 pieces in all), and each one is made of soft and smooth foam, making each comfortable to the sensitive touch of little hands. The fun starts when your kid starts sticking the letters and number on the side of the tub. That is the perfect time to make use of bath time in teaching him/her the alphabet or how to count.

2. NubySplash n’ Catch Bath Fishing Set

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Nuby offers this bath toy to help improve your young child’s hand to eye coordination. It has received a great 4.7 rating out of the 278 customer reviews. Those numbers do not lie; this toy is a must for every child’s bath time activity. This fishing set comes with four fun sea creatures – octopus, fish, starfish, and turtle. It is recommended for children 18 months old and above and it is also an effective learning toy for enhancing basic communication and for providing therapy techniques.

1. Green Toys Ferry Boat Bathtub Toy

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With a rating of 4.7 out of the 839 customer reviews, you can surely never go wrong with this popular bath toy. It is made of high quality recycled plastic (making it an entirely environment-friendly product) and it is guaranteed to last a long time. It is even dishwasher machine safe, so it is easy to clean. You can also trust this toy to be played by your young kid because it does not contain any harsh substances (like PVC, BPA, and phthalate) or coatings. The set includes a ferry boat that floats in water and two mini cars that can help in building up your child’s imagination and motor skills.

So, these are some amazing bath toys I recommend you to have for your kids. Initially, check them all one by one before narrowing down the list to 3-5 toys. Then, buy one or more from those.